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Tarot Wisdom Academy Where Knowledge connects with Wisdom

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Welcome to Tarot Wisdom Academy. Chances are that you've come here because you are interested in learning about Tarot or because you are facing a situation in your life in which you would like to have more clarity or understanding. You are not alone. Everyone goes through times in their life when confusion reigns. Tarot is a powerful resource that helps to define and clarify what energies are involved in the situation so that you can gain clarity and focus.

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Tarot Wisdom Academy

Where Knowledge connects with Wisdom

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Tarot Wisdom Academy

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Relax your body and mind.Discover your personal strength.

Expand your awareness.Find your inner harmony. 

In Style.

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Tarot Studio• Located in a quite corner away from the hustle & Bustle of Central market,

the Tarot Wisdom Academy is a perfect example of combining the divine knowledge with practical solutions from the modern world. Our readers would take you away from the Unknown to a region of awareness.

• Our motto happens to be Wisdom Through Tarot. Far away from what is conventionally used form of Tarot, you will find a very refreshingly new approach to problem solving. This has been done not only to maintain practicality & common sense in answers, but also to create a natural, healing environment in which your energies can flow.

• We in association with various experts from different fields of occult and mysticism , make available to our clients and students the Knowledge, Expertise and Wisdom that is possible through the Divine World of Tarot

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Become Tarot Reader• Everyone has the ability to use their intuition in ways they can not even imagine.

The Problem , however is that we Shut It Out. Learning to read the Tarot Cards not only involves learning the rich history that surrounds them, but also focusing on exploring your own personal powers and sharing it with others you read for.

• The Tarot workshops, we conduct, unfolds the secret of the Tarot world and allows your connection to the Divine. Understanding the importance of five elements- fire, earth, air, water and ether, and receiving the knowledge and power of the mystical cards helps increasing your intuition to receive messages to read the cards.

• The Tarot Cards then, becomes your tool in deciding which areas in your life needs improvement, while giving you the key and courage to grow accordingly. You can either choose to read cards for yourself, your friends & family or become a professional Tarot reader .And in both the cases, you would be moving towards awareness, positive approach and on your way to become Tarot Card Reader cum Counsellor

• Details can be found at http://tarotwisdom.in/our-courses

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Our LocationsWhere To Find Us:

LocationWe are located in Krishna Market just a few blocks away from the bustling Central Market, Lajpat Nagar.

Gurdwara Guru Singh Sabha is the Landmark for the Studio.HoursOur studio opens at 10am, seven days a week. We are open until 7pm on weeknights, and on weekends. Please

see our most recent schedule for the lineup of classes!

Contact Us!

Please feel free to call our offices during business hours for directions and information on classes. You can also email us with any questions.

Phone numbers are 8010350672


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Contact Details

• 9899693547• 8010350672• www.tarotwisdom.in

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• Thank you for watching this presentation.• Hope to meet you soon.• God bless you .

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