ASTRID TAROT · The Meaning of the Sun Tarot Card Great joy. The Sun tarot card is very auspicious...

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Transcript of ASTRID TAROT · The Meaning of the Sun Tarot Card Great joy. The Sun tarot card is very auspicious...




    Card 1: The past.

    Card 5: The attitudes of other people.

    Card 2: The present.

    Card 6: What you should do.

    Card 3: Hidden influences at work.

    Card 7: The outcome.

    Card 4: Obstacles to be overcome.


    The Chariot Card 7

    In the Chariot tarot card, a man in a crown stands in a luxurious chariot drawn by two sphinxes. In mythology, the sphinx symbolises positive and negative forces which draw us through life and the mystery of the future. In some tarot decks, the conqueror is driven by two spirited horses who seem to be pulling apart from each other. The wheels of the chariot represent distress and disturbance. The card is evocative of Ancient Roman processions with victorious generals parading their armies through Rome. There is a word of warning, however. A common saying in Rome was "look not so proud for the Gods are jealous", meaning do not become so flushed with success as to behave arrogantly and anger the Gods, as many Roman rulers discovered to their cost. The Chariot is associated with the Cancer zodiac sign. The Meaning of The Chariot Tarot Card Unstoppable force. Trouble and adversity - perhaps already overcome. The force of destiny driving one to achieve great things. Victory and conquest in spite of the odds. Renewed motivation and optimism, travel and movement in general. Believe in yourself and you will achieve great things. Unexpected good news.




    Judgement Card 20

    The Judgement tarot card denotes the last Judgement in the conventional Christian sense. Archangel Michael is in the sky, sounding the last trumpet to hail the dead from their graves to rise up and be judged on their conduct in life. The Judgement tarot card is ruled by Pluto and associated with the fire element. The Judgement tarot card relates to death and rebirth. Although the card uses Christian symbolism, similar notions are found in Ancient Greek, Persian, Hindu and even Voodoo culture. Judgement signifies far-reaching decisions which cannot be reneged upon. The Meaning of the Judgement Tarot Card New potential. An opportunity which must not be ignored. A new project or decision which could impact the rest of your life. The evaluation of past efforts may be near at hand. Career success and enjoyment of past efforts. A call for fresh efforts. Rejuvenation, improvement, development and promotion. This card has a sense of immediacy - it speeds the pace of the rest of the cards in the reading and indicates that the results will come quicker than expected.




    The Eight of Swords

    The Meaning of The Eight of Swords Tarot Card Restriction. Feeling trapped and powerless. A run of bad luck. Crisis, conflict and calamity. Criticism, domination, imprisonment and turmoil. Bad news. Patient effort is required to remove yourself from a tricky situation. Help is at hand if you can only swallow your pride and ask for it. Restrictions will gradually fade.




    The Six of Cups

    The Meaning of The Six of Cups Tarot Card Memories. Childhood. Nostalgia. Strong ties to the past - perhaps an old friend or lover is about to turn up. Things that have vanished. Past efforts are about to be rewarded. The answer to a specific question lies in a similar situation you found yourself in in the past. Past influences. You may be about to move nearer to your place of origin.




    The Knight of Cups

    The Knight of Cups is depicted as a young man, often with a fair complexion, riding a black charger. He is often casual in appearance. He is well travelled. The Meaning of The Knight of Cups Tarot Card The Knight of Cups is a good friend and a faithful lover. He is amiable, enthusiastic, passionate, graceful and poetic. This card signifies attraction, inducement, request, appeals, challenges and proposals. The Knight of Cups tarot card signals opportunities, invitations and offers.




    The Five of Pentacles

    The Meaning of The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Money troubles. Poverty. Monetary loss and hardship. Destitution, error, failure and impoverishment. All is not lost: fresh opportunities await. You will not find yourself alone in this misfortune as others share your fate. Be careful not to go looking for emotional or financial support in the wrong place, however.

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    The Sun Card 19

    In the Sun tarot card, a naked child rides a white horse beneath a beaming sun. The boy holds up a banner. Behind him, sunflowers peek over a wall. The Sun tarot card conveys happiness. The glorious sun shines light and life across the universe. The child, riding bareback without so much as a bridle, represents perfect control between the conscious and unconscious mind. His nakedness indicates that he has nothing to hide. The sunflowers represent the four elements: earth, fire, air and water. The Meaning of the Sun Tarot Card Great joy. The Sun tarot card is very auspicious - indeed, it is arguably the best card in the pack. The Sun denotes success, happiness, glory and achievement, good health, pleasure and vitality. It often denotes summer and hot, sunny places. The Sun indicates joyful love affairs, happy reunions. Triumph, achievement, contentment, devotion, rewards and material wealth. The Sun is an omen of engagements, unselfish love and happy marriages. The Sun is also associated with children, sometimes indicating good news regarding offspring or that a long awaited baby will be born. Pleasure in daily existence.

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