the spooky Halloween night

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By Gracie, Mikayla, Liam, Katherine, Trevor
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the spooky Halloween night. By Gracie, Mikayla, Liam, Katherine, Trevor. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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the spooky Halloween night

By Gracie, Mikayla, Liam, Katherine, Trevor

On one spooky Halloween night there were 5 kids named Madison, Taylor, Paris, Fowler, and Max. They had chosen to go trick-or-treating at the haunted and abandoned school on the corner of the street. So that night the kids ran down the street in their costumes. The moment they got there a ghost popped out and said, Welcome to Thriller of Midnight school! The 5 kids entered and couldnt find any candy. They were walking down the hall when they found an elevator. Max pressed the button and the door creaked open. There were 5 pieces of candy inside. They ran in the elevator and ate the candy. When they finished eating the door creaked closed and Paris realized they were locked in a haunted elevator!

{Taylor had an idea. she said, Maybe if we press the alarm button we can get out and we can go trick-or treating for at least a hour. Taylor tried pressing the alarm button. The elevator lights flickered and suddenly BLACKOUT! Everyone screamed, the doors opened and they all walked out. After they all got out everything went black and Madison was the only one who could see. Max said, Who turned the lights out? and Madison said, What do you mean? Paris said, Its pitch black! After a few minutes all the lights came back on and then

The five kids finally exited the elevator. As the door creaked open, they were greeted by witches, spiders, goblins and black cat. Suddenly, a ghost appears and says, Welcome to Haunted School! and then just as quickly the ghost transforms into a janitor. Every scary creature was walking by. The kids ran into the school and saw a wicked witch stirring her magic potion. Suddenly, the potion exploded! Right when the witch was about to look at them the kids ran toward the school cafeteria. Fowler reached the cafeteria door first and he tried to break the doors open. When the doors suddenly sprung open, Paris saw that it was another elevator

0.4The kids all boarded the elevator and Paris pressed the down button but it went UP instead! When they got off the elevator, the kids discovered they were in a secret attic, full of goblins, witches, zombies, werewolves, and ghosts. They discovered a slide that was 100 feet long. They quickly went down the slide, only to find Frankenstein trying to scare them, but the kids were able to get past him. When they reached the bottom of the slide they found hot lava, but no one touched it. There was also a pool of water at the bottom full of flesh-eating piranhas swimming in it! Max stuck his pinkie finger in the water, but luckily nothing happened to him. Then, they found a door . . .

{They walked out of the door, and they exited the school. when they walked out they saw something huge a couple miles away. It was a dungeon with a skull of fire on the front. So they went to the dungeon and there was sign that said Dont enter, but they entered anyway. Inside , there were diamonds everywhere. They found a library and there was a code you had to enter to get to the other side. Paris guessed the code 8,8,8,8,8 and it was right! So the library flipped over and they went to the other side, and all of a sudden a huge five headed snake appeared. After that their bodies were never found.

THE ENDOr is it just the beginning

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