The Ultimate Guide to Waking Up In The Morning

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Have you ever struggled to wake up in the morning? This guide is for you! A few fun tips to waking up in style and kick starting your day.

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  • How would you like be to be outrun by an adorable alarm clock in the morning? Clocky will roll around your room while beeping to ensure you get out of bed to turn it off. ClockyRoboticAlarm
  • SnuznluzDonationClock The Snuznluz functions on hatred and greed. Every time you snooze, the WPA enabled alarm will donate a set amount of money to the political party you hate most. You snooze, you lose.
  • NixieRamosClock When the Nixie Ramos goes off, the only way to deactivate it is typing in the date on the defuse panel. The only problem youll have getting up is remembering where you left the panel last night.
  • Dreams Money-Saving BanClock Another alarm that functions on money, but this time for good! The Banclock can be turned off by inserting money into its slot. So you can wake up and put some money away at the same time.
  • ShapeUpAlarmClock Get up a shape up. The Shape Up Alarm Clock will only turn off if you complete a set number of reps on the barbell. Just dont forget to work both arms.
  • The Flying Alarm Clock For people who are really not keen to get up. The Flying Alarm Clock sends out a ying top when its time to wake up. The only thing that will stop it is by attaching the top back into the base.
  • SferaAlarmClock The Sfera Alarm works like the sun to wake you up by getting brighter (theres a sound option too). Itll get higher as you snooze, making it impossible to turn off if you snooze too much.
  • Mr.BumpOffTheWall Morning aggression? We have a clock for that. Mr. Bump off the Wall will be your scapegoat. To snooze, throw him at the wall. The catch is you need to get off the bed if you want to snooze twice.
  • IQAlarmClock Youve seen the app that wakes you up with a math question. Now meet the alarm clock. IQ Alarm gives you IQ test style questions for a cranial work out when you get up in the morning.
  • TargetAlarmClock If throwing your alarm clock at the wall doesnt help, you could always shoot it. The Target Alarm readies you for your day with a little game of laser tag bright and early in the morning.
  • Awakeyet?
  • CatAlarmClock If all else fails youve got the ever reliable cat alarm to fall back on.
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