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A Ward E roadmap to foster a pedestrian and bike-friendly culture in downtown Jersey City Councilwoman Candice Osborne 8/2013 Ward E Complete Streets

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1. A Ward E roadmap to foster a pedestrian and bike-friendly culture in downtown Jersey City Councilwoman Candice Osborne 8/2013 Ward E Complete Streets 2. Jersey City has an obligation to proactively pursue policies that make residents feel safe whether walking, biking or driving 3. 2013 2014 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Phase 1 Analysis Phase 1 Recommendations & Implementation Phase 2 Analysis Phase 2 Recommendations & Implementation Recommended high level timeline 4. Understanding root issues as quickly as possible 2 focus areas: intersection safety & speeding Street Audit Proactive Feedback Constituent complaints Reviewed complaints coming into both the Ward E Council Office and the Resident Response Center Studied results of the Complete Street Survey (800 responses), met with neighborhood associations & conducted two community feedback sessions Council office drove each street and intersection in downtown 5. Phase 1 focus on walking, phase 2 on biking 2012 Jersey City Complete Streets Survey, 800 respondents 6. 4 biggest issues (not exhaustive) Many intersections do not have marked pedestrian crossing Drivers do not yield to pedestrians in crosswalks Inadequate intersection safety near parks and schools Speeding an issue throughout downtown, in particular: Grand, Erie, Monmouth, Brunswick, Van Vorst 7. These recommendations are intended as a starting point. Slight changes to the recommendations are expected as the Ward E Council Office works through the implementation details with the various City departments. DISCLAIMER 8. PHASE 1 RECOMMENDATIONS: ALL OF WARD E 9. Use in-crosswalk signs, 35-46% more effective than side signs* * Pedestrian Safety Countermeasure Deployment Project, Federal Highway Administration, Miami Florida 10. Implement in-crosswalk signs on intersections where there is not an all-way stop, near parks and schools 16th & Erie 16th & Grove 16 & Marin 15th & Jersey 15th & Marin 15th & Grove 15th & Erie 9th & Jersey 9th & Coles 9th & Monmouth 9th & Brunswick 8th & Division 8th & Erie 8th & Grove 8th & Jersey 8th & Monmouth 8th & Brunswick 7th & Erie 7th & Grove 7th & Jersey 7th & Division 7th & Newark 7th & Coles 7th & Monmouth 6th & Monmouth 6th & Brunswick 6th & Division 5th & Erie 5th & Grove 5th & Jersey 5th & Coles 5th & Monmouth 5th & Brunswick 4th & Washington S.R. entrance 4th & Erie 4th & Coles 4th & Grove 4th & Monmouth 3rd & Erie 3rd & Grove 3rd & Coles 3rd & Monmouth 3rd & Brunswick 3rd & Jersey 3rd & Newark 3rd & Colgate 2nd & Merseles 2nd & Marin 2nd & Erie 2nd & Grove 2nd & Provost 2nd & Warren 2nd & Hudson 2nd & Jersey 2nd & Coles 2nd & Brunswick 2nd & Colgate 1st & Erie 1st & Grove 1st & Jersey 1st & Monmouth 1st & Brunswick 1st & Newark 1st & Colgate 1st & Coles 1st & Provost Dudley & Washington Dudley & Van Vorst Dudley & Warren Jersey & Wayne Mercer & Grove Mercer & Barrow Morris & Warren Morris & Washington Newark & Division Newark & Bay Sussex & Van Vorst Steuben & Washington Sussex & Washington Van Vorst & Morris Washington & York Wayne & Marin York & Barrow York & Jersey York & Warren 11. Use vertical block crosswalks to replace worn & missing pedestrian crossings 12. 62 new or re-painted vertical block crosswalks 18th & Jersey 18th & Marin 18th & Jersey 16th & Jersey 16th & Erie 15th & Marin 15th & Erie 15th & Jersey 10th & Coles 10th & Brunswick 9th & Brunswick 8th & Brunswick 8th & Division 8th & Jersey 6th & Division 5th & Brunswick 5th & Coles 5th & Monmouth 4th & Erie 4th & Coles 4th & Monmouth 3rd & Coles 2nd & Colgate 2nd & Erie 2nd & Provost Street 2nd & Colgate 2nd & Warren 2nd & Hudson 1st & Erie 1st & Colgate 1st & Provost 1st & Jersey 1st & Warren Streets 1st & Colgate Bay & Warren Bright & Jersey Christopher Columbus & Hudson Dudley & Washington Essex & Greene Grand & Jersey Mercer & Marin Mercer & Jersey Mercer & Barrow Montgomery & Jersey Montgomery & Barrow Morgan & Warren Morgan & Provost Morris & Greene Morris & Warren Morris & Van Vorst Steuben & Warren Steuben & Washington Sussex & Van Vorst Wayne & Mercer Wayne & Jersey Wayne & Barrow Wayne & Marin York & Jersey York & Barrow York & Marin York & Greene York & Hudson CREATE a crosswalk in middle of First Street between Warren and Washington Streets for people crossing between Pedestrian Pathway (west of Light Rail tracks) and south side of First. 13. Create scheduled and rotating awareness tickets (not warnings) for failure to yield Speed signals Pedestrian awareness campaign 14. PHASE 1 RECOMMENDATIONS: TARGETED PROBLEM AREAS 15. Install raised pedestrian crossing for all crosswalks leading into Hamilton, Van Vorst, Enos Jones & Paulus Hook Parks 16. Lighting changes Create an all-walk sequence (with no lights being green for cars) at Christopher Columbus and Grove Lengthen time allowed for pedestrian crossing all along Marin Blvd De-synchronize traffic lights on Grand Street 17. 10th & Jersey 9th & Jersey 9th & West Hamilton 8th & Jersey 8th & McWilliams Coles & 7th 8th & Monmouth 7th & Monmouth Morris & Washington Erie & Pavonia Erie & First Jersey & First Jersey & York ALL-WAY stops York & Barrow Washington & Sussex 8th & Division 8th & Brunswick Brunswick & Pavonia Brunswick & 9th Morgan & Warren Brunswick & 2nd 18. Road changes Narrow Grand Street between Center and Marin from 4 lanes to 2 (with appropriate lanes for left hand turns and sufficient accommodations for emergency vehicles) Make Warren Street between Morris and Dudley 1-way Washington Blvd & 4th Street (south bound) - add right turn only arrow/sign to far right lane entering BJs/ShopRite shopping plaza. Make Second Street two-way between Washington St and Marin Blvd. Make Bay Street one-way west btwn Warren and Marin Blvd. Make Morgan Street one-way east btwn Washington St and Marin Blvd 19. Install traffic light at: 2nd & Marin Van Vorst & Grand Newark & Division (blinking yellow) 20. No right turn on red Grand & Jersey Grand & Grove Grand & Marin Grand & Van Vorst* Grand & Warren Grand & Washington Grove and C.C. No Right Turn on Red - on north bound Marin Blvd at 4th Street (entrance to ShopRite & BJ's shopping plaza) * Assumes traffic light is installed 21. Low grade speed humps (NOT speed bumps!) on speed streets Erie Monmouth Brunswick Manila Washington (btwn. Grand & Dudley) Van Vorst (btwn. Dudley & Grand) @ parks Barrow (btwn. Grand & Mercer) McWilliams Place West Hamilton Pl 9th Street (btwn. West Hamilton & Erie) 8th Street (btwn. Erie & Coles) 22. Stretch goals Pilot use of day-lighting Mini-plaza at First and Newark (special thanks to Charles Kessler for the wonderful suggestion!) 23. Measurement Measurement of cars yielding to pedestrians taken at 5 locations: before implementation and then again 3 months post-implementation 24. 2014: Phase 2 Q1: Community conference Emerging traffic calming measures Traffic engineer and other expert opinions Research studies Q2: Kick off analysis & data gathering Next set of priorities from neighborhood & block associations Community feedback sessions Community survey Analysis of phase 1 results Q3: Provide phase 2 recommendations Considerations will include (but not limited to): Bike lanes Curb bump outs Tree planting Automatic & longer pedestrian crossing light changes Prevent turns during certain hours onto some streets 25. WAIT I DIDNT SEE SOMETHING I WANT TO SEE! The Ward E office welcomes suggestions at any time. In particular, we know we may have missed an intersection that could use better pedestrian markings. So please tell us. While new suggestions may or may not be included in phase 1, they will certainly be reviewed for phase 2. Email suggestions to Peter Valenzano - [email protected] 26. Appendix 27. In crosswalk signs installation approach For Phase 1 ONLY portions of road that do not have a stop at an intersection will get a sign. For example, at Warren and Morris, Morris street has a stop sign but Warren does not. So Warren Street drivers would see the stop for pedestrian signs. If the road is a one way road, two signs should be placed on the right and left on the first crosswalk. If the road is a two way road, one sign should be placed in the center of the intersections. Approximate cost for 200 in-crosswalk signs is $80,000. 28. Phase 1 speeding & intersection safety, phase 2 bike lanes & visibility 2012 Jersey City Complete Streets Survey, 800 respondents