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  • 1. Talking TEDThe teddy bear that helps children in third world countries improve their literacy!!
  • 2. The ProblemAfter much research we haveseen that literacy is a majorproblem in the third worldcountries.In order to improve and succeedindividuals life standards andunderstanding, one needs theability to read and write.People in third world countriesare denied the opportunity toacquire literacy skills.
  • 3. ResearchSub-Saharan Africa, young adults with five years ofeducation have a 40% probability of being illiterate. About759 million adults lack literacy skills today. Two-thirds arewomen.The literacy and numeracy skills imparted by primaryeducation are inadequate for a changing labour market.P.16940 out of every 100 Africans are still unable to read andwrite, against 25 of every 100 in developing countries. TheAfrican situation is compounded by the fact that actualliteracy rates in at least eight countries in West Africa arefar lower than the average rates for the continent
  • 4. Why we chose Talking TEDTeddy bears provide comfort and a sense ofsecurity.Teddy bears are their constant companions whomthey must carry around everywhere they go.Teddy bears are very popular even with grown upgirls. (Ref: 1)
  • 5. The solutionA teddy bear with a screen in the stomach which willaid children in improving their skills.Talking TED will have a USB input hidden on thebottom of the screen in order for the teachers toupload new information through a computer solearning can continue at home.
  • 6. Programs IncludedThere will be four programs:Alphabet RepetitionPronunciationSpelling GamesRead Along Stories
  • 7. ProgramsLevels will vary from beginner toadvanced, depending on their literacy levels.A speaker will be located at the top of the monitorand will play the words that appear on the screen.The children will then repeat these words.
  • 8. Programs usedAdobe Illustrator CS 5Adobe Photoshop CS 5Adobe Flash Professional CS 5
  • 9. How it will work .The programs will be made using the applicationsmentioned.It will then be transferred onto a disk in order toupload onto the school computer.A USB cable can be connected to Talking TED forupdates.
  • 10. Ideas
  • 11. Our Result Size 30cm Ability to buy in Bulk Material: soft short plush stuffed Supplier: Yangzhou Caisheng Handicraft Product Co., Ltd.
  • 12. FeasibilityEach bear is priced at $o.6o (0.44)200 bears at 88.0014.99 is the price of this VtechIf the product were to be made, we would hope toget sponsorship from different companies such asFlash and Dell to help get sufficient funds in order tomake the monitor.
  • 13. Prototype
  • 14. References1. Article Snatch. (2009). Teddy Bears A Childs Favourite Toy. Retrieved from Bears--A-Childs-Favourite-Toy/13502592. Dexigner. (2010). Design challenge: Designing for education. Retrieved from Ocampo, J.A. (2010). Economic report on Africa 2010 [Pg.168]. (Promoting High-level Sustainable Growth to Reduce Unemployment in Africa), Retrieved from n+third+world+countries+2010&source=gbs_navlinks_s4. OMOLEWA, M. (2008). Adult literacy in Africa: the push and pull factor. International Review of Education, 54. Retrieved from
  • 15. Thank YouAny Questions?