Textual analysis beyonce

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Textual Analysis Grown Woman – Beyoncé
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Textual Analysis

Textual Analysis Grown Woman Beyonc

I have chosen to analyse this text because it has some similarities which I would like to include in my music video. For example this was the music video which inspired me to use home footage in my music video. Analysing this text has given me many ideas and helped me understand the typical features which occur in music videos which feature a solo female vocalist.

There are a few close up shots in this music video of the artists face, this is common in music videos featuring a female solo artist. Andrew Goodwin's theory recognised this and stated that is was to make the audience feel familiar to the artist. Also the close up shots are used to show the mood, attitude and feelings of the artist, which usually have a connection to they lyrics to the song. For example in this music video Beyonc's facial expressions are giving the idea that she is strong and fearless, which connects to the lyrics and the whole meaning of the song. There are quite a lot of mid shots used in this music video which are showing the audience her body language and clothing, this is used to attract the audience to the artists appearance. There are also a few long shots used when the artist is dancing this is so the audience can see the whole dance moves which is promoting the artists talent. Long shots also allow the audience to see the artists clothing, acting codes and the whole of the singer.

The editing technique used for this music video is montage, this is clear to see as the shots change quick and snappy. They are not in any particular order, they are not are continuous story live. The editing fits with the beat and pace of the song. The sound in this music video is just the track of the song which has been added whilst editing.

This music video features many different locations throughout which gives the audience the idea that the song isn't about a place or location. The artist is featured in pretty much every shot, this shows the audience that the song is about her and no one else, she is singing about herself. There are quite a few different locations in this music video, all of them are very different from each other and all are very interesting. There is one location when the artist appears to be dancing in the jungle, this has been done using special effects and engages the audience, it gives the music video a new and modern vibe. There is another location where the artist is dressed like an over the top queen in a thrown and there is a lot of pink and bling around her. This connotes to the audience that the artist may have a girly over the top personality or that the artist may think highly of herself as if she believes she is a queen. This location also attracts certain audience members especially young girls because of her style and the interior in this location. There are also the different locations on the home footage clips, showing the artists life throughout, this shows the audience that she has been many places. Also the different locations on the home footage clips shows she has had a normal upbringing in normal everyday places they dont look anything special. This will create a sense of connection between the viewer towards the artist.

The thrown and the crown featured in the video connotes that the artist is or believes she is royalty. The colour pink is used throughout which connotes femininity, this will attract female viewers.

Beyonc's image in this music video does not contract with the representations her fans are familiar with, this is good and I must take not for this when creating my music video. As Beyonc is sat on the thrown with the crown on she is wearing diamant body, which is only covering a small part of her body,. This connects with Laura Mulveys theory of how women are represented in a sexual way in music videos. She also have a large fur coat with connotes wealth.

The lighting is all bright and indoor throughout the music video, it is very clear to see everything.

There are a lot of different acting codes in this music video portrayed by the artist throughout. This is showing her feelings, emotions and personality. Her facial expressions throughout are always giving the idea that she is a strong independent woman, she looks fierce. When she is dancing her facial expressions are showing the artist that she is not scared and she feels powerful. In parts the way she dances is in a sexual way, this will attract male audience members.

It ends at the end with her sitting on her own with three children this could suggest she is a strong single mother, this will cause a connection between some of the viewers.