SXSW Interactive for Non profits

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Webinar slides from Mixtape Communications on what we learned at SXSW Interactive that can help non profits and foundations.

Transcript of SXSW Interactive for Non profits

SXSWi key learnings

It wasnt all BBQ & musicSXSWi key learnings1#SXSWGoodHashtag2

What is SXSWi?

Key learningRadically openUsing playPersonalizationContests

Questions & give awayWebinar agenda3

Largest tech gathering in country

Whats next instead of how to

NPO track + moreWhat is sxswi?4

Radically open5From 1,000 people a year to 100,000,0000 people all over the world. Radically open6Be focused on your goal

Radically open7Make it inspirational if you want people to join. Radically open

Bringing lectures to your computer.8Clear guidelines for participation.

What is expected of peopleRewards & consequencesAllow community to moderate itself

Radically open9

Push through the fear.

Stay focused on your goal

Anticipate unintended consequencesRadically open10

Radically open11Are people in your organization more likely to talk about:

Potential of an idea and being firstORDownsides and their fears

Radically open12

Play as brand13

Play as brand14Instead we should strive to be:



EvolvingPlay as brand15

Play as brand165 Rules of Play

Be interesting

Be irrational

Be real, in real time

Open your experiments

Shift before shift happens

Play as brand17

Play as brand18

Play as brand



20Three main sources for personalizing:

Global whats popular

Social what their friends like

Personal what they told you they like personalization21

Make it clear how info will be used

Dont say, youll like this.

Plan for serendipityPersonalization22

Giving challenges

Ready for more of this?23Likely trends:

Offer matching gifts for products/services you buy

Access to exclusive events via donation


Giving challenges24

What you can do:

Be proactive w/ ad agencies

Plan ahead for types/number

Ask your supportersGiving challenges25

Questions?26Tell me in the chat:

Executive producer of TEDs name


What TED stands forGiveAway!


Please take a minute and answer 3 questions for us at: take our survey28