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  • 11Confidential 2016





  • 22Confidential 2016

    People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

    Confidential 2016

    Chinese proverb quoted by Dirk Ahlborn, CEO Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

    Crowdsourcing the Hyperloop

  • 33Confidential 2016

    The new loyalty is participation. Rick Badgley, VP Retail, TomsCulture: The New Currency of Retail

    Confidential 2016

  • 44Confidential 2016Confidential 2016

    Future of technology is getting out

    of the way and allowing it to

    amplify humanities best traits.

    Biz Stone, Co-Founder of Twitter, Medium, and JellyAccessing the Inaccessible: Evolving Search

  • 55Confidential 2016Confidential 2015Confidential 2016

    Having a company that asks people to let others into their house when theyre not there requires building a brand that

    you really [email protected] trust.

    Marcela Sapone, Co-founder & CEO of Hello AlfredBuilding Influential Tech Brands

  • 66Confidential 2016

    VR is existential for us. If we dont execute our strategy well and try new stuff we wont exist. We have to experiment.

    Mark Thompson, President & CEO New York TimesNew York Times Reality Through VR-Tinted Glasses

    Confidential 2016

  • 77Confidential 2016

    The brain doesn't like complexity or ambiguity. In absence of data it will make up its own story.

    Bren Brown, Founder & CEO, The Daring

    Way and COURAGEworksDaring Greatly

    Confidential 2016

  • 88Confidential 2016

    Thinking that hiring more women will lower the bar is sexist. Thinking that hiring more minorities will lower the bar is racist.

    Confidential 2016

    Tracey Chou, Software Engineer, Pinterest Tech Diversity: Why Were Still Talking About It

  • 99Confidential 2016

    The language of innovation sounds remarkably similar to the language of diets.

    Regina Dugan, VP Engineering, Advanced Technology & Projects, Google

    Making Epic Sh*t

    Confidential 2016

  • 1010Confidential 2016

    Taking something that's second nature in one industry and applying it in another area is where it will be revolutionary.

    Megan Smith, US Chief Technology Officer, White House Office Of Science And Technology Policy We the People: Using Tech to Solve the Big Challenges

    Confidential 2016

  • 1111Confidential 2016

    Despair is an act of intellectual arrogance.

    Bruce Sterling, AuthorSXSW Closing Remarks: Bruce Sterling

    Confidential 2016

  • 1212Confidential 2016

    Publishing is more than just pushing out content, its about inspiring the customer to share and tell their own stories.

    Kenny Mitchell, Senior Director of Consumer Engagement, GatoradeContent Now! Stop Advertising, Start Publishing

    Confidential 2016

  • 1313Confidential 2016

    Autonomous cars will be autonomous when you ask them to go to work and they take you to the beach.

    Jerry Kaplan, Futurist Robot Armageddon: AI, Jobs and Inequality

    Confidential 2016

  • 1414Confidential 2016

    The route to sustained success is to make your customers rich. Dont extract value, circulate it.

    Confidential 2016

    Douglas Rushkoff, Author

    Distributed: A New OS for the Digital Economy

  • 1515Confidential 2016

    "If you cant improve on silence, you probably shouldnt say anything at all.

    Andy Puddicombe, Co-Founder, Headspace Inc

    Why Happiness Is Hard and How to Make It Easier

    Confidential 2016

  • 1616Confidential 2016

    Its easier to order a pizza than it is to perform the single most important task in a democracy: to select the person that will represent you

    Barack Obama, President of the United State of AmericaPresident Barack Obama Keynote Conversation

    Confidential 2016

  • 1717Confidential 2016



    Confidential 2016

    Everyone has in their pockets a movie studio and a distribution system.

    JJ Abrams, Founder & President, Bad Robot Productions

    The Eyes of Robots and Murderers

  • 1818Confidential 2016

    The problem with having a designer on your board is that youre afraid theyll ask a question.

    John Maeda, Design Partner, KCPB

    Design in Tech Report

    Confidential 2016

  • 1919Confidential 2016Confidential 2016

    Doing good is good business.

    It just makes sense!

    Dani Lachowicz, Founder & CEO, Bloom + Grace

    Social Good Business: Benefits, Barriers, Branding

  • 2020Confidential 2016

    We cant always influence someone's environment but wecaninfluence how people perceive, navigate and interact with it.

    Chris Risdon, Lead Experience Designer, Adaptive Path Behavior Change as Value Proposition

  • 2121Confidential 2016

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