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Three Gaits, Inc. 2016 Annual Report

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  • Three Gaits, Inc.

    2016 Annual Report

  • Message from the Executive Director

    Dear Friends,

    2016 was a memorable year at Three Gaits, both for the organization and for me personally. We enjoyed tremendous support from our volunteers and donors; forged strong partnerships in the community; continued to build a strong foundation for future growth and sustainability; and just as important, had a lot of fun in the process. We ended the year in excellent shape financially and programmatically.

    As executive director, I view Three Gaits as a living, evolving entity; I am always conscious of where we are headed, how we will get there, and what we hope to become rather than just where and what we are today. When I was program director, I had the privilege of connecting with our riders, volunteers and horses on a daily basis, and thats where my focus wason the day-to-day pursuit of the mission. Now I look at those connections in a broader context. I think about the potential for greater future impact. I am attuned to the challenges of building a vibrant, sustainable organization capable of withstanding the inevitable pressures all nonprofits face. And I am encouraged by the progress we are making along the path to bigger things.

    From that perspective, 2016 was a year of growth and opportunity. There were many highlights worth mentioning. Here are just a few:

    In June we hosted renowned animal welfareactivist, autism advocate and equine therapyresearcher Temple Grandin. Temples visit included a cocktail party/book signing, apresentation at Madison Colleges Mitby Theater,and dessert and more book signing afterward.

    For the second year, a group of Wednesdaynight riders worked together to grow and selltomato plants, with proceeds used to sponsorMercedes, one of our equine partners.

    Over the summer, we partnered with a studentfrom the UW School of Medicine and PublicHealth on a community project that allowed usto evaluate our program from the client/riderperspective.

    In September, Three Gaits hosted a four-dayAmerican Hippotherapy Association workshopfor occupational, physical and speechtherapists, introducing them to the use of horsesin therapy.

    In November, five staff members were able toattend the PATH International conference inWilliamsburg, Virginia.

    There were some hellos and goodbyes over the course of the year. We welcomed Mia Beeson to the Three Gaits staff in the newly created position of director of community outreach. In that role, she will be a key contributor to our efforts at building new relationships and expanding our impact in the community. We also hired a full-time farm and equine caretaker, Lynn Flucke, whose compassion and skill at looking after our horses has been a wonderful addition to the organization. We retired and said farewell to seven horses. We are grateful for the unique and valuable contributions each of them made to the Three Gaits family. We also welcomed two new horses into the fold.

    Looking ahead, we have a number of concrete goals, and a roadmap for achieving them in our strategic plan, which we spent significant time and energy implementing this year. Moving forward, we will explore opportunities to develop new programs that are both sustainable and responsive to needs we have identified in the community; seek ways to improve our facility to accommodate the needs of our clients and programs; and continue to use our resources as effectively and efficiently as possible to ensure the organizations financial stability and optimize our long-term prospects.

    But as always, our most important resources are the living oneshuman and equine. Our board of directors and volunteers are the lifeblood of Three Gaits. None of this would be possible if they did not share their time and talents so generously. And the passion and commitment of our staffsome of whom have been with the organization for more than 20 yearscannot be overstated. As for the horses...I will never cease to be in awe of their unique blend of power, gentleness and beauty. Those of us who get to spend time at Three Gaitswhether as staff, volunteers or participantsunderstand how fortunate we are to have these amazing animals in our lives.


    Dena Duncan Executive Director

  • Message from the President, Board of Directors

    Dear Three Gaits family,

    As president of the Three Gaits Board of Directors, it is my honor to reflect on this past year. What comes to my mind first is the growth we experienced. Strong leadership and support are key components for any organization, but it is often challenging to develop them. I am excited about the six new members that joined the board in 2016 and the skills, personalities and interests they have added to our leadership. We continue to be blessed with a talented and committed staff, along with many loyal and caring volunteers. We are honored by the generosity of those who support Three Gaits and its programs with their financial contributions.

    The board and staff developed a strategic plan in the fall of 2015. Four committees have been set up to focus on different parts of the plan, and board members are serving on the one or two committees that are of most interest to them. It is rewarding to all of us to see the progress we are making toward reaching some of the plans objectives. The strategic plan has helped us gain a stronger sense of where we want Three Gaits to be in the future and how to get there. The Three Gaits familyriders and their families, staff, volunteers, friends and fundershave always dreamed about how the program might grow, what it might include, and how to share the experiences it offers with even more people. This strategic plan outlines the steps we need to accomplish to move us forward and closer to those dreams.

    I have been a Three Gaits volunteer for several years and a board member for a few. Through these two roles, I have come to better understand the importance of Three Gaits mission and to realize what wonderful opportunities and experiences the program provides. There truly is something very special about the interaction between our riders and their equine partners. The Three Gaits Board of Directors is excited about the future of the organization, and is committed to providing the leadership necessary to continue pursuing our mission: to provide equine-assisted activities and therapies that enhance the lives of people with physical, emotional and intellectual challenges.


    Anne Staton President Three Gaits Board of Directors

  • About Three Gaits

    Founded in 1983, Three Gaits Therapeutic Horsemanship Center has grown to become one of the regions premier therapeutic horsemanship facilities, providing recreational and therapeutic activities for hundreds of participants each year, and hosting industry-standard training events for instructors and therapists. Our mission is to provide equine-assisted activities and therapies that enhance the lives of people with physical, emotional or intellectual challenges. Located on 20 beautiful acres outside of Stoughton, Wisconsin, Three Gaits is recognized as a Premier Accredited Center by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) International. Out of 20 PATH member centers in Wisconsin, Three Gaits is one of only five to hold this accreditation.


    Therapeutic Riding (Sport/Recreational)

    Disabilities need not prevent an individual from receiving the benefits of horseback riding. Therapeutic riding contributes to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of individuals with special needs. Our therapeutic riding classes incorporate education, competition, therapy and recreation into horseback riding. Three Gaits instructors have received comprehensive training in helping therapeutic riding participants enjoy the benefits of this rewarding activity. There are currently only six instructors in our four-state region certified at the Advanced level by PATH International, and three of them are here at Three Gaits.


    Hippotherapy is an evidence-based treatment tool that uses the movement of the horse as part of an overall strategy for addressing functional limitations in patients with neuromotor and sensory dysfunctions. Physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech/language pathologists may incorporate hippotherapy sessions into a patients integrated treatment plan as a tool for achieving well-defined functional goals.

    Unmounted Horsemanship Activities

    For adult participants with limitations that prevent them from riding a horse, Three Gaits offers opportunities to learn about horse care and horsemanship skills in a safe environment from the ground.


    Three gaits served about 266 individuals with over 3000 equine-assisted activities in 2016. That translates to approximately 89 participants each week during our regular program periods. We serve up to an additional 50 children each year through field trips. The people we work with have been diagnosed with a number of different conditions, including autism, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, brain injury and others. About 65% of our participants are under 18 years of age.

    Our Horses

    Three gaits had 15 equine partners that helped us serve our participants in 2016. Our horses are

    carefully selected for special characteristics that make them well-suited for the work we do. All of the horses we collaborate with have exceptional dispositions and a gentle, responsive nature, and they have a history of sound training and great relationships with their human associates.

    Instructor and Therapist Training

    Therapeutic riding is not officially regulated, meaning that anybody can start a business and call it a therapeutic horsemanship center, regardless of whether they have any real expertise. As a result, there are many unskilled, untrained instructors out there providing services of questionable quality. Three Gaits is committed to elevating the quality of instruction and therapy in our field. We pursue that goal by hosting workshops each year, attended by people from all over the country.

    American Hippotherapy Association (AHA) Therapist Training

    Each year, Three Gaits hosts hippotherapy workshops for physical, occupational and speech therapists and other professionals interested in incorporating hippotherapy into their arsenal of treatment tools. These workshops are AHA-approved, and have attracted participants from across the United States.

    PATH International Workshop and Certification

    Three Gaits hosts workshops that provide instructors with the skills and credentials to become PATH-certified therapeutic riding instructors. We hosted workshops for both the Registered and Advanced levels of PATH certification in 2016.

  • Spotlight: Ronans Story

    Ronan was born in 2008 with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, or AMC. It mainly manifest itself in his arms, resulting in him not having any biceps muscles, and in multiple joint contractures. He also had a club foot, but that was corrected with serial casting and a tenotomy. When the time came, Ronan literally ran his first few steps, and he has continued running ever since. If I had a penny for every time I asked him to slow down and walk, well, I might not be wealthy, but Id definitely have enough for a few beers. So we have a runner, and thats great, but think about how many things you do every single day with your hands and arms, a lot of it unconsciously, from wiping your bottom to putting things on a top shelf to throwing a ball. Ronan cannot do any of these things without great effort, or in a lot of cases, he cannot do them at all.

    As we wondered about what activities Ronan would be able to do and be successful at, we came up with things like soccer, running, swimming and cycling. Horse riding was one of the activities that rose to the top of our list. So with a lot of research on the internet, we found Three Gaits. Ronan loves his riding classes. Riding is something he can do that none of his classmates do. It is a huge confidence booster for him, especially given the number of things he cannot do. And its big. Its live interaction with an animal thats bigger than he is. Its a connection to an animal that has feelings, so it reinforces kindness, compassion and empathy. And it is also a huge reminder to him to SLOW DOWN! To be measured and careful, not wild and crazy.

    Ronans physical interactions can often appear clunky and awkward because his gross motor abilities are a mixed bag--for example, theres a lot of swinging to get arms up high--so he has learned to push himself to use his body differently to do things like pat the horse, close and open gates, hold reins, steer, post and lots of other things.

    As his dad, I love the way the staff are with Ronan. Betsy pushes Ro to do things for himself, and always takes the time to explain why. Thats super important with a high-energy kid like Ronan in keeping him on task and helping him understand why you want him to open and close the gate himself, or why he should get on and off the horse himself in a certain way. Her patience seems endless. I wish Ronan had more people like Betsy in his life. The volunteers are a won-derful bunch of people, generously donating their time to make a difference in so many lives.

    There are quite a few things that Ronan is very happy to say he doesnt want to do, but the de-gree of good humor and happiness we have around our Saturday morning lessons demonstrates the positive impact the people at Three Gaits have had in Ronans life--teaching him indepen-dence, giving him confidence in his body and his abilities, and showing him something that he can be completely successful at, all powered by himself.

    --Justin King Ronan King riding Dillon

  • Susan Lerdahl riding Belle


    2016 Income: $335,744.51

    2016 Expenses: $314,935.98

    As a non-profit 501(c)3, Tax-exempt Corporation, Three Gaits relies on support from the community to accomplish its goals. Organizations & individuals contribute in many ways including donating stable & riding equipment, funds for scholarships, buildings and specials projects, a sound and well-trained horse or pony, or even contributing annually through United Way. Fundraising events, direct mailings and email solicitations are a few ways Three Gaits asks for community support each year.

    Three Gaits has in place and adheres to a strict publicity & fundraising policy. Publicity and promotional activities are based upon the actual program and operations of the organization, are truthful and non-deceptive, include all material facts and make no exaggerated or misleading claims.

    The steady growth of Three Gaits therapeutic riding program and the continued demand for services make it evident that consumers and their families, as well as service providers and other professionals, feel that the program has a definite positive impact on the participants lives.

    Spotlight: Hippotherapy

    I started hippotherapy at Three Gaits a couple of years ago to help me improve my poor balance due to multiple sclerosis (MS). I learned about hippotherapy at an MS informational seminar. I had never ridden a horse before, but decided to give it a try. I am currently working with Karen, a wonderful therapist who understands my needs and abilities. She knows what I am looking to get out of hippotherapy, and she challenges me, but she is also aware of when I need to take it easy. There are always great volunteers who help make me feel safe when I am up on the horse. Hippotherapy has helped me with my balance and strength, and has also improved my ability to lift my legs when I walk, which reduces my chances of falling. I am so happy that I made the choice to go to Three Gaits. Thanks to all at Three Gaits; you have made a positive change in my life.

    --Susan Lerdahl

  • Spotlight: Donating to Three Gaits

    Regular giving to Three Gaits is a priority for us because its rewarding to support a program that has such a meaningful impact on the lives of people with disabilities. We appreciate the variety of donation options available, including opportunities to fund specific needs such as sponsoring a horse or purchasing equipment for the program. And we value the feedback Three Gaits provides on how donations are used. Its encouraging to hear how our gifts make a difference! Supporting Three Gaits through planned giving is also something we believe in, so future generations can benefit from the program.

    --Rudy and Diane King

    Board Members and Stafff


    Katherine Brewer, Nancy Comstock, Karen Deaton, Dan Henning, Christie Legler, Sylvia Luce, Anne Staton, Anna Tolle and Laura Voll


    Executive Director: Dena Duncan

    Office Administrator: Melissa Lawrence

    Office Cleaner: Emily Peterson

    Equine Caretakers: Charity Denman and Lynn Flucke

    Stall Cleaners: Benjamin Allen, Cara Olson, Lindsey Ripp, Matthew Smith and Lee Weber

    Occupational Therapists: Stephanie Bruschi and Karen Diegel

    PATH Advanced Instructors: Dena Duncan and Betsy Kelley

    PATH Registered Instructors: Stephanie Bruschi, Karen Diegel, Sandra Faust, Katie Roth, Mary Ann Roth, Jessica TeSlaa and Emily Volp

    PATH Driving Level I Instructor: Sandra Faust

  • Our Generous Donors

    $10,000 and upThe Bryant FoundationAnonymous

    $1,000 to $9,999Alliant Energy Foundation American Quarter Horse Foundation Bill & Phyllis Buzogany Susan Clack Mark Corey Don Cosgrove EnPro Industries Cindy Frank Friends of UW Health The Garst Family Rob & Mary Gooze Jack DeLoss Taylor Charitable Trust Steve & Jane Kikuchi Diane & Rudy King Knights of Columbus Madison Council No. 531 Madison4Kids Merck Partnership for Giving Bob & Jan Mucci National Guardian Life Insurance Mary Nussdorfer Peoples United Methodist Church Polo Club of UW Madison Sue & Dirk Racine Judith & Jeff Raymond Roe Jasen Charitable Lead Trust Shillelagh Foundation, Inc. Ray Simmonsen Susan Socher Chuck & Denise Steinhauer Stoughton Area Community Foundation The Capital Times Kids Fund Timothy Nebel Foundation Vogel Bros Building Co. Wisconsin Horse Council, Inc. Wisconsin State Council Knights of Columbus

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    Alpha Delta Kappa - Iota Chapter David & Stacey Anderson Richard & Jean Asleson

    AT&T Telecom Pioneers Group Gina & Jim Barden Henry & Susan Bassett Dan & Nancy Boe Barbara Carlson Marv & Mildred Conney Country View Veterinary Service Nadine Fakhran James Henderson Scott Johnson Kiwanis Club of Janesville Knights of Columbus Council 4527Jim Krier Dennis, Christie & LeAnn Legler Rafael, Belen & Paloma Medina Mounds Pet Food Warehouse Oregon Rotary Club Melissa Paton Charles Plummer & Karla Mattson Kari Rosenbaum Anne Ross Roger & Kathy Roth Julie Setzkorn-Brown Jim Sinclair & Lori Neumann Steve & Anne Staton Stoughton FFA Alumni UW Health Care Marketing & Public Affairs West Bend Mutual Insurance Company Mary Wick Peter & Karen Wood

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    Amy Strangstalien honorariumMonona Grove Education Association

    Anna Tolle honorariumJohn & Karen Tolle

    Cindy Frank honorariumBob Halbleib

    David & Valerie Edwards honorariumRita Stahl

    Jennifer Teasdale honorariumJohn & LeaAnn Teasdale

    Julie Storkson honorariumJudy Emerson

    Leah & Mercedes honorariumJim Sinclair & Lori Neumann

    LeAnn Legler honorariumJoyce Jeardeau

    Marcy Kemp honorariumNancy Deranick

    Ned honorariumBetty Burgess

    Rudy Kings Birthday honorariumDan & Brenda Hansen

    Ryan Stark honorariumJo An Horton

    The Barlass Family honorariumDwayne & Susan Berg

    Tyra honorariumLaurie Miller

    Babe Conney memorialBill & Phyllis Buzogany

    Dale Hutter memorialDenise Collinson

    Dennis Miller memorialDenny & Gary Geller

    Florence & Ray Krantz memorialThomas & Elaine Walstad

    Gerry Dohm memorialChar Dom

    James A. Scott memorialMichael Scott

    Joseph & Margaret Steffel memorialSherry Steffel

    Julie Metcalfe memorialKari Sherman

    Maureen Martin memorialOregon Farm Center

    Mother memorialDenny & Gary Geller

    Peter Ripp memorialMark, Mary & Lindsey Ripp

    Susan B. Louis memorialDenny & Gary GellerBarbara & Al SimonKen & Dee Stein

    Michael Girdaukas memorialMartha Girdaukas

    Nancy Deranick honorariumMichael & Sarah Desmond

    Ruth Harbort memorialDick Harbort

    Skip Lemanski memorialKent & Mary Peterson

    Pets, horses and other Honorariums and Memorials

    Beau honorariumMarlene Sommers

    Beaus Birthday honorariumDiane & Rudy KingMary RosenakMarlene Sommers

    Dudley & Fizz honorariumJenny Hackforth-Jones

    Dusty honorariumRobert & Mary Hathaway

    Nora honorariumThe Garst Family

    Ruby - best horse ever memorialDick & Moe Nelson

    My Beloved Stormy (1967-2002) memorial

    Susan Mueller

  • Three Gaits Therapeutic Horsemanship Center (608)877-9086 [email protected]

    Spotlight: Volunteering at Three Gaits

    It all comes down to a smile. No matter what task I am doing at Three Gaits, whether I am leading a horse or side walking in a lesson, feeding the cats, working on the next fund-raiser, or mucking a stall, I am rewarded with an incredibly sincere thank you and a smile. Often the smile is from a rider who is feeling happy after a les-son, or a fellow volunteer needing a hand, and of course there is always a grateful instructor thanking me for being there. No matter how menial the task, I am creating happiness. That is a great feeling.

    What I literally get out of volunteering with Three Gaits: Exercise! I work really hard! It makes me a stronger person, physically and mentally. And I will admit that every lesson I participate in, I learn something. The instructors at Three Gaits are amazing. Not only do they gently guide the riders, they also successfully rally the volunteers, and every person involved feels a sense of accomplishment at the end of the lesson. It really is incredible.

    While I try really, really hard not to get attached to the horses, its difficult because they each have such wonderful personalities. I love that sometimes they just want to stop for a pat on their way out in the morning, I love the nickering when I say hello, and yes, I even love the discussions about moving the salt blocks right in front of the stall door. The camaraderie between the volunteers is also very special. I may only see them once each week, but perhaps since we have a strong common interest, every person I meet at Three Gaits, I consider an instant friend.

    --Karla Mattson

    Photo by volunteer, Dan Henning