Stebbins Mini-Reunions

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Walter E Stebbins high school mini-reunions

Transcript of Stebbins Mini-Reunions

  • 2009

    WE Stebbins


  • July, 2009

    Susan Opt came in for a brief visit. Several people from the class of 75 (and a few crashers

    from the class of 74 and 77) met at Cassanos on Stroop to catch up on old times.

    Pam Edens Murphy, Tim Wolf, Jeff Buedel, Pam Meyer Duty, Belinda Richmond, Jeff Moles,

    Bob Thomson (74), Ron Wukeson (74), Kim Chandler Wolf (77) and others shared some pizza

    and laughs.

    Susan Opt, Ron Wukeson and Pam Edens Murphy

  • Bob Thomson and Pam Edens Murphy

  • Jeff and Tammy Moles

    Jeff Moles and Jeff Buedel

    Jeff and Jeff related the last day of school. We tried to split earlier than everyone else, but we

    were pulled over on Springfield St. for a car inspection and they made us change one of the

    tires with the spare before we could leave. We didnt get home early. See Kim Baughmans

    profile. Same car. A lot of people rode in that car.

    Sometimes a lot of people at the same time.

  • Jeff Moles, Pam Edens Murphy and Jeff Buedel

    Pam Edens Murphy and Bob Thomson

  • Ron Wukeson and Pam Edens Murphy

    Ron Wukeson and Jeff Moles

  • Ron Wukeson and Pam Edens Murphy

    Ron Wukeson, Jeff Moles, Jeff Buedel and Bob Thomson

  • Susan Opt and Pam Edens Murphy

    Susan Opt, Jeff Buedel and Pam Edens Murphy

  • Susan Opt, Bob Thomson, Pam Edens Murhpy and Ron Wukeson

  • Kim Chandler Wolf (back), Tammy Moles, Pam Meyer Duty, Belinda Richmond, Susan Opt and

    Tim Wolf

    Tim Wolf, Mrs. Bob Thomson, Ty Wolf, Kim Chandler Wolf, Pam Meyer Duty, Tammy Moles

    and Belinda Richmond

  • September, 2009

    Bob Crawford flew in from Florida for the Stebbins vs Hillsboro football game. And then went

    to the Greek Festival near the Dayton Art Institute. There was a good crowd, in addition to

    Bob, Robbie Alessandro, Keith Bidwell, Pam Simcox Bidwell, Mike Miller, Marty Griffith

    Moore, Tim Wolf, Greg Begley, Jeff Buedel, Dennis Combs, Ron Gay, Randy Taulbee and Jeff

    Smith. Eric Newhouse (76) (he married Ruth Wallace Newhouse (75)), Peter Allesandro (77)

    and Robert Bell Buedel (76) joined us as well.

    Jeff Moles, Greg Begley, Tim Wolf, Marty Griffieth Moore, Pam Simcox Bidwell, Dennis Combs, Keith Bidwell and Jeff Buedel.

  • Bob Crawford, Robbie Alessandro and Tim Wolf

    Dennis Combs and Randy Taulbee

  • "What do you mean they ran outta beer?"

    Jeff Smith and Mickey Kramer (class of '76)

  • Tim proving he is the designated driver.

    Dennis in mid-bite... killer gyros...

  • Ron engaged in good conversation...

    Greg discusses his 4 kids and grandkids...

  • Tammy Moles and Debbie Gay suffer through "the good old days"

    Jeff Moles, Dennis Combs, Marty Griffieth Moore, Greg Begley, Jeff Buedel, Tim Wolf, Pam Simcox Bidwell and Keith Bidwell.