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Brief description of future tenses for pre-intermediate students of English

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  • 1. Talking future

2. Talking future future arrangements predictions with present evidence predictions decisions offers promises 3. Future tensesPRESENT CONTINUOUS Im meeting Peter for dinner tonight. They arent coming until Monday. What are you doing this evening? 4. Future tensesFUTURE ARRANGEMENTS (plans made at a xed time or place in the future)Is she coming to the party? 5. Future tensesBE GOING TO Im going to interview the Mayor. Look at those clouds! Its going to rain. 6. Future tensesFUTURE PLANS OR INTENTIONS Im going to work for a charity. She is going to buy that car. 7. Future tenses TO MAKE A PREDICTION WHEN THERE IS PRESENT EVIDENCE THAT SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. She is pregnant. Shes going to have a baby. He studies very hard. Hes going to pass his exams. 8. Future tensesPRESENT CONTINUOUS? BE GOING TO? 9. Future tenses PRESENT CONTINUOUS (FUTURE ARRANGEMENTS) Usually with: expressions like tonight, tomorrow, this weekend, etc. verbs describing travel arrangements (go, come, leave, arrive) 10. Future tensesWILL / WONT Its a great lm.Youll like it. I wont be here tomorrow. 11. Future tensesPREDICTIONS (to say things we think, guess or know about the future) Call him at 6 p.m. Hell be at home. Dont have a coffee now.You wont sleep well. 12. Future tensesDECISIONS, OFFERS & PROMISES It suits me perfectly. Ill get it. Dont worry. Ill help you. I promise. Ill be there for you. 13. Future tensesDECISIONSI wont stay for dinner. Ill go home now. 14. Future tensesOFFERSA: It is very hot here. B: Ill open the window.Shall I help you? 15. Future tensesPROMISESMy lips are sealed. I wont tell anybody. 16. Future tenses TenseExampleMeaningpresent continuousIm leaving for London tomorrow.future arrangementsIm going to see him tonight.future arrangementsIts going to rain.future prediction present evidenceYoull love London.Its a wonderful city.predictionsNo way. I wont go!decisionsDont worry. Ill do the cooking for you.offersIll help you with your homework later.promisesbe going towill /wont 17. Future tenses YOUR TURN Read the following sentences and decide the correct future tense for each of them. Example: At a restaurant: Waiter:What would you like to have, sir? Customer: I .... (have) only a dish of salad, please. 18. Future tensesIts a cloudy day today. I think it ..... (rain) soon. 19. Future tensesI ... (see) my dentist this evening. I booked my appointment yesterday. 20. Future tensesA: Lets go! Are you ready? B: No, I ... (be) ready in a minute. 21. Future tensesA: This project is too difcult for me to do. B: Do not worry. I ... (help) you. 22. Future tensesWhat ... she ... (wear) at the party tomorrow? 23. Future tensesWe ... (go) to the concert tonight. We have the tickets. 24. Future tensesMy hands are very dirty. I ... (wash) them now. 25. Future tensesI have a test tomorrow. I ... (sit) and ... (study) now. 26. Future tensesIf you are busy now, I ... (call) you later. 27. Future tensesHe feels very tired. I think he ... (go) to bed soon. 28. Future tensesYOUR TURN Look at the picture and choose the correct sentence for each situation. 29. Future tenses Dont worry. Ill answer it.I know. Im going to answer it. 30. Future tenses Great! Ill do the shopping.Yes. Im going to do the shopping for it now. 31. Future tenses youll fall!youre going to fall! 32. Future tenses it will rain later today.its going to rain. 33. Future tenses you will be rich and famous.youre going to be rich and famous. 34. FUTURE TIME CLAUSESAfter the winter is over, Ill start to work on the garden.Garys parents will be very happy when he qualies as a doctor.As soon as it starts to rain, Ill bring the washing in.