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Magazine Research

Textual analysisEleanor Waring

Front cover of Q

Feature article photoThe main image is of a well known celebrity and is using direct address because she is looking straight into the camera, this creates the idea that she is interacting with the audience as she is staring right at the audience, it makes the audience feel connected with the artist. Also she is the main focus on the cover, attracting the demographic to buy the magazine. People will look up to her and want to look like her and be like her. This is called male gaze. Also this image wont just attract just the female audience but males too because Cheryl is seen as a sexual attraction to many men. The feature photo also creates a sense of style, this is because of the way she is posed and her facial expression. The colour Cheryl is wearing also conveys a rockstar, stylish sense to the image because she is wearing all black, with unusual jewellery and her makeup is also heavy black. This also indicated that the magazine is unique and different as it is showing a different side of Cheryl. She is normally seen as a sweetheart, that produces pop music not rock music, but in this photo she isnt portrayed in this way suggesting she has a different side to her or she has changed. This also makes the audience want to buy the magazine as they can find out why Cheryl is portrayed in a rebel way compared to what she is normally presented as.The mastheadThis masthead is bright and stands out on the page as it is more of a logo than a masthead and very recognisable for the one letter word Q. The white Q and the red background contrasts well and as a result looks effective and also the audience can easily read the masthead and recognise the magazine. Also part of it covers the celebrities face, this show the importance of the masthead.Date and price This convention has to be shown on a front cover of a magazine, however it is in small font because it make the audience less likely to see the price and therefore are not likely to be put off buying the magazine. The price of the magazine is quite expensive which also suggests it s a monthly magazine and the social class of the audience would be C1and above as they would be able to afford it.Colour SchemeThe colours and content used in this magazine arent stereotypically preferred by any gender, this suggests that Q is aiming both sexes. Also the colours are more mature colours. The colours grey, red, white and black arent commonly used to attract children. This tells me that this magazine isnt aimed at children. Red and white are the iconic colours of the Q magazine, this means the audience will recognise that this is a Q magazine.The layoutThe layout of this magazine is organised. There is quite a lot of text on the front cover, but not too much. The text is sorted into columns so that the feature article photo is easily seen. Due to the well organised and neat set out, it implies that this magazine is a more expensive monthly magazine rather than a cheaper weekly magazine.The white background on the text that names some top artists makes the writing stand out and easily readable because of the contrast of colours.PuffThe subheading stands out on the page because the name is recognisable and would attract attention of the audience as they would want to know the untold story and images of this artist. Also it makes the audience feel involved and as if they are the first ones to see the unseen information about such a well known artist.PuffThis is drawing attention to the audience that this magazine has a massive market and is very successful, therefore this helps persuade the audience to buy the magazine as it must be a good magazine and they might want to find out why.Feature HeadlineThe feature headline is based at the bottom of the front cover in three rows and it helps structure the magazine layout. The way the last line of the feature headline is in the style of a banner makes the magazine look more professional. The title starts saying 3 words and then the rest of the title is three words long. This is a clever pun used because Cheryls new album at the time was called 3 words. The whole of the feature headline is in the colours white and red which makes it stand out on the page and easy to read, catching the audiences attention almost immediately as its eye catching. By including the celebrities well known name Cheryl Cole in the title, it draws in the demographic as they might be fans of her and want to know what the article about her in the magazine is saying. The title increases in size and Rocks is the largest word and it in red which suggests that this word has significance and importance. This is also in red which could symbolise lust and sexual attraction, which is reinforced in the feature article photo. Also rock relates to the image as Cheryl looks like a rock star, which is unusual for her character.

Front Cover Of Mixmag

FreebieThis is another way of attracting the audience because they arent just getting the magazine with their purchase, they are also getting a free CD. The audience are getting more for their money. This is the Unique Selling Point of the magazine because it makes this magazine stand out and different from other music magazines.

Also this separate image of the free CD stands out on the magazine, catching the audiences attention. Also it tells the reader what CD it is.Colour SchemeThe colour scheme is bright and vibrant, this is unusual for a magazine that is a January addition as it would usually suggest a summer addition as the colours used are summery, bright colours. However Mixmag is a dance and clubbing magazine, therefore the choice of colours are because dance music is always up-beat and lively and also in clubs there are a lot of bright flashing lights, so the colours fit in with the theme. It suggests that the magazine is worldwide and could also imply that the audience might go to countries like Ibiza and Magaluf where there are a lot of clubs and young people and it is fairly hot all year round.

BarcodeThis is a convention that allows the audience t buy the productDate and PriceThis convention has to be shown on a front cover of a magazine, however it is in small font because it make the audience less likely to see the price and therefore are not likely to be put off buying the magazine. Also because this magazine is quite expensive it suggests that mixmag is a monthly magazine.

Feature article photoThe main image is of a celebrity called David Guetta. He is DJ and is well known for making successful dance and club music. This therefore attracts the audience of this magazine because Mixmag is about clubbing and dance music and David Guetta would be popular to people would enjoy dance / clubbing music. David Guetta is wearing sunglasses, this again isnt usual for a winter magazine, so this may suggest that the magazine is worldwide and could also imply that the audience might go to countries like Ibiza and Magaluf where there are a lot of clubs and young people and it is fairly hot all year round. Also the choice of colours could be because they signify the bright strobe lights that are featured in clubs.Feature headlineThis headline is using a swear word, this suggests that the audience of this magazine is young adults as the majority use the same language, therefore this also makes the audience relate the magazine. Also this adds to the informal and less serious vibe that the magazine has. The feature headline doesnt give much away as it suggests that David Guetta had a big, busy year. Therefore this is a way of persuading the audience to buy the magazine as they will want to =find out what 2009 held for the celebrity.PuffThis is empathising how successful and popular this magazine is. It is a good selling point as it will attract more readers as they might feel they should get involved with reading this magazine too and see why it has been voted the worlds biggest dance music and clubbing magazine.MastheadUses white serif font in yellow. The yellow makes the writing stand out on the magazine because of the dark background. This makes it easier for the audience to recognise the magazine. The masthead is recognisable to the audience as it is like a logo. The font is informal suggesting that this magazine is less serious and the audience are like younger adults that are more fun than serious.Sub imageThis is used to give the audience an idea of what is inside. It also is a clever way of making the reader want to read on. If they want t read on then they would have to purchase the magazine.


MastheadThe type of font this masthead is in, is quite informal and understandable (easily readable). This is suitable for the audience as young adults dont want to buy a magazine that looks serious. They want to buy a magazine that looks fun. Also the colour of the font is white, this makes the title stand out as it contrasts well on the black background.

SubheadingThe subheading is of the artists name. This is to make the audience recognise that it is Jessie J on the front cover. It says in her own words which infers that inside the magazine there is an article on her where she may have been interviewed, this will make the audience feel persuaded to buy the magazine as they will want to see what she is saying. Also the dark background makes the subtitle stand out, drawing more attention to it.Colour SchemeThe colour scheme consists of black and white. This conveys the idea that the artist is stylish and therefore so is the magazine. It also makes the magazine look unique. Another reason why the colours are black and white might be because the issue date is February and this is a winter month, so this may suggest that the magazine made the theme as cold colours but still make the magazine look good and appeal to the target audience. The layout The layout is very simple an