Transition and Preparation for Adulthood Christine Lenehan, Council for Disabled Children

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Transcript of Transition and Preparation for Adulthood Christine Lenehan, Council for Disabled Children

  • Transition and Preparation for AdulthoodChristine Lenehan , Council for Disabled Children

  • What should the future look like?

    Shared responsibility which creates sustainable progress and better life outcomes for young people.

    Varied work experience based on skills and interests and leading to paid employment opportunities.

    Increased awareness of what is positive and possible.

    Choice and control.

    Preparing for adulthood from birth.

  • Preparing for Adulthood Outcomes

  • Institutions with new duties

  • Personalise Your Approach Eleanors story

    Outcomes:Develop friendshipsTo be part of her communityExplore setting up a micro/social enterprise Improve expressive communication

    Personalised Post 16 option and support:Personal budget from post 16 education and social care pooled and taken as a direct payment;Team of personal assistants recruited and trained;Personalised weekly timetable designed to achieve outcomes;Personal assistants can continue to support Eleanor when she leaves education and eventually moves into supported living.

  • Matthews StoryWork experience from age 11Person centred review with PfA focusOutcomes - Paid employment and to live in his own home4 planning sessions to support full involvementInput from Adult Social Care:Personal Budget?Enough to pay Job Coach?Link to Housing AssociationNow: Living independently in a job he loves;

  • Ready Steady Go: Moving through the programmeReady Steady Go: Each Young person (YP) progresses at their own pace

  • Contact information and key resourcesDelivering support and aspiration for young people aged 14-25 learning from the pathfinders PfA Fact sheets:Links between the Children and Families Act 2014 and the Care Act 2014 - Budgets for Post-16 Provision and FE Colleges -

    [email protected]k Twitter - @PfA_Tweets

    The Preparing for Adulthood programme is delivered by a partnership between the NDTi and CDC and offers training, support and resources. This can be accessed through the SEND regional hub or by contacting the programme directly

  • What would help you deliver outcomes like Matthews and Eleanors ?

    What support/information do you need

    How can we help ?? Next steps


    Transition websitepart of the communication package- trying to keep it simple and user friendly

    majority of transition is generic links to sex drugs + rock N roll, education, benefits, bullying, psychosocial issuesdeveloping further- sub-specialities creating their own links.

    Smooth launch hopefully will result in a smooth landing- nobody wants a crash landing

    Preparing the patient for adult services as well as the adults services for the patient.

    Important thing is to empower the patient with the skill necessary for a confident successful transfer to adult services regardless of where they go in the country