The cherokee myth

Katrina Kirkes Hum 2143 Prof. J.P. Johnson The Cherokee Myth “The Origin Of the Bear”.


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Transcript of The cherokee myth

Page 1: The cherokee myth

Katrina Kirkes

Hum 2143

Prof. J.P. Johnson

The Cherokee Myth “The Origin Of the Bear”.

Page 2: The cherokee myth

History The mountains Society Religion Other Gods The Little People Summery The myth They myth part 2 The Bear Song What the myth meant to the Cherokee Works Cited Questions ?

The Project outline

Page 3: The cherokee myth

History Muskogee word meaning

'speakers of another language.'

Hernando De soto expedition made the first European contact in 1540.

Juan Pardo revisited the area in 1566.

It wasn't until the Virginia settlement in 1609

the government moved them in 1838.

Where 4,000 Cherokee died in the “trail Of Tears”.

Page 4: The cherokee myth

The Appalachians Mountains

Archaeologist place Smokey mountains from Tennessee to North Carolina.

The name of this village is Kituwah.

It was a good climate to plant the wild potato.

You can see the small village today

Many water sourcesVery cold wintersHeavy snows in winter

Page 5: The cherokee myth

7 Clans of The Cherokee 14 original clans the Deer, Wolf, Wild

Potato, Paint, Bird, Long Hair, Blue Clans.

Each clan had there own village

culture flag and colors Masks Natural Element Membership is through the

mother Marriage was outside clan

Page 6: The cherokee myth

Green Plant Mask Wild potato Wild Savannah Earth Bear Raccoons Between the Wolf and Deer Different wedding Ceremony

The Bear Clan

The Bear Clan

Page 7: The cherokee myth

Sequoyah Born George Gist Hunting accident Name Sequoyah which means

"pig's foot" in Cherokee. Married a Cherokee woman War of 1812 Cherokee writing system in

1809 86 symbols 1821 Tribe leaders 1824 Got award 1843 Died Grave is unknown Giant redwood trees

Page 8: The cherokee myth

The Cherokee Society The clan was most important They shared everything The men were always gone The women ruled the village They play a game called stick

ball. They built simple homes Trade became important Villages had two chiefs: a

"white" times of peace and a "red" chief who lead in times of war.

Grandma had their council and could punish

Page 9: The cherokee myth

Religion in Cherokee Society There main God was Yowa Great Sky Spirit 4 and 7 4 is the cardinal 7 highest level The upper level The lower level The center where we

leave There are 7 heavens There priest are called


Page 10: The cherokee myth

The Other Gods Of The Cherokee Sint Holo:A horned serpent Tsul 'Kalu: Spirit of the Hunt Oonawieh Unggi ("the

oldest wind"): Spirit of the Wind

Kana'ti ("The Lucky Hunter"): The Great Hunter

Selu ("maize"): The Corn Woman

Nûñnë'hï: The Spirit People Little people Medicine men and women Priest and Priestess

Page 11: The cherokee myth

The Little People harmony with nature Three Different Kinds The Laurel People the Rock People the Dogwood People They have different skin colors Rock People are the mean

ones Laurel People play tricks and

are generally mischievous Dogwood People are simple They are in many myths They are helpers They Can be Tricksters

Page 12: The cherokee myth

The Black Bear 4 to 7 feet from nose to tail, It has small eyes, rounded ears,

a long snout, a large body, a short tail, and shaggy hair. 

It differs from grizzly bears in being smaller with a smaller shoulder hump.

They only stay with their young for 16 months

They mate in the spring They sleep all winter Very common in the mountain

area. Very popular in myth and

folklore Highly studied by the Cherokee

Page 13: The cherokee myth

The Summery of The Myth

Page 14: The cherokee myth

The Myth “the Origin of the Black Bear

Starts out with a little boy Mom and Dad become worried Son stays out all day Father yells at son, son don’t care Got up early to watch son leave Asked “where are you going?” Son “ I have plenty to eat in the

forest.” “ I have peace. It is beautiful there.

It is quiet”. Parents said please stay home We will be quiet. The son still said no. “ I must go into the woods and stay

there all day.” He was already beginning to be


Page 15: The cherokee myth

The Myth part two The son told them in the forest there

was plenty to eat and they did not have to work for it.

He told them they would have to fast for 7 days.

They told the elders Here we work hard and go hungry So all they people in the tribe fasted

for 7 days Left for the woods, others had heard They told them they are to become

the yanu(bears) If they should get hungry and hunt

them For there would always be many To use the bear song and they would


Page 16: The cherokee myth

The Bear Song He-e! Ani'-Tsâ'gûhï, Ani'-

Tsâ'gûhï, akwandu'li e'lanti' ginûn'ti, Ani'-Tsâ'gûhï, Ani'-Tsâ'gûhï, akwandu'li e'lanti' ginûn'ti--Yû!

I want to lay them low on the ground, I want to lay them low on the ground.

The hunters will fast in the morning

Not eat until evening They bury the bones and fur So they can go back into the


Page 17: The cherokee myth

What The Myth meant to The Cherokee

The Myth uses the number 7

Talks about how close the family ties are

Shows there belief in clan ties

We are all one We are all apart of nature That Yowa is connected to