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    "Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others." 1 Peter 4:10

    Dear Arkansas Daughters,

    Since July, I have been busy “being your State Regent”.

    I am amazed at all the work the Arkansas Chapters are


    Our President General is pushing for a goal of 10,000,000

    volunteer hours to Celebrate America. Please be sure to

    enter your hours for your chapter on e-membership.

    The October Board of Management was a busy,

    informative and fun time. We went on a scavenger hunt in

    our beautiful building to find the Executive Officers and

    National Chairs in their hiding places. It was a fun way to learn your way around the building.

    The President General discussed the Prospective Member data base at length. She emphasized

    that the prospective were to be contacted by the chapters no later than 48 hours after they are

    assigned to the chapters by the state chair.

    She also encouraged the chapters to become a partner in the United States of America Vietnam

    War Commemorative Partners Program. I hope you will consider doing this as it would be my

    privilege to report a good number of participating chapter partners at Continental Congress. It

    NSDAR: Honoring our Heritage~ Focusing on the Future~ Celebrating America

    ASDAR: Respect the Past, Live Today, Hope for Tomorrow

    Volume 28, Issue 2 November 2014

    State Regent’s Message

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    costs nothing and all you must commit to is two events a year from 2015 - 2017. These events

    are to honor our Vietnam vets and most chapters already participate in Veteran‟s Day

    Celebrations, standing a Flag Line or other Veteran‟s Day events. To find out more go to:

    [email protected] or contact me and I will give you the information.

    There was also much discussion on the new Chapter Master Report which is the merged version

    of E-Master Questionnaire and E-Chapter Achievement Award. It is online already and chapter

    regents are encouraged to go to e-membership and read the instructions. Every chapter must

    submit a report and if your chapter is unable to perform the computer report, I will assign

    someone to assist you. Every committee must have a report or No Report is to be entered on that

    particular report site.

    Fall is in the air and soon Arkansas will display God‟s color palette as the leaves turn to their full

    glorious array. At this time I want to take the opportunity to wish each of you a Blessed Holiday

    Season from Thanksgiving with your families to the Holy Season of Christmas as we celebrate

    the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    May your New Year be one of health, prosperity and Peace.

    In DAR Friendship,

    Mary Deere

    State Regent’s Calendar

    2014-2015 Nov 10 - Capt. Nathan Watkins Chapter

    Nov 18 - Harrison Colony Chapter (Code Talkers)

    Dec 2 - Fort Smith Chapter

    Dec 6 - Frederick Van Patten Chapter Dec 7 - Old State House - open house

    Dec 13 - Major Jacob Gray/Prudence Hall


    Calendar in 2015

    Jan 11- General William Lewis Chapter

    Jan 31 - James K Polk Chapter - annual Tea

    Feb 4/7 - NBOM Washington, DC Feb 10 - Arkadelphia Chapter

    Feb 21- Washington Birthday Luncheon -

    Hot Springs Mar 5 - John Perciful Chapter (Code Talkers)

    Mar 7 - Chicot Trace Chapter

    Mar 18 - Executive Board Meeting –

    Little Rock Mar 19 /21 - State Conference -Little Rock

    Mar 28 - Grand Prairie Chapter

    April 1- Colonel David Love Chapter April 11- Little Red River Chapter

    April 21- Charlevoix Chapter

    April 23/ 25 - Oklahoma State Conference

    May 2 - Shawnee District Meeting - Jonesboro

    May 4 -James Bright Chapter

    May 7 -John Perciful Chapter May 28 - Gilbert Marshall Chapter

    June 8 - Lovely Purchase Chapter

    June 15 - Caddo District Meeting- Texarkana June 21 - NBOM - Washington DC

    Jun 21/30 - Continental Congress - DC

    July 23 - Wataseka District Meeting -Warren

    July 25 - Osage District Meeting Aug 21 - Executive Board Meeting -Searcy

    Aug 22 - State Board of Management -

    Harding University, Searcy Sept 5 - Strawberry River Chapter

    Sept 19 - Quapaw District Meeting

    Oct 7/10 - NBOM

    Oct 26 - Tate‟s Bluff Chapter Nov 21 - Cadron Post Chapter

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    Chapter Master Report

    As some of you already know, the eMQ or eMaster Questionnaire has been merged with

    the Chapter Achievement Form and is now

    called the Chapter Master Report.

    A Webinar on the use of the CMR is available

    on the members‟ website

    under the DAR Leadership Training Committee, in addition instructions are also available on the

    members' website under “Help Desk >>


    The chapter regents, with the aid of her officers

    and chairs, are responsible for answering the

    CMR. In order to increase your chapter's opportunities for awards, please provide detailed

    information for those committees that request

    summary answers in the spaces provided on the bottom half of the sheet for the electronic

    version. You are not limited for space for the

    essay/text questions at the end of a committee

    report. Please use this space to elaborate on your chapter's successes for the year. Chapters

    should answer every committee report. If your

    chapter has no report for a specific committee, please indicate by entering "NO REPORT".

    This allows your state regent and state

    committee chair to determine that all chapters have reported.

    If you contribute or donate as an individual,

    make sure your donation or contribution is sent through the Office of Development accompanied

    by the Dcv-1003 Contribution & Donation form.

    Chapter donations and contributions will continue to be sent through the proper DAR

    channels, chapter treasurer to state treasurer to

    Treasurer General. The exception to this is

    monetary assistance to Veteran‟s Hospitals.

    You will find the CMR at or on the e- membership website

    under “Updates >> Chapter Master Report.” The

    chapter pin access codes are available on the e-

    membership website under “Updates >> Chapter Master Reports.”

    There is a downloadable Word document of the

    Master Questionnaire on the DAR Members Website under “Forms

    and publications/Miscellaneous/Master

    Questionnaire.” This form will be made available to chapters who do not have access to

    the DAR Members Website but all information

    on this form must be entered into the electronic CMR. I WILL ASK OTHER MEMBERS TO







    STATE COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Following the January 31, 2015 cut-off date for electronic entry into the CMR, as the State

    Committee Chair you can access the results

    (both narratively & statistically) by chapter for

    your committee. The report generated through the CMR should be forwarded by email to the

    Division or National Chair for your committee.

    PIN access codes for accessing the CMR for your committee will be provided by your

    Division Vice-Chair or if you do not have a pin

    access code, send an email to [email protected]

    Your report is due to the National Vice-Chair by April 15, 2015. Her report is due to National

    Chair: May 15, 2015.





    Thanks, Mary Deere

    ASDAR State Regent

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    Registrar’s Report by

    Barbara Lewis, ASDAR Registrar

    There are 42 pending applications in the works, 7 of which are verified. Several chapters have

    not send in any applications this year!! IF your chapter doesn‟t have any prospective members,

    consider having an outreach event to interest potential new members! Then help them gather the

    information for their application, don‟t just give them a copy of the blank application and scare

    them off!!!

    Please welcome the following new members!!


    Lexie Curtis

    Sheryl Hudson

    Maria Raffety

    Captain Robert Abernethy Sara King (JR)

    Lou Miller

    Colonel David Love LeAnne Burch

    Dardanelle Rock

    Kayce Schafer (JR)

    Enoch Ashley Jill Kuehn (TI)

    Hot Springs of Arkansas Twila Brown

    Rosemary Merritt

    James K. Polk

    Linda Craig Katherine Hagler

    John Cain

    Judith Phillips

    Little Rock-Centennial

    Vicki Botner

    Katherine Camp