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  • 1. The Great Conversation
    Inspired by Jamie Vollmers book, Schools Cant Do It Alone
    Presented by Julie Bastow Ed. S., ELA Consultant, AMA ESD
    Meaghan Gauthier Ed. S., Literacy Consultant, AMA ESD
    & Courtney Huff Ed. S., Literacy Consultant, AMA ESD
  • 2. Todays purpose
    The beginning of The Great Conversation, a new community-wide discussion, designed to increase student success, and ultimately, improve the quality of life of everyone in the community, whether or not they have kids in school (Vollmer, 149).
  • 3. A series of phases
    Phase 1 Objectives:
    Connect with as many people as possible
    Describe the benefits that will happen when we work together to support student achievement
    Help everyone understand what these benefits mean for the community
  • 4. Why now?
    Shift from Industrial Age to Knowledge Age
    Less on making and moving
    More on generating and sharing knowledge
    Dramatic increase in what ALL students need to know
    An adequate education just 30 years agono longer sufficient
  • 5. Local Good News
    Targeted Writing Project (TWP)
    Students across 4 districts receive 45 minutes of systematic writing instruction daily
    Supporting Teachers and Readers Successfully (STARS)
    Cycle #1: 270 students serviced, 94% improvement
    Cycle #2: 219 students serviced, 88% improvement
    Cycle #3: 295 students service, 83% improvement
  • 6. More good news
    Proactive vs. Reactive
    Universal Screening
    Teachers Meet Together to Review Student Data
  • 7. Meanwhile
    our schools have done all this while feeding tens of millions of children nutritious meals twice a day, transporting them billions of miles each year in safe, reliable buses, and providing them with quality health services and medical expertise
    If that were not enough, Americas public schools are the cultural heart of their communities (Vollmer, 155).
  • 8. Restructuring schools
    Future Conversations:
    What are the necessary changes schools need to make to increase student success?
    Why are these changes important?
    What will they mean for EVERYONE in the community?
    Feedback from community is vital!
  • 9. Schools cant do it alone
    For all publics educations remarkable success, no generation of educators in the history of the world has been asked to do what Americans now demand of their schools (Vollmer, 156).
  • 10. Did you know
    Alpena schools buses travel the distance from Disney World and back in ONE day, plus a few extra miles to make a round trip to the Mackinaw Bridge (averaging 2,990 miles a day!)
  • 11. Time to reflect
    Questions and Comments