Students' eating habits have unhealthy trends

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Transcript of Students' eating habits have unhealthy trends

  • 1. At the University of Denver, several fast and convenient food and coffee options are available for students. They offer items such as pre-packaged salads and wraps, as well as the more typical fast-food meals.

2. There are also many local, off-campus selections for students to choose from. 3. These locales usually have a selection of both normal menu items and healthier items. 4. A large amount of students eat at these types of fast service places, both on and off campus, everyday. 5. Another common habit of college students is alcohol. Alcohol is often seen as a good addition to a meal. Sometimes its just one complementary drink 6. Other times it can be several. 7. Party culture, and therefore large amounts of alcohol (and their calories), is common and popular on college campuses. 8. 9. Along with the large amounts of alcohol consumption often comes a tendency to eat high-calorie snack foods late at night without any consideration for their nutritional valuesor lack there of. 10. These bad habits that may follow college students into adulthood are particularly troubling to experts who wonder whether or not young adults know proper nutrition. 11. What would be more beneficial to students is a balanced and healthy diet where they cook at home from scratch. 12. This would lead to better all-around habits that would set the pattern for a healthy lifestyle now and in the future.