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    JUNE 2018

    In this issue: Page:

    At a Glance 1

    Pastor Rob’s Message 2-3

    Sabbatical News Pastor Care Note


    Caring and Sharing Note to Betty Linton


    Welcome New Member! Birthdays & Anniversaries Men’s June Breakfast


    Grace Outreach Youth News

    6-7 7

    June Calendar 8-9

    Daily Bible Readings for June 10-11

    Commission Notes 12

    For All the Saints 13-14

    Church Office Notes 14

    Church Leadership 15

    Church Staff 15

    At a Glance

    Summer is coming… and so is Pastor Rob's Sabbatical!

    Grace UCC Sabbatical Preaching Schedule

    ~~~~~~~ Sunday, June 3~Rev. Beth O’Malley

    Sunday, June 10~Rev. John Shillingburg

    Sunday, June 17~Rev. Rebecca Shillingburg

    Sunday, June 24~Rev. John Shillingburg

    Sunday, July 1~Rev. Rebecca Shillingburg

    Sunday, July 8~Rev. John Shillingburg

    Sunday, July 15~Rev. Beth O’Malley

    Sunday, July 22~Rev. Rebecca Shillingburg Sunday, July 29~Rev. John Shillingburg

    Sunday, August 5~TBD

    Sunday, August 12~TBD

    Sunday, August 19~Rev. Beth O’Malley

    Sunday, August 26~Rev. Beth O’Malley

    The Grace Vine Grace United Church of Christ

    An Open and Affirming Congregation

    25 East Second Street Historic Downtown Frederick, Maryland

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    Dear Friends, It’s been a rough week. As many of you know, we have been praying each week in wor- ship for my step mother who has been struggling with COPD and Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer). You may also know that she died on Mother’s day. So many people expressed words of condolence and comfort to me during this time. How sad to lose a mother figure on Mother’s Day. And yet, in an odd way, it was not sad at all. She was surrounded by her children and the room was filled with laughter and stories. At one point, as I sat by her bed holding her hand, she opened her eyes and looked at me. I asked what she was thinking, not expecting an answer. Too weak to speak and struggling for each breath she mouthed the words “I love you.” Early the next morning, as she slipped into unconsciousness, I had the honor of putting on my stole, anointing her with oil and offering the final prayers of the Church for her as we commended her to God. She died an hour later surrounded with love. After 23 years apart, she and my father were together again. A life well lived ended surrounded by those she loved. It was sad, and there were of course tears, but I would say it was a beautiful Mother’s Day. One I will always treasure. The veil between this world and the next is so very thin. What I mean by that is that I really do believe those we love are never all that far away. Singer Josh Groban has a song which says “A breath away’s not far to where you are.” I think that’s true. The scripture’s remind us that nothing separates us from the love of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Not life and not death, not angels nor principalities. What this means is that if I am in Christ and you are in Christ, then what separates us from each other? Nothing! So if I die and you live, I am still with Christ, as are you. What separates us from each other? Nothing, except time and space and we know those things do not bind the love of God. And so even in death, we are in Christ. We celebrate that reality when we gath- er together at the table of the Lord and receive the bread and wine of Holy Commun- ion. It is Communion…with Christ and with each other! We remember the promises of our Lord that when we eat and drink the Holy Meal, Christ is with us, and we are prom- ised that one day we will feast together with Him in the Kingdom, where we will com- mune with all those whom we love. That’s a theology we call the Communion of Saints.

    From Pastor Rob’s Desk

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    It’s the bedrock of our faith. Those we love are never really that far away, and some- times, if I am just quiet and still, and my spirit is in the right space, it’s almost as if I can feel their presence. A life lived in grace and dignity, ended surrounded by love and sent forth to reunite with her maker and those she has so dearly longed to see again. A most wonderful Mother’s Day indeed. All my love for your thoughts, prayers and support,

    Rob 

    Summer is coming…

    and so is Pastor Rob's Sabbatical

    We have a schedule of pastors who will be with us on

    Sundays, and for emergencies, but we are also looking to

    put together a team of lay people who will be willing to

    visit people in the hospital and nursing homes as we have

    the need. Gary Johnson has agreed to coordinate this and

    be the contact person for this ministry while Pastor Rob is away. Before the

    summer, we will have a time to get together to learn about how to visit people in

    health care settings, i.e. praying with people, hospital visitation guidelines, etc.

    If this is something that would interest you, get in touch with Pastor Rob or Gary

    Johnson. Thanks!

    From Pastor Rob’s Desk (cont’d)

    A Pastoral Care note: Due to the current HIPAA (Privacy) laws, hospitals are not permitted to contact churches on behalf of patients. If you know of a church member who is hospitalized, please inform the church office. In the case of an emergency hospitalization (whether yourself or a family member), please call Pastor Rob at 240-217-2767.

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    Following is a list of members and friends of our Grace Church family who are currently ill, home-bound, recovering from an injury or surgery, or hospitalized. If you know of other folks who should be added to this list, please call the church office or speak to Pastor Rob.

    Caring and Sharing

    Message from Jean Barrick:

    To the congregation of Grace Church – Looking for

    something to do to get you “out and about,” visit a

    friend who is unable to get “out and about”.

    An Open Letter to Betty Linton:

    Dear Betty, Several years ago, Grace Church started a “Lay Ministry” for members who

    wished to visit with those unable to attend church. I was so excited when I saw your name

    on the list and decided to visit with you. What a great decision that was. You haven’t

    changed at all, you are just as I remembered.

    When I was a teenager, way back in the late 50s and 60’s (!!), you and your husband,

    Jack, were in charge of the Grace Church Youth Group. I have such fond memories of your

    home; and the activities (parties) held there and the church. We were so lucky to have you

    guide us through those awful teen years – setting us on the right path with your kindness

    and humor.

    Today, you are just as wonderful and I love our conversations. Looking forward to seeing

    you soon.

    Jean Barrick

    Worship and Education Chair

    Millie Davis 801 Pine Ave.,Frederick, MD 21701 Joe Free 1117 Rocky Springs Rd., Frederick, MD 21702 Jean Gaver 7407 Willow Rd., AL 250, Frederick, MD 21702 Paul and Miriam Himes 9810 Masser Rd., Frederick, MD 21702 Karlene Kaufmann 2100 Whittier Dr., Apt. 405, Frederick, MD 21702 Pam Kehne 1632 Wall Dr., Pasadena, MD 21122 Betty Linton 990 Waterford Dr., Unit 206, Frederick, MD 21702

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    June 3 Cross, Lana

    June 6 Tobery, Judy

    June 11 Santos, Jessica

    June 12 Johnson, Guy

    June 13 Tobery, Tom

    June 15 Johnson, Lilly

    June 19 Powell, James

    June 25 Gaver, Jean

    June 26 Conley, Kameron

    June 27 Kula, Joe

    June 29 Minnick, Roger

    June 29 Reed, Chloe

    June 30 Erwin, Betty



    June 3/13 yrs Rob Apgar & Rob Apgar-Taylor

    June 7/3 yrs Courtney & Mariela Farnsworth

    June 10/50 yrs Austin & Karen Miller

    June 11/1 yr Mr. & Mrs. J.P. Galetka

    June 17 Mr. & Mrs. Cody Peterson

    June 19/58 yrs Mr. & Mrs. Tom Tobery, Sr.

    June 20/53 yrs Ms. Jean Barrick

    June 24/19 yrs Ms. Trish Culler

    Welcome, New Members!

    Trevor Addie was received into the congregation of Grace United Church of

    Christ during worship on May 20th.

    Please reach out and welcome Trevor to Grace!

    Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Saturday, June 9th -- 9AM

    Bob Evans on Route 40 (at the end of the

    Golden Mile) . All men are invited to join us!

    Congregational Life

    On the last Sunday of every month, the Congregational Life Commission hosts a

    birthday party for everyone who celebrated a birthday during that month. (Please be

    sure that your birthday is on file with the church office so that we can celebrate you!)

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    Greeters and Fellowship Hosts

    WE NEED YOU! Please think about serving as