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Textual analysis -Music magazines in the UK

My next step in my research is to look further into the front covers, content pages and double spared pages of three different music magazines.

I am going to analyse them and look at the differences and similarities between them.

Q magazine

Colour schemes:The colours used in this front cover, are mostly red, black and white. If we look at other Q magazine covers, you will find the same three colours in every issue. There is a big gold circle in the left third. This stands out because it is another colour then the three main colours.

Mise-en-scne:Most of the front cover is taken up by the picture of the singer Adele. The front cover is usually covered mostly by a picture, because it is the main attraction and it draws the readers attention. The masthead:The masthead it much bigger than anything else on the front cover, and the audience is therefor drawn to look at this. Adele's hair is overlapping the logo a little bit, and that makes the cover look professional, clean and well though out. Text:The text of what you can find inside this magazine, is written in the left side of the magazine. This is usually the case, because when you read a magazine, you read from left to right, and the shops that sells magazines often stock them a certain way, so that you only can read the left side of a magazine.

That is also why the masthead always is on the left side of a magazine. Fonts:The fonts used in this issue, are clean and bold. This makes them stand out more, and it draws the attention of a reader to the magazine. The large fonts makes the magazine stand out more. The smaller text tells the reader more about what is inside the magazine.

Matching colours:We can see that Adele is wearing something purple. This makes her kind of stand out, because purple is not a normal colour for Q magazine. Her nails are also a light purple colour. This creates an idea of sophistication and wealth.

The shot of Adele is a medium close up, and this shows her facial expressions. She looks right into the camera, and this makes the reader feel welcome and makes you want to read this magazine.

The cover lines:The information about what is inside the magazine is also written with different size and colour text. The name of the band or artist they are talking about, is written with a bigger size text than the surname and the rest of the information. The cover lines are also written with different colours, and this makes each an one of them stand more out.

The title & masthead:The title on this page is written is black, bold letters. With the white background and the black letters, it makes the title stand out.The date and issue is also written on the top of this page. It is written with a red colour, and this makes it stand out more, just as much as the masthead, because they are both red. Mise-en-scene:The upper half of the left hand page is mostly taken up by the main image, which draws attention to the page and the picture. On the lower half of the page, there is some text and another picture with text connected to the picture. By giving the audience sneak peeks of what you can find in the magazine, in form of pictures, makes them more interested to read this magazine.

As a will say more about on the next page, the colour schemes are black, red, white and blue. Structure:Both the left hand page and the right hand page, is divided into three columns.

On the left hand page, the artist is placed in the middle column. This is done to create a structure, and to make the audience more drawn to the picture. Because the eyes of the reader will firstly look at the centre of a magazine page. The text on the left hand page is divided into two columns, and the third column is made up by a picture. This also creates a kind of neat and clean structure, which makes it more comfortable and pleasant for the reader to read and look at this page.

The right hand page is perfectly divided into three columns, which is very satisfying to look at. The first column is made up by two different pictures and some text. On this page there is one picture that is divided into two different columns. The picture is made up by four persons, and two and two persons are in the same column. In that way this page still looks organized and clean.

Colours:The colours schemes on this content page are white, black, blue and red. These colours all stand out against each other, which is why this is a good colour match. On the left hand side, the focus is more on the red colours, and on the right hand side they has focused on the blue colour.

The page numbers, are written with Qs main colour, red. This makes them stand out against the black letters and the white background.

The same is done on the other page, but here the page numbers are blue, which makes the page numbers stand out even more. This because blue is not a typical Q magazine colour. The pictures on the right hand page have blue as a main colour, which matches them to the blue on the page numbersText: Every headline that is on this page is written with bold, black letters. This makes it easier for the reader to know what the issue is about. If the reader wants to know more about what's inside the magazine, they can read smaller text under the headlines. Pictures:The smaller pictures makes this page more attractive, and it draws the attention to the content that is connected to the pictures. Which again makes the read want to find out more, and read further into the magazine.

The image that is the most eye-catching on this content page, is the picture with the pink background. The contrasts between the black clothes and pink background, makesthis picture stand more out. Also, if you look at other pictures on this page, every other picture has black, white and blue colours in it, except the pink one.

The main image on this page also stands out, but because of other reasons then the pink image. It is an eye-catching, because it is much bigger then other pictures on this page. The colours in this picture are black, white and red, which matches the colours on the contents title.

Quote:A quote from the artist is put in the main center of this page to make the reader want to read the article. The quote is written with big white letters, with a black background to make is stand more out. Text:The big, bold capital letter is used to start a new paragraph and to draw attention to this page. It is written with a black colour to make is stand more out from the white background. Structure:The structure of the text on this double page spread is different from the structure of the pictures on this page. On both pages, the text is divided into two columns, while the pictures on the left hand page are kind of divided into three columns. The left picture column is made up my one picture of the whole band and by the first text. The middle column is made up by half of a shot od the band on stage, a medium long shot of the lead singer and a quote. The middle picture columns kind of breaks up the text, so at the bottom the text comes back together. This is why I think there are different structures for the text and the pictures.

The right hand page is a bit different from the left hand page. Here you can see a very clear structure, because of the little black line in the middle of the page. This indicates that the text is divided into two columns, which makes this mage look more clean and organised than the left hand page. The main picture on this page covers both columns, which drawn attention to it and makes this page more interesting to read. Colours / pictures: The colours used on this double page spread are, on the left hand side, very bright and joyful. Three out of four pictures on the left hand page are taken at a concert, and in these pictures we can kind of feel the concert vibe through just looking at the pictures. The colours and images reflects joy, fun and music. The picture on the right hand side, is an extreme long shot, of the band on stage with the audience in the foreground. The picture is taken in colour, but because of the light used, it looks like it is in black and white. Mise-en-scene:The upper half of both pages are taken up by pictures, and the text is placed on the bottom half. By using a white background with black letters, makes the pictures, which are colourful, stand more out. This also makes the page look more organized.

NME magazine

Masthead:The masthead is very eye-catching and bright due to the capitals and the bold color of it. The contrast between the white, bold letters and the red background makes it stand out even more. Quote:The use of a quote gives the reader an insight into the story they can find in this magazine. As the quote is on the cover its likely to grab the attention of the reader and intrigue them so they will buy the magazine. Main image:The main image on this front cover, is a picture of a long shot of a band. Although the whole band is on the front cover, the lead singer is placed more in the centre and further towards the camera than the others in the band. This makes him stand more out, and it also makes this front cover look more dimensional and thought through. Colour schemes: The main colour scheme on this front cover are red, blue, white and black. This is quite an eye-catching colour scheme as red and blue are quite bold colours and they stand out against each other, in the same way as white and black stand out against each other.

Cover lines:The cover lines on this front cover, are very eye-catching. On the left hand side: the contrast between the black bold letters and the white background makes them stand out. The cover lines on the right hand side are written with white letters wi