Tarot Card Reading - Understanding the 11 Forces of Tarot Part II

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Transcript of Tarot Card Reading - Understanding the 11 Forces of Tarot Part II

1. Mercury: Accountants, written agreements, numbers, communication, logic, mathematics, science, chemistry, authors, bisexual, brain, computers, telephones, travel, diaries, dictionaries, doctors, education, grammar, interviews, logic, memory, pencils, quizzes, reading, research, science, teachers, transportation, vision, voice. MERCURY Wednesday August # 8 Orange H Q Z Gemini Virgo 2. Venus: Love, relationships, art, music, beauty, ballet, brides, cats, clothing, companions, copper, courtships, desire, doves, elegance, emeralds, equality, fashion, females, flattery, flowers, fragrance, friendship, gardens, grapes, marriage, mother, perfume, plants, polite, roses, society, songs. VENUS Friday July # 7 Green G P Y Taurus Libra 3. Mars: Destruction, male, accidents, alcohol, ambition, arguments, military, arrows, assault, blacksmiths, boxing, burns, crime, danger, energy, fire, iron, knives, murder, noise, guns, poisons, red, cuts, savages, scorpions, tobacco, weapons. MARS Tuesday May # 5 Red E N W 4. Jupiter: Abundance, constructive actions, accumulation, achievement, awards, benefactors, blessings, castles, civilization, clothing, coats, ethics, wheat fields, good fortune, friendship, financial gain, gluttony, mercy, politeness, profit, reason, respect, riches, scriptures, self-esteem, stores, taxation, temples, wealth, wisdom. JUPITER Thursday April # 4 Blue D M V 5. Saturn: Time, old things, slow-moving things, obstacles, cemeteries, the densest form of matter. Gravity, contempt, decay, the elderly, frustrations, gloom, hibernation, humility, ice, isolation, jails, mining, mountains, privacy, regression, regularity, rejection, remorse, selfishness, shadows, silence, statues, old trees, unhappy, unlucky, watches, weights of measure, wells, winter. SATURN Saturday March December # 3 Black C L U 6. Moon: Intuition, psychic or spiritual energy, visions, mirrors, cycles, baptism, bathing, swimming, boats, childbirth, crabs, dew, dogs and wolves, emotions, fish, fluids, fungus, glass, insomnia, lakes, water lilies, milk, night, oysters, pearls, rain, reproduction, romance, rivers, sea, silver, tides, water, womb. MOON MONDAY SEPTEMBER # 9 PURPLE I R CANCER 7. Sun: Growth, energy, life, achievement, prosperity, abundance, light, ego, gold, honor, individuality, leaders, noon, popularity, pride, royalty, wisdom. Yellow, vitality, publicity, importance, power, lions, lemons, truth, happiness horse, daytime and confidence. SUN Sunday June # 6 Yellow F O X Leo 8. It is important to gain knowledge about the 4 main elements and the 7 planetary forces and their interactions with each other to be able to understand the messages shown in a Tarot card spread. Also, a tarot card reader needs to know about the various combinations of the elements and the planetary forces that provide lots of information in a tarot card reading session. 9. Contact us for Tarot Card Readings Address: 1305 Fred Street, Collinsville, IL 62234 USA Visit Our Website: http://sunmoontarot.com/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunMoonTarot Like us on Face book: https://www.facebook.com/SunMoonTarotOnline