The Secrets of Hotel Sleep - Hospitality Net Secrets of Hotel Sleep by Raphael Auphan, CEO, ......

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Transcript of The Secrets of Hotel Sleep - Hospitality Net Secrets of Hotel Sleep by Raphael Auphan, CEO, ......

  • 2012 Zyken - page 1

    The Secrets of

    Hotel Sleep by Raphael Auphan, CEO, Zyken

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 2


    How does sleep work?

    Scientific insights

    The influence of light

    Jet Lag

    Sleep behaviours and quality

    US Survey results

    Comparing home and hotel

    Sleep experiences in hotels

    Specific state of hotel guests

    How to ensure and improve sleep quality in hotels

    Innovating in sleep with NightCove

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 3


    How does sleep work?

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 4

    A few points about sleep

    Sleep is a third of our day / our life

    But 50% of adults are not satisfied with their sleep!

    Difficulties falling asleep

    Tough wake-up & sleep inertia

    Waking up during the night

    Leading to a lack of energy and efficiency during the day

    In a context of

    Increasing levels of stress leading to sleep difficulties

    Growing awareness about the need for quality sleep

    Major advances in sleep research

    Many home equipment innovations but little in the bedroom

    And Sleep is the Core Offering for hotels worldwide

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 5

    Value of Sleep

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 6

    Sleep Cycles

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 7

    2012 Zyken

    Sleep Stages

  • 2012 Zyken - page 8

    Body clock

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 9 2012 Zyken

    Key body clock


  • 2012 Zyken - page 10

    Sleep & the influence of light

    Light and different lighting wavelengths have an influence :

    On the body clock

    On Melatonin

    Traditional light sources have a negative impact on sleep

    as they inhibit melatonin and tend to create difficulties

    falling asleep

    Waking up with sound only (alarm clock, mobile phone,

    hotel wake-up call) often results in strong sleep inertia (*)

    which leads to high sleep dissatisfaction

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 11

    Blue light as a key synchronizer

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 12

    Blue light inhibits melatonin

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 13

    Sleep debt and wakefulness

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 14

    2012 Zyken

    Impact of sound on

    biological rhythms

  • 2012 Zyken - page 15

    Additional points about sleep

    Perceptions of good or bad sleep quality

    sometimes do not reflect reality Good overnight sleep but bad wake-up

    Easy to fall asleep but agitated sleep

    The elements having the most impact on perception of sleep quality

    Did it take long or not to fall alseep?

    Did I wake up often at night ?

    After wake-up do I feel refreshed ?

    But perception of bad sleep quality can lead to

    actual bad sleep quality Anxiety to fall asleep in the evening

    Anxiety if awake at night

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 16

    Jet Lag


    of body clock with

    light/dark cycles of

    current time zones

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 17


    Sleep behaviors and quality

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 18

    Sleep behaviors and quality Results of 2011 US Survey

    Source: US National Sleep Foundation

    50% report rarely/never getting Good Nights Sleep weekdays

    About 60% wake up unrefreshed

    About 50% take naps during weekdays..

    Activities in hour before going to bed (every night or almost):

    60% watch TV

    35% do homework on the computer

    30% surf the internet

    20% read book/magazine

    23% use a social networking site

    21% send:receive text messages

    Activities when awake at night

    29% watch TV

    16% surf the internet

    16% read book/magazine

    15% do homework on the computer

  • 2012 Zyken - page 19

    Source/Copyright: US National Sleep Foundation

  • 2012 Zyken - page 20

    Comparing home and hotel

    Source/Copyright: US National Sleep Foundation

  • 2012 Zyken - page 21


    Sleep experiences in hotels

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 22

    Experiencing sleep in hotels

    The specific state of the guest / traveller Away from home

    Fatigue from travel & airports

    Possibly jet lag

    Business guests

    Important meetings, pressure, stress

    Leisure guests

    A desire to disconnect quickly and maximize leisure time

    The specific environment of the hotel guestroom Not at Home..

    Combining in the same place (except large suites) the functions of :

    work (desk + laptop / WiFi),

    entertainment (TV, VOD)

    and sleep in the same space

    Blackout curtains

  • 2012 Zyken - page 23

    Key sleep phases and

    associated difficulties

    Falling asleep

    Proper sleep architecture

    Staying Asleep

    Falling back to sleep if awake at night or too early

    Waking up

    Getting up

  • 2012 Zyken - page 24

    What have upscale & luxury

    hotels done so far?

    Quality bed, bedding and sheets

    Quality pillows and sometimes pillow menu

    A few rare initiatives Sleep concierge (Benjamin New York)

    Deep Sleep Package (VIE Hotel Bangkok)

    Learn to Sleep program (Hospes hotels Spain)

    Anti-snore hotel room (Crowne Plaza hotels)

    Staywell Rooms (MGM Las Vegas)

  • 2012 Zyken - page 25

    Heavenly Bed experience

    5% increase in guest satisfaction index (GSI)

    within first years

    research showed that guests would be ready to

    pay between $12 and $20 more per night.

    In first 5 years, 30,000 guests made Heavenly

    Bed purchases for their home.

    More than 7,000 customers bought the whole

    ensemble, at $2,565 for queen size bed.

    (Source Westin, Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News)

  • 2012 Zyken - page 26

    How to ensure sleep quality

    in guestrooms?

    For sure good mattress, bedding and pillows

    Quiet and dark environment

    Feeling safe and secure

    Proper evening & night light

    Progressive morning light to wake up

    Sounds to soothe

    Provide a way to disconnect/relax without TV..

    Provide a chair to watch TV aside from bed


    Temperature control

    Herbal tea offering

    Provide a way to perform a Power Nap

  • 2012 Zyken - page 27

    What can we do to improve

    sleep quality for guests?

    Outside of the guestroom Special evening menu with sleep-inducing nutritional


    Evening relaxation spa treatments (possibly in-room spa treatments for suites)

    Bright light in the breakfast area

    Provide advice for guests Personalized information to tackle jet lag

    To avoid heavy meals too late

    To avoid alcohol after 8pm

    To avoid caffeinated drinks after 5pm

    Train guest-facing teams on key aspects of sleep

  • 2012 Zyken - page 28


    Innovating in Sleep

    with NightCove in hotels

    2012 Zyken

  • 2012 Zyken - page 29




    Scientific validation by renowned sleep

    experts and research studies

    Advanced LED eco-friendly light and sound


    Connectable to Hotel Network & highly-

    configurable embedded software

    Design by Patrick Jouin

    Upscale aesthetics and made in France

    product finish

    offers a new dimension

    in Sleep & Wellness Luxury

  • 2012 Zyken - page 30

    provides guests with unique

    Sleep & Wellness services




    MOOD / Relaxation (ambiance, welcome, turndown,..)

    iPod/iPhone dock

    Bring Your Own Music (from any MP3 device, iPad, iPhone 5.. )

    Bedside light

    Key attributes : Easy-to-use hotel-guest-proof

    Interface, Hotel Mode, Eco-friendly LED light,

    High-quality audio

    Light & Sound Programs:

  • 2012 Zyken - page 31

    - Improve guest sleep & wellness

    (including jet lag)

    - Increase guest loyalty

    - Differentiate brand and property

    - Help differentiate selected room offerings

    - Communication / PR potential

    - Enhance treatment wellness & comfort

    - Customizable lighting and sound ambiance

    - Allow for pre- or post-treatment relaxation

    or energizing sessions

    - Enable new jet lag services in hotel spas

    Key NightCove benefits







  • 2012 Zyken - page 32

    NightCove - hotel guestroom On bedside table

  • 2012 Zyken - page 33

    NightCove - hotel guestroom On bedside table

  • 2012 Zyken - page 34

    NightCove - hotel guestroom One unit on bedside table in Boutique Hotel

  • 2012 Zyken - page 35

    NightCove - hotel guestroom On stand

  • 2012 Zyken - page 36

    NightCove - hotel guestroom On stand or wall bracket

  • 2012 Zyken - page 37

    NightCove - hotel guestroom Fitted i