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From Social Media Week DC event on defining and measuring social media success in museums and arts orgs. Presentation by Darren Cole of the National Archives on their use of Tumblr for "Today's Document." #smwMuseSocial

Transcript of Today's Document: Now on Tumblr


2. TODAYS DOCUMENT10 BILLION DOCUMENTS, 1 DAY AT A TIME 3. KEY SOCIAL MEDIAOUTCOME:MORE TUMBLR FOLLOWERSPrimary Goals (per strategic plan):Build Awareness and Appreciationof National Archives Mission &HoldingsPublic EngagementSecondary goals:EducationImprove AccessPlatform Advantages:Highly visual less is more; easy tocurateViral Nature of ReblogsFollowers bring more followers,more than any other SM platform 4. HOW TO DRIVE FOLLOWERS ONTUMBLR:1. Engaging content2. Know your audience3. Let content speak for itself4. Tumblr Radar (bonus) Ideal Post:Sea Otters post w/ 9992 notes:1. Cute (animals always a hit on Tumblr)2. Resonates with audience (Tumblr demographics)3. Legitimately Compelling4. Radar (thanks Tumblr) 5. MEASURING SUCCESS: TODAYS DOCUMENT FOLLOWER METRICS Tumblr Followers Avg increase per day800008007000070060000600500005004000040030000300200002001000010000 6. MEASURING SUCCESS:TODAYS DOCUMENT MILESTONES 13 Radar postsDateFollowers Milestones &Tumblr Radar Posts5/11/2011 0 Launched 5/25/2011 Featured in Tumblr Spotlight Featured in Spotlight & Storyboard 2011: 10,000 followers in 6 months7/15/2011 945 1,000 followers7/21/20111939 Jesse Owens 36 Olympics 7/28/20112508 2,500 followers 2012: 10,000 followers in 3 months 8/4/20114245 Gemini X8/19/20116449 Nixon & Elvis 2013: 10,000 followers in 1 month 11/13/2011 10001 10,000 followers! 11/14/2011 10305 Brooklyn Bridge1/19/2012 13500 Edgar Allen Poe1/27/2012 14324 NYPL Lions in snow3/14/2012 16884 Alaska Dog Team4/15/2012 19798 Sea Otters/Exxon Valdez4/17/2012 20017 20,000 followers6/21/2012 25020 25,000 followers7/23/2012 28049 Sally Ride8/16/2012 29982 30,000 followers8/29/2012 31031 Michael Jackson Patent9/18/2012 34614 F.M.Shaw Flying Machine 10/20/2012 40032 40,000 followers 11/15/2012 44834 Beer Can House - America Recycles Day 12/18/2012 50543 50,000 followers!/Wright Flying Machine Patent1/22/2013 60082 60,000 followers1/29/2013 62317 Storyboard feature 2/9/2013 65079 65,000 followers 7. MEASURING SUCCESS:TODAYS DOCUMENT PUBLIC COMMENTS Oh snap, the U.S. National Archives have atumblr? Followed. How am I supposed to work knowing that there isa National Archives tumblr?! Intellectual heroin. ...Gah! @TodaysDocument is on tumblr!!!!... #score THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES ARE ON TUMBLR. Oh,happy day! @TodaysDocument is the best Twitter feed. Youshould probably follow it. Love the National Archives @TodaysDocumentproject. Fun way to explore our nations historicaldocs - good and bad. Inordinately excited that the National Archiveshas a tumblr& is on Twitter @TodaysDocument. 8. LIMITATIONS &NEXT LEVELLimitations:Followers Engagement Difficult to create a 2-way dialogue Difficult to indentify comments Answer posts have spotty receptionPossible to lose control of viralcontent via comments & rumorsLack of content metrics makestracking popular posts difficultReal engagement limited by workload& Federal Agency policyContent balance: Historically Relevant vs. Popular vs. New/fresh contentNext Steps:Need better post metrics & commenttrackingUser Engagement via crowd-sourcedsubmissions? 9. THANKS ! App - iTunes/ Darren Cole Web & Social Media BranchNational Archives and Records / @dcole7