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Soap Opera Genre

Independent Textual AnalysisName: Jonathan VillacciCandidate Number:1248Center Name: St. Andrews Catholic SchoolCenter Number:64135OCR Media Studies A2 Level

Unit G324: Advanced Portfolio

Trailer 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVkCtQb7XSIEastEndersVerbal Codes Emotional, depressing Non-diegetic sound track over the top of a medium close up shot of Peggy Mitchell, the lyrics quote the line the last goodbye I swear which helps to insinuate the passing of a famous soap opera star. The soundtrack portrays connotations of sorrow and loss, by adding in a soundtrack it can really change the mood and overall tonality of the trailers viewing experience. When our group come to editing our final trailer we will be taking the choice of music seriously to repeat (Steve Neale 1980) a similar after effect such as this one.There is no dialogue in this trailer which could suggest the lack of life in this trailer signifying Peggy's death. The soundtrack to the trailer is in a slow tempo and in a minor tonality which helps to portray the melancholy situation that is about to take place. The fact there is no dialogue could exaggerate the solidarity emotions which will be running through the atmosphere of the soap opera in the upcoming events trailered on the trailer. The ending bares a diegetic voiceover notifying the audience on when this news will be released with the TV series.

Non-Verbal Codes The mixture between lighting demonstrates the two sides of the outcome of Peggy's death. For example the low key lighting is present when her facial expression changes to a more scared face which could foreshadow the dangers to come in the future of the series enticing the audience. The main character in this trailer (Peggy Mitchell) is seen wearing an a total white costume and with white hair. The colour white signifies purity and the end of suffering which is linked well to the situation of her death as it demonstrates the end of her suffering with the pain of her disease. The fact that she is wearing white shows her importance and glow to the soap opera series and personal identifies (Katz) with the audience as they feel they would have lost an important person in their age generation. Technical Codes The surrounding bystanders walking around Peggy are shown in fast motion. The fast motion characters moving around her demonstrate her loss in time and her not being the same as she used to be. The close up shot on Peggy's face denotes the fear and emotion in leaving her friends and family behind. At this point the audience who have grown up with Peggy Mitchell in their generation feel a personal connection and empathize with the situation. In some scene shots she is being tracked and centered in the frame representing her importance to the TV show and her death baring as a loss of the center-beam (structure) in the program.

Screenshots form the trailer

Trailer 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAE0V4ExSWoHollyoaksVerbal Codes Non diegetic special FX sounds of explosions exaggerate the action scenes to create a more gripping and mysterious atmosphere. I wish to repeat (Neale 1980) this verbal code in my trailer as it will intrigue audiences more to watch the action within my soap opera. Diegetic voiceovers such as "are you the hospital killer ?create suspense within the scene, as the actor voiceovers this allows for more action scenes to pack the trailer with enticing teasers for the audience to watch. The voiceover removes direct dialogue from the actors creating a sinister and ominous feel to the scene, majority of soap opera target audiences are intrigued by mystery plot twists and action in soap operas. Some diegetic dialogue is used so that the character is filmed saying the most important factual information, for example the line you where all over each other connotes topics such as adultery which is relatable to a percentage of the audience and can personally identify with them (Katz). The non diegetic soundtrack includes sharp and punchy stabbed chords to insinuate the action packed drama which can be life changing within the TV series. Secondly music is also tonally ambiguous which means that the key is hard to hear creating a mysterious atmosphere within the trailer.

Non-Verbal Codes The low key lighting aids to the dramatic suspense which TV soap opera dramas tend to give off. The facial expressions of Trevor demonstrate shock and mystery, in this trailer he is seen having an affair with his wife when he is discovered the close up shot on his face demonstrates the drama of the scene. In my groups trailer this technique of low key lighting will definitely be repeated s it is an efficient way to emphasize drama. Trevors red shirt may symbolize the evil and heartless act of heart break he has caused on his wife by having an affair. This evil suggestion relates to Propp's character villain role where the villain tries to interfere with the Heros moral intentions. The special FX visuals near the end of the trailer synchronize with the end explosion, the explosion is the base to the end writing which helps to symbolize the explosive drama which will occur in this seasons episodes. The settings vary at each point in the trailer incorporating snippets from upcoming episodes pre to release. However these settings such as the living room where the affair is taken place holds props such as dark coloured flowers which signify (de Saussure) the lack of real love between their original partners, dark colours often symbolize immoral situations and depression hence leading to a lust in another person.

Trailer 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAE0V4ExSWoHollyoaks

Technical Codes The close up shot of the car ignition symbolizes the stereotypical car accidents which are popular in most TV drama soap operas. The ignition of the car could also symbolize the ignition/start of the potential dramatic events that will begin to unfold. The use of shot reverse shot between both the cancer patient and her friend connotes the emotion in facial expression. This specific scene may personally relate (Katz) to the soap opera audience as it is a common emotion that effects a wide majority of the TV audience. The camera is seen to film shot reverse shots which demonstrate the emotions portrayed by the characters exaggerating the drama of the sequence towards the audience viewing. There is one particular shot reverse shot showing the two lovers at different angles in the set this may be signifying that they are no longer metaphorically on the same level and are no longer in love as they were.

Shot at a low angle Shot closer up at a higher angle

Screenshots form the trailer

Evaluation of Textual Analysis Compare and ContrastTrailer 1) Areas of Strength and what you would repeat (Steve Neale) or exploit (Abercrombie 1995) - Television producers set out to exploit genre conventions... It... makes sound economic sense.In trailer 1 I would like to repeat (Neale 1980) and incorporate the melancholy non diegetic soundtrack which helps to add to the dramatic scenes. This feature is by far the most important as music is a huge role in setting an atmosphere into a certain mood. As seen in the EastEnders trailer the non diegetic soundtrack changed the tonality of the atmosphere setting the scene. I will be exploiting (Abercrombie) the idea of no dialogue as I feel that our trailer will need to be more mysterious to draw a mass audience hooked and teased into watching our soap opera trailer to what of professional ones. If I use dialogue the audience may get confused and not obtain the right information which our soap opera trailer will radiate.Trailer 2) Areas of Strength and what you would repeat (Steve Neale) or exploit (Abercrombie 1995) - Television producers set out to exploit genre conventions... It... makes sound economic sense.Trailer 2 in my opinion held more action. Some technical features such as facial close ups and shot reverse shots helped to convey the drama in the story being told. Another feature that I would like to repeat is the use of special FX visuals which are added near the end of the trailer. The visuals have a huge impact on shocking the audience and adding a punch of drama to the scene. Visual FX is a definite repeat (Neale 1980) I wish to incorporate in to my soap opera trailer. From viewing the Hollyoaks trailer I have realized the mass effect in promoting drama that shot reverse shots have. I will be exploiting these shot types as I feel they professionally create suspense in a scene, we will have to exploit this to re-create a professional media product similar to this soap opera trailer.