The Evolution of HMI

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Industrial HMI is constantly evolving, changing the world of automation. The evolution from tiny keyboards to large, multi touch panels for automation devices has been a whirlwind. This presentation highlights some of HMIs greatest features and developments.

Transcript of The Evolution of HMI

  • 1. Touch is fundamental

2. From keyboards to multi-touchDevices are moving fromkeyboardsTo multi-touch, enablingo Zoom in/outo Rotateo Pan 3. Multi-touch can make control easier 4. HMI provider impactsSystems must bedesigned withtouch in mind 5. Users will interact via touch 6. The application drives control design 7. HMI solution considerationso Applicationo Operator experienceo New graphical user interfaceo Innovative panel platforms 8. Predictions are a risky business 9. Moores Law means more power 10. The right touch can up productivity