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1. Trending Time on Google Glass See what everyone's buzzing about 2. Hi! Im @jasonsalas. Product manager, news anchor, college football analyst, filmmaker Co-author of Designing & Developing for Google Glass That Guy who likes Godfather: Part III best 3. Speaking of sequels... Trending Time started as a data-driven watch face Slides | Code | App I enjoy expressing ideas over multiple platforms Teaching the sibling rivalry differences in Googles wearable UX 4. How do we build as wearable devs? Image credit: Android Central 5. Porting a wearable app 6. Porting a wearable app 7. Surfacing data is only half the equation 8. Problem: content without context Users need to review items causing a trend Glass isnt suited for drilling-down at the pace of social engagement Cant keep up, not real time Complex UIs, not microinteraction-oriented Existing mobile platforms do this wonderfully Dont reinvent the wheel 9. Solution: handing-off Image credit: 10. Solution: handing-off Display trending topics in a GDK live card Persistent, accessible, auto-updated, low impact Emulate Android Wears Open on Phone View tweets on more-capable platforms Paired smartphone Desktop browser Glass browser 11. (Most people dont dig the Glass browser) 12. Usage flow Glassware Flow Designer 13. What makes this work? Pushbullet API 14. Tapping web services (literally) GDK authentication 15. Scenario 1: paired phone 16. Scenario 1: paired phone 17. Scenario 1: paired phone 18. Scenario 1: paired phone 19. Scenario 2: desktop Chrome 20. Scenario 2: desktop Chrome 21. Scenario 2: desktop Chrome 22. Scenario 3: Glass browser 23. Scenario 3: Glass browser 24. Producing great wearable software means knowing when not to use the wearable The best wearable apps creatively offload processing to other platforms And you can do this with presentation, too! Takeaways 25. Roadmap Format topics as a glanceable tag cloud User-defined trending regions Contextual inputs Send to TV action 26. Take it for a spin! 27. WaterLogg for Wear WaterLogg for Glass More cross-platform wearable apps 28. Our go-to guide for mastering the wearable UX Much more where that came from 29. #thankYou @jasonsalas ||