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Textual Analysis

Textual Analysis

1) Track name: Superheroes- The ScriptINTRODUCTION!-Album Name: The Script.-Artists/Writers: Danny Odonoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power-Genre: Irish Pop rock-Release Date: 29 August 2014.- Directors: James Barry,Andrew Frampton, Mark Sheehan and Danny Odonoghue- Record Label: Sony Label Group.- Length: 4:03

Music Video type: Narrative Based and Performance based bothNarrative: The key media concepts seen in this Music video shows a story of a Man who is poor who lives and works for his son and he dresses up like an officer/banker and leaves his home showing his son that they are not that poor. On the way, he changes clothes and wears clothes of a garbage handling guy and works as a Garbage Handling guy. While doing his work ,he finds toys from the Trash for his son to gift him as he could not afford such things. His son himself is shown as a lonely and a sad kid who remains alone and does not like playing with friends but rather waits for his father to return.Message: The message which is being shown is that how a father works for his son and does efforts to make him happy and the efforts he does for making his son live a good life. It shows how poor he is and how he pretends to be when he leaves his home in order to not make his son feel bad about it. Representation: This music video represents the deprive classes and shows how much effort they make for a living and what pain they go through.Target Audience: Any kind of audience can be targeted for example male female both and any age group can be attracted to see such scenes as many people will be attracted to this video as it shows feelings of a guy who is helpless.

This is also a Performance Based video as the band performance is shown throughout the video as well as the Narrative is shown too. The band performance is shown in the video below:

The following screenshot shows how the guy dresses up in a officer/banker look.

The screenshot below shows how he changes clothes according to his actual job

The video also shows how the kid felt lonely and remained alone rather than playing with his age fellows.

The guys real job has been shown in the screenshot below which clearly shows that he was a garbage handler.

The music video also indicated how poor he was and what he did for making his son live a good life. He found toys from the trash and a smile has been shown on his face which shows how happy he is, so that his son will get happy by the gift.

The screesnhot below shows the love of him for his son and how happy his son gets after getting the toy.

The lyrics are directly linked with the scenes shown in the music video: When you've been fighting for it all your lifeYou've been struggling to make things right.That's how a superhero learns to fly. There is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals according to Andrew Goodwins theory as throughout the words related to being strong has been used.People shown in this music video are mostly dark/ black people as shown in the scenes below:

Daylight as well as the night scenes are shown.

The night scene has been shown in a red smoky effect and red lights in the background while the band is performing.

Technical Codes: Camera work/shots..As the Band performance is being shown as well and the close up of the guitar and drums has also been shown in the video. As guitar is the main instrument used for this Genre.

The performer has also been taken in a close up angle while he is shown as singing and the background is out of focus as rule of third has been used to give him a heroistic view.

The Flying Pigeons give a really beautiful look to the video as the scene is being changed as they look beautiful flying in the sky. It is mostly seen in music videos as well as in the movies as well.

Jump cat has been used in the screenshots below which is an editing technique in which the sequential shots of the same object are taken from camera positions.

After this scene, the new scene starts immidiately.