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88 presenters 180 second soul pitch It is where you will become a witness innovators of the future. where you will create innovators altogether. where you will become innovators. Nov.9-10, at St.James Power Station, Singapore Visit here for more information


  • innovators of the future 9-10 November St.James Power Station NEVERLAND II Designed by Noritaka Kobayashi, inspired by Minori Fuke and Fe Ilya
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  • 88 presenters X 180 seconds pitch Nov. 9-10 @St.James Power Station Singapore
  • Ages dont matter Status dont matter Organization, corporation, individual, NGO/NPO dont matter Countries dont matter Languages dont matter
  • where you will become a witness to innovators of the future
  • first 44 presenters out of 88 presenters
  • Horchin Morin khuur artist, khoomei singer Artists, LIVE / Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region He is a professional artist of Morin khuur and khoomei. He received grand prix at National Artist Competition at Greater China, January 2012. He started his professional career. He will perform khoomei which is acient ethnic music. Audiences will linsten an amazing voice they have never heard before.
  • Mai Yasuda Calligraphyer, calligraphic evangelist Art, LIVE / Japan She began to learn Japanese calligraphy at age 5. Although she got a job in a different field from it after graduation of high school, she gradually considered what she really should do through variety of experiences and encounters. She thought herself deeply at that time. I would like to contribute to society by what I only could do instead of something someone else can. What value could I provide to people? What is my expertise all in all? She realized that she love writing Japanese calligraphy and writing is the best she could do. She decided to be a professional calligrapher. Her vision is inspiring people with writing Japanese calligraphy for hope. People who saw her works will feel energy and never forget their emotion. She will continue to create artworks of Japanese calligraphy that could make people touched and believes it is her role. Now she is working on various fields such as writing Japanese calligraphy, holding events, live performances of calligraphy, designing advertisement by calligraphy, organizing calligraphy classes and so on. URL: her gallery
  • Wei Yuet Wong Self Taought Photographer Art, Photo / Singapore, Italy, Japan, etc Wei Yuet is a self taught photographer. He got his first camera about ten years ago, has got a few more since then, and has not stopped playing with photography. He found that photography is a very useful medium to enter and examine many worlds in intimate detail. People describe his style of photography as a blend of photojournalism and fine art. Some of his recent projects explore social issues like graying population, fukushima project on the realities of life since the 3.11 earthquake, and elite professional cycling. In his free time, he runs marathons, and he also likes to discuss ideas with friends over good coffee. On his tumblr page is a collection of his works, and also what he admires from other photographers
  • Dave Lim Ambassador of TEDx, co-founder of Coca-Cola innovation accelerator Polymath, provocateur, pioneer and possibilist / Singapore Dave Lim is a polymath, provocateur, pioneer and possibilist. He is a TEDx Ambassador and founding curator of TEDxSingapore in 2009 who delights in creativity and co-creation, working with people to design, launch and grow new enterprises and is co-founder of the new Coca-Cola Innovation Accelerator in Singapore. Dave has worked on all sides of entrepreneurial fence, as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur in the Pacific Rim and Silicon Valley, innovation catalyst, investor, educator, central banker and global fund manager. HIs expertise spanning four universities in three countries: Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, University of New South Wales, and University of British Columbia. Dave's favourite quote is "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
  • Kathy Xu Founder, the Dorsal effect Social enterprise, ecotourism, conservation / Singapore, Indonesia Kathy is the founder of the social enterprise, The Dorsal Effect, which believes in promoting ecotourism as an alternative form of livelihood for shark fishermen in Lombok, as a sustainable means of shark conservation. She was a secondary school teacher for 7 years and constantly got her students involved in school projects or character development lessons about ocean sustainability and shark conservation while still volunteering with Shark Savers Singapore for roadshows and events like ADEX Singapore. Kathy gave up her job as a teacher in order to pursue her love for sharks. She actively approaches schools in Singapore to present and talk about shark conservation as well as help students in school projects that involved putting an end to shark fin soup demand, in the education outreach arm of Shark Savers Singapore. Kathy recently spoke at the Saint Andrew's Junior College Learning Festival as well to promote the cause for shark conservation the to students and avidly goes around schools in Singapore speaking to children of all ages on the issue. Wanting to make a difference on the supply side alongside the demand side as well, Kathy started making several research trips to Lombok since September 2012 in order to find out about the shark fishing and shark fin trading going on in Tanjung Luar, which has devastating impacts on ocean sustainability. Deciding that having tourists come on boat trips making use of the shark fishermen's shark boats could be a viable alternative livelihood with equitable income for the fishermen as well, she is getting tourists to choose responsible tourism and make a difference with their tourist dollar by coming on the boat trips and talking to the fishermen about why they want to still sharks in the oceans, soft than hard conservation approach for the fishermen.With a sustainable tourist base establish, Kathy also hopes to work with the fishermen on ocean conservation and start a trend of ocean conservation for the coming generations of fisherpeople in the village.
  • Vigorously Supporting the International mobility of the young talent Yohei Shibasaki Founder and CEO, Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation Education / Japan, India, China, and the world Shibasaki was at SONY, Inc. He was engaged in product planing and marketing. He did a lot of deal with Samsung, Motorola, and NOKIA there. He set up Fourth Valley Concierge Corp. in 2007. Fourth Valley is promoting youth globaly who challenge to create their career outside of their home country. As of now Fourth Valley has subsidiaries in Singapore, India and China. They will set up more 10 branch within a year. Mr.Shibasaki was selected as one of Young Global Leaders(YGL) 2013 at World Economic Fouram. Mark Zuckerberg was also selected as YGL in 2009.
  • Benjamin Loh Founder & Principal Trainer of Speaker's Flare Training & Consultancy Education, coaching / Singapore Benjamin Loh is an Executive Speech Coach, award-winning Toastmaster and professional speaker and trainer. As the youngest Associate Certified Coach (ACC) in Singapore and possibly Asia Pacific, credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF), he has coached and trained over 1,000 clients in the area of public speaking and communications. He will speak on un-educating yourself. He had previously spoken at TEDxYouth@Singapore
  • Thaddeus Lawrence Motivation and Inspiration, Mental Resilience, Peak Performance, Professional Speaker, TEDx Singapore Presenter Education, Lifestyle / Singapore Thaddeus Lawrence is on an inspired mission to empower teams and individuals achieve personal excellence by setting audacious goals, overcoming extreme obstacles and persevering through adversity. He has over 12 years of teaching, training and speaking in the areas of personal motivation, mental resilience and goal achievement. On Singapore Business Reviews 10 Influential Professional Speakers in Singapore Right Now, Thaddeus serves as President 2013-2014 of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) and is a member of the Global Speakers Federation. He is a two-time speaker at TEDx Singapore and is the author of Runaway Success: Life Lessons from Ultra Endurance Racing. Along with other experts, he also co-authored 88 Essential Secrets to Achieving Greater Success at Work. Thaddeus is best known for successfully racing 1,000 kilometres in the hottest, coldest, windiest and driest deserts on earth, in a competition rated by TIME magazine as one of its Top Ten Endurance Competitions in the world. His remarkable feats in the Sahara, Gobi, Atacama and Antarctica have also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charitable organizations. Simple city
  • Anuraag Saxena Head, South Asia & ASEAN World Education Foundation Education, UK Anuraag is an accountant-turned-banker-turned-entrepreneur and is keenly interested in the social impact space in Asia and Africa. As the Asia Head for the World Education Foundation UK (, Anuraag leads the Asia partnerships and entry strategy. In this capacity, he enables schools and education