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  • Textual Analysis Evaluation

    The Social Effects of Gaming

  • Introduction

    For this part of the evaluation, I will be comparing my documentary to two other pieces of texts. These texts consist of a old

    documentary (10 years or more) and a new modern documentary that has been released.


    .Mode of Address


    .Style and Form


  • The Three TextsThese are the three texts which I will be analysing. They include my own documentary and two from the BBC.


    My Documentary New Text Old Text

  • My Text

    My documentary is on the social side of gaming and how it can have an impact on

    peoples social lives. It is aimed towards 16-24 year olds from both genders. Games

    are rapidly becoming a big part of our lives and we take a look at how games can

    overtake peoples lives and what changes occur in them such as mood swings,

    addictiveness e.t.c. This type of documentary is Mainstream as its targeted towards

    a large audience and market.


  • Old Text

    This documentary goes into gaming addiction and looks into a young 13 year old

    child who was once affected by games and his parents noticed changes in him such

    as his behaviour at home and school and addiction in wanting to play it whenever

    he could. It then goes onto show how he has overcome his addiction by playing

    once or twice a week. This type of documentary is Mainstream as its targeted

    towards a large audience and market.


  • New Text

    This text is about gaming but opposite to addiction. It looks into whether or not

    games are helping towards educating children. A school in Scotland takes on a task

    of introducing Nintendo DSs during class to see whether or not the brain training

    game helps the children with their education. It explains new gaming in education

    projects with the Nintendo DS which are motivating, engaging and improving the

    attainment of students. I feel this type of documentary is Mainstream as its targeted

    towards a large audience and market.


  • Content ( My Text )

    My documentary is on the social side of gaming and how

    it can have an impact on you. There are not many

    documentaries in the current market than look into the

    social sides of gaming as my one does which is one of the

    reasons I feel my documentary stands out more than

    others. The interviewees gave me good answers to

    explain why gaming as such an impact on peoples social


  • Content ( Old Text)

    This documentary is about a young child who is addicted

    to video games. He tries to play whenever he can and eve

    throws tantrums in order to get sent to his room for some

    gaming time. This documentary is different to my in terms

    of ethnicity as there are more white orientated people

    involved where as mine as more brown and black people.

    This documentary focuses strongly on young children

    rather than everyone which is another topic where it

    differs from my documentary.

  • Content ( New Text)

    This text is about gaming, but on how gaming can help

    children in their education. Nintendo DSs are given to

    school pupils in a school based in Scotland to see whether

    or not they benefit from it. This text is different to mine

    as my documentary focuses on the social side of gaming

    and how it can impact on you in a negative way where as

    this focuses on how gaming can be used to educate


  • Mode of Address ( My Text )The mode of address in my documentary is very formal which is what I was aiming to achieve

    when I set out this project task. The language used was very appropriate and clear for the

    audience to understand. I tried not to use the stereotype youth language as I felt this would

    damage my target appeal.

    The locations used were also appropriate places as they were local and anyone could visit these

    places to find out more information for themselves.

    High School Parent Gamer

    Solicitor Office

    Virgin Gamer


  • Mode of Address ( My Text ) Continued

    My documentary includes a range of different ages making it appealing to the older target

    audience as well as my target audience which is 16-24 year olds. Also they dress appropriately

    and fashionable. The older target market are wearing suits and shirts and the target market I'm

    aiming my documentary toward are wearing casual clothing

  • Mode of Address ( Old Text )

    This type of documentary is old and the mode of address is informal which is the same as mine.

    The footage is quite old as the camera technology was not as advanced as it is now

    As you can see from the pictures, the documentary is old with the out of fashion TV's

    and game consoles

    The whole documentary is presented through a voice over of a woman with interviews in

    certain parts of the stage. The voice is quite formal which suggests the woman may be between

    her early 30s and late 40s. The locations used are places which the public can go to in order to

    get more information.

  • Mode of Address ( Old Text ) Continued

    The people interviewed in this documentary are old so it would not appeal in my

    documentary as my target audience is between the ages of 16-24 year olds.

  • Mode of Address ( New Text )This type of text is current and modern. The mode of address is again formal like my own text.

    This type of text would not appeal to my target audience as the topic is the complete opposite

    to mine as this is more focused on how gaming can help children in their education.

    The locations are set inside a school and a news report


    In the documentary, the people are dressed with suits, shirts and tie meaning there is some sort

    of class which the text may be aiming for.

  • Conventions ( My Text )

    I feel that my documentary contained a variety of conventions. These contained a range of

    archive footage, graphics, transitions, music, voice over's, vox pops e.t.c.

    Examples of archive footageHere is an example of a graphic

    used in my documentary

    Example of a cutaway Example of an interview Example of a Vox pop


  • Conventions ( Old Text )

    The conventions used in this documentary were similar to mine in the way that there was,

    transitions, voice over's, Vox pops and interviewees.

    The difference from this documentary to my documentary is that there are no graphics,

    presenters and music. I feel that not including music to the documentary meant it kept its

    serious tone about the topic in which the BBC may have wanted to keep it this way. There was

    also no archive footage and I feel this may have been due to the fact that there was lack of video

    game footage on internet sites such as YouTube.

    Example of Vox popsExample of an interview

  • Conventions ( New Text )

    This documentary has used a lot of conventions similar to mine and I feel this is because this

    type of text is modern. Presenters were included, transitions were used, voice overs e.t.c. A lot

    of interviews were filmed as well as voice over for a fair amount of scenes and there was a lot of

    presenting which involved explaining why the game could help children in their education.

    There was however no archive footage which is a surprise to me as I would think a modern text

    would have archive footage.

    Example of interviews Example of a presenter

  • Style and Form ( My Text )

    For my documentary, I wanted to give it a light hearted tone along with humour. I feel the way I

    presented my documentary was simple but very effective in terms of appealing to the audience.

    I feel as I was presenting the documentary, it made it more appealing to my target audience and

    the humour I added made it entertaining.

    Direct address towards

    the camera

    Example of humour

    I feel that the upbeat music added over the archive footage in my documentary gave the it a kick

    start to draw the audience in and watch the remaining minutes.

  • Style and Form ( My Text ) Continued

    There was a variety of different camera shots and angles used within my documentary. I did this

    in order to create a more appealing camera language rather than the same shots over and over

    again which would be boring and less appealing to my target audience.

    Here is a range of different camera shots I

    used in my documentary. As you can see

    there are low angles as well as high angle


  • Style and Form ( Old Text )

    The old documentary contains similar aspects to my documentary such as the camera language,

    however the tone of this documentary is more serious as the voice over of the woman talks in a

    more serious tone rather than a light hearted one. I feel this is because the BBC want to show

    the dangers of gaming addiction

    As you can see from these pictures, there are a range of camera shots

    and angles used. Rather than fixing the camera on the young boy, they

    have zoomed into his face. Also there camera shot when they are

    playing the cards is more li