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111 solutions to stress-related sleep disorders. Created by The Enlightened Souls of Pi for Stanford University Venture Lab's A Crash Course on Creativity, Autumn 2012.

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  • 1. stress v. sleep how to end the conflict111 solutions fromThe Enlightened Souls of Pi

2. Sleep disruption ordeprivation as a result ofstress creates issues ofphysical, mental and emotional well being. 3. Our study proposes to delve into the conscious andunconscious connections ofstress and sleep, clarify those connections, 4. and come up with solutions to stress-related sleepdisorders. Successfully managing "stressors leads to healthy sleep patterns 5. and provides tools for coping with stress in both ourwaking and sleeping lives. 6. 111solutions to stressfor better sleep 7. 1. accept the situation2. air-borne stress hormone blockers3. bedroom is for sleep4. biofeedback5. breathe into a paper bag for 10 seconds 8. 6. build things7. channel dog sleep8. confront your fears9. count back from 100; for each # say it mentally then write it in your mind 9. 10. create a schedule11. create a sleep routine12. create a stressvaccine13. dance a crazy dance14. dark room 10. 15. day/night light sensors for windows16. death17. deep breathe all day18. do difficult tasks first19. dont fight 11. 20. dont worry21. drink valerian root tea22. drop bad thoughts in a hat23. eliminate distractions24. eliminate excess sugar intake 12. 25. exercise regularly26. find spirituality27. foster hemispherical sleep28. fund sleep research29. get a hobby30. get a white noise machine 13. 31. get rid of what you dont need32. get your life in balance33. get fitted for a good bed34. go out to dinner35. go to sleep to soft music that turns itself off 14. 36. good thoughts37. hum a happy song38. increase GABA levels39. increase melatonin levels40. increase neuro-protective anti-stress genes 15. 41. just keep your eyes closed42. keep a thumbs up journal43. keep a diary44. know your limits45. learn meditation 16. 46. learn new languages with audio tapes as you fall asleep47. leave work at work48. listen to audio books at low volume49. listen to music during the day 17. 50. make a to do list for the next say and say good night51. make a dart board of your worries and win52. make a safe and cozy sleep space53. make a sleep plan to follow 18. 54. make friends55. meditation in the evening56. never go to bed mad57. no artificial light in the evening58. no caffeine 19. 59. no computer or phone 3 hours before bed60. no food, liquid or exercise 3 hours before bed61. no noise62. no regrets 20. 63. no tech devices 3 hours before bed64. open your mind to the possibility of silence65. plan your day the night before 21. 66. play soft lullaby music when you lie down67. practice smiling on your pillow68. question ideal sleep hour totals & sleep as much as YOU need 22. 69. quiet excitatory neuro- transmitters during sleep70. read poetry out loud before you go to sleep71. read the comics out loud before you go to 23. 72. regulate glucocorticoid release73. release all stress74. repeat the phrase dream me a dream as you fall asleep 24. 75. return to the womb76. satisfying sex77. say mental thank yous as you go to sleep78. sensory deprivation environment 25. 79. sleep when you are sleepy80. smile81. socialize with optimists82. stop saying yes to all83. take a hot bath 90 minutes before sleep 26. 84. take medication85. take a mental walk through a beautiful garden as you fall asleep86. take a walk87. take Phyllanthus emblica Indian gooseberry 27. 88. talk to someone you love before you fall asleep89. tell jokes90. think of what you love before you fall asleep91. think positive thoughts 28. 92. throw your mind to your favorite place and stay there93. try sleep therapy94. turn off your brain to sleep95. turn clocks to the wall 29. 96. use blue blocking goggles before sleep97. use blue blocking lights in your bedroom98. vaccinate against insomnia 30. 99. wear comfortable ear plugs before bed and when falling asleep100. write a short note to your worries and sign off before sleep101. write down the good things of the day 31. 102. write down your feelings by hand103. xylophone music as you lie down fading to silence104. yawn for 5 minutes 32. 105. yesterdays worries ended yesterday106. yield to the temptation of fatigue107. you control your waking and sleeping hours 33. 108. your soundest sleep is for you and your family109. your thoughts shall fade away with each breath110. zip up your troubles in a small bag 34. 111. zzzzzzz in your minds eye 35. subtly soporific production brought to you byThe Enlightened Souls of Pi 36. Avantika SarafBryndie BeachGustaf MartenssonGuy SirtonVladimir DranevichBrahms Lullaby - Soothing Piano Classics for sleeping babies 37. forStanford University Venture LabA Crash Course on Creativity Autumn 2012