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Transcript of Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Jan Feb07

  • 1. Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Newsletter ~ January/February 2007Serving Inner-City Youth and FamiliesThis & That... Hiding the Word in Our Heart A HUGE thanks goes to everyone Justina pulled the van up to Staton that sponsored a child or a family Elementary School and the kids for Christmas. This year we hadpiled in. She heard the usual Can our biggest response ever! WeI sit in the front seat today? They were able to help many childrenknow they are not old enough, but have a Merry Christmas.are satisfied with the few minutesthey sit to wait on the Connally busstop kids. Justina chose Biancatoday.One by one the kids start shoutingthings that happened in the schoolday. Bianca took a book out of herWhat a gift when God encourages usbook bag, opened it and quietly with a glimpse of the His hand atleaned back into the seat and work in the hearts of those within ourbegan to read.circles of influence.Stunned and touched, Justina triedEach day Justina, the after schoolnot to act surprised asking, Dostaff and volunteers demonstrate theyou carry your Bible to schoolfriendship and love of Christ to theseeveryday? Bianca responded yes kids in concrete, tangible ways suchand asked about a scripture theyas transportation to & from thetalked about in devotion a few days program, snacks, devotions, loving Alexis, Ashley,ago.discipline, help with homework,Jasmine, Myleondreplay, and enrichment activities. Please pray for the students as Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds...Teach them to your children, talking they will be taking the CRCTabout them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and tests in April. when you get up. (Deuteronomy 11:18-19) Justina Dix will be honored along with 6 other women for the Women's Leadership Award, at the Mercy Ministries ConferenceEnrichment Time in April. Justina will briefly speak What do you get when you and show a PowerPointcombine teenage boys, hard work presentation. She covets yourand power tools? Fun, noise and prayers. accomplishment! Recently Norman Thank you volunteers for ALL you Beck (volunteer from East Cobb do! The homework help spentPCA) helped the high school boys one-on-one with each child isinstall coat & book-bag racks in the really making an impact on the hallway. Some of the things they their academic progress. learned during this EnrichmentTime included how to use a power Our next issue will include Norman, Jeremy, James & John drill, a leveler and wall anchors. Basketball team updates. (Continued on page 2)

2. January/February 2007 ~ Page 2 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Honor Roll Students - Way to Go! "Summerhill is more than an after school program, it is a family. So many of the kids who come to the program have difficult family situations, but Summerhill gives each kid a place to feel special, included, and secure.Jeremy Hogan Joshua WilkinsIndashu Howard Honor Roll Studentsnot picturedWhen my sister had to stop helping Kevin Payton at Summerhill, the kids asked "DidAlexis Harkness she cry?" That is what Summerhill Markeasha Arnold is to them. Everyday there is a devotional, and when I am there IMyleondre JonesWe are SO proud of you! am amazed to hear some of the answers the kids give. It is funny that I go to Summerhill to serve, but I am so encouraged by Justina, the teachers and especially the kids." I've had situations with many of thekids that truly touched my heart. It Shelby Robinsonwas tough to choose one to writeabout. The most recent dealt with ayoung man named Jeremy. theres something amazing in (Continued from page 1)each and every child. They worked well together sharing the tools and taking turns. NowJeremy would come to the after each day when they arrive, theyschool program everyday and give see what they a hard time. I tried and tried tounderstand him and why he acted Do you have a skill or enrichmentout the way he did. It took at least activity that you would like to sharetwo weeks, but I realized that all he with the after school kids needed was a one on one (elementary or high)? We have a 30 connection. minute time frame set aside for this activity. Some examples areHe needed to feel close and dance, music, drama, arts-n-crafts,connected to the people he was cooking, sewing, wood works, signsurrounded by. He has madedrastic progress. For a while wethe right track. His transformation language, pottery, gardening,took the entire homework time taught me not to judge a book by etiquette, cosmetology, how to: tietalking to him and trying to get himit's cover and that there's something a tie, change a tire, etc.. please letto focus. Now, we may have to ask amazing in each and every child. Justina know. She can be reached at her phone or email listed in this him one or two times and he's onKhamirah Miller newsletter. 3. January/February 2007 ~ Page 3Dress-Up time in the After School Program... Rebeccca leads devotions.Baby News Baby Kamirah Baby ZacharyWe featured Zae Judd in our No- This is Rebecca Neiderfringers vember 2006 newsletter. Zae was second year with SCM. She and her homeless, pregnant and the husband Steve, came to Atlanta in mother of three young children. 2005 as a part of Mission YearShe decided to turn her life Atlanta. She has worked faithfully in around. Since then she has the ASP, summer camp and hasmoved into an apartment. assisted Justina with administrative projects. Steve and Rebecca madeOn February 11th she gave birth Atlanta their home after servingto little Kamirah. She weighed 4 with Mission Year Atlanta.pounds and 4 ounces. She has been in the Intensive Care Unit at Rebecca and Steve conceived their Dekalb Medical Center. A few child in 2006. The kids in the ASPdays after her birth her lungs be- grew very close to Rebecca andgan to bleed. She soon had to loved asking questions and were have a blood transfusion. After fascinated watching her stomach much prayer and tears with Zae, grow bigger and bigger. Kamirah is doing much better. Finally, Zachary was born at 3:08 Some life support has been dis- am on February 4, 2007 andcontinued because Kamirahs or- weighed in at 7 pounds 7 ounces gans are functioning on their own. and 20 inches long.Please pray that she takes a One recent afternoon, mom and bottle on her own and continues baby visited the ASP kids at theto gain weight so that she can park. The kids surrounded the car leave the hospital and join her pressing faces against windowsfamily at home. trying to get a glimpse of little Zachary.P. O. Box 160294 Atlanta, Georgia 30316 404-964-4604 [email protected] 4. January/February 2007 ~ Page 4Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Urgent We have two new after school students (girls ages 11 and 6 ) whoCan You Lose and Win? recently moved here with theirYou cant tell by their behaviorother skilled players, but they mother from Philadelphia. They are living in an apartment withthat our 15-and-under team haswould not let this discourage NOTHING. No beds, no couches,not won a game this season. them. Coach Phillip did a great no cooking utensils, noWhen the gym we normally rent job of teaching them basic transportation, and no friends.was booked with other basketball skills and how to be First, please pray for them. The activities, this rookie team wassupportive team players. He older daughter has been acting out so dedicated, that they told them to have fun, and they towards her mother lately. Pray forpracticed out in the cold. We did! their relationship. They misstried to find another gym, but to Philadelphia very much.Director Joel Moore noticedno avail. On warm days thetheir commendable, positive, If you have anything you can team could practice at Justinaspersevering attitudes. He donate, it would be greatlyhouse. But these guys wanted to appreciated. Please contactcalled Justina and said he wouldpractice no matter how cold it Justina to see if the need has like to give our 15- and-underwas. They were eager to learn already been met and maketeam a trophy for having thethe skills of basketball, and delivery arrangements. best attitudes andwere excited to be a part of asportsmanship in the for the first time.Congratulations to the SCM 15- Ongoing SCM NeedsEach game they played hardand proud. They played againstand-under team! Snacks for 30 ASP kids (4 days a week) Paper Goods (paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, plates, silverware, cups) Various grade/skill level worksheet books Cleaning supplies (big garbage bags, table, bathroom, & floor cleaning stuff) Copier paper (white and colored) Stamps, envelopes Kroger/Publix gift cards (lately many families have food needs) Gift cards to Office Depot/Staples or Wal-Mart for office supplies Boxed cards for birthdays, encouragement, illness, condolences Basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls Gatorade, bottle water Our 15-and-Under Basketball team (in red jerseys) along with Joel Moore, the director of BP gas cards for vansthe Atlanta Youth Project (AYP), and the rival team, pray before the game. Van maintenance (clean, change oil, rotate tires ) Ongoing monthly contributions and one-time gifts. P. O. Box 160294 Atlanta, Georgia 30316 404-964-4604 [email protected]