StartUP Academy 2014 - Entrepreneur's Mindset in a Changing Wrold

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A brain warm up session to open the StartUP Academy training course in Sofia 2014. We a bit about how entrepreneurs brains work and then we dive in an incredible and tense journey on exploring the ever-changing world around us. What is the next big thing? Can you find it? Use your wits and brains... see the big picture through the looking glass of the daily routine. Build great shit and enjoy life!

Transcript of StartUP Academy 2014 - Entrepreneur's Mindset in a Changing Wrold


2. LEARN THE CHEMISTRY OF SUCCESS 3. CSI: ENTREPRENEURS AUTOPSYMINDSETDREAMEXECUTIONPOWER 4. THE MINDSET1Change the way you think aboutYOURSELF 5. THE MINDSET2Change the way you think aboutTHE WORLD 6. THE MINDSET3Change the way you think aboutMONEY 7. THE MINDSETandNEVERGIVE UP!NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER 8. THE MINDSETCONSCIOUSNESS: the ability tosee the world from theperspective of someoneresponsible for it.PASSION: the ability to burn inbright flames for a goalCOMMITMENT: the ability to putthe goal above your egoAWARENSS: the ability to noticethings aroundWICKED: the ability to cut edgesCREATIVITY: the ability to createnew valueFAILURE: the ability to rejoicefailureEXPERIENCE: the ability tobreakdown experience intouseful bits of information 9. THE MINDSETWORKOUTwith the right questions. 10. THE MINDSETOPPORTUNITYCHANGEPROBLEMS 11. TRAINSPOTTING SORT OFTHINK Imagination running wildLISTEN Become a giant question mark.LOOK FOR GAPSGaps are related to timeuseless to one, meaningful to othersTHE POWER OFASSOCIATIONtrain your association musclecombine the not obviousFILTER What does this have to do with me, with my expertise?How does this fit into my picture of the universe?ASK FOR ITWhen you meet someone bright ask them for a thoughtGreat minds share 12. ACTION 13. There will be more confusion in the business world inthe next decade than in any decade in history. Andthe current pace of change will only accelerate. 14. S&P Stability Ratings*1985 2006LOW RISK 41% 3%AVERAGE RISK 24% 14%HIGH RISK 35% 75%*Likelihood of stable long-term earnings growth 15. 3,000 million people want to have what mostWesterners already have and they want it NOW!!! 16. 600,000/engineering degrees/2004/China350,000/engineering degrees/2004/India70,000/engineering degrees/2004/U.S.A. 17. CHINA NOW HAS200 cities with>1,000,000population. 18. Level 5 (top) certification/Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute:35 of 70companies in the world are from India 19. 25% of Indias Population with highest GREATER than the total population of the US. 20. Top 10 jobs in-demand today......did not existed in 2004. 21. We are currently preparing people......for jobs that dont yet exist......for using technologies that havent been order to solve problems,we dont know are even problems yet 22. One in three jobs will be taken or robots by 2025 23. FACEBOOK now has over 750 000 000 registered users...if it was a country, it would have been the 3rd largest inthe world. 24. Number of Google Searches per month2,7 billion in 200636.1 billion in 2009100.0 billion in 2012 25. The amount of unique information that will begenerated this year:4 exabytes (4.0x10^19)That is more than the previous 5000 years 26. Brands have run out of juice. They are dead.Kevin Roberts/Saatchi & SaatchiME TOO = ME DEAD 27. Age of Mass Production:Age of Mass Convenience:Age of Aesthetics:Age of Social Media:What the next age will be? 28. If you cant win on cost,then youre left with cool.Anon./NZ 29. You know a design is good when you want to lick it.Steve Jobs 30. Consumers of the world congratulations!!Mall of America in Minneapolis attracts 40 million visitors a year more peoplethan Disney World, Disneyland and the Grand Canyon combined!!Shop till you drop!!! 31. Forget China, India and the Internet: Economic Growth IsDriven by Women.Headline, Economist, April 15, 2006, Leader, page 14GIRLS ARE THE NEW BOYS! 32. What workers really think about work?!! Only 17% are actively engaged 63% arent engaged ! 20% are actively disengaged 33. People dont quit jobs... they quit bosses.Ken Blanchard 34. 4 IDEAS on getting it doneget that vision thingcreate other leaders, not followersgive your team a damn good listening tobe an enemy of the status quo 35. When two people in business always agree, one ofthem is unnecessary.William Wrigley jr 36. If you want to be part of this team - have an opinion. 37. You can make more friends in two months bybecoming interested in other people than you canin two years by trying to get other people interestedin you.Dale Carnegie 38. 90% percent of what we call managementconsists of making it difficult for people to get thingsdone.Peter Drucker 39. The first 90% of a project takes 90% of the time. Thelast 10% takes the other 90% of the time.Richard Templar 40. Scare yourself, otherwise youre not doing anythingnew.Mary Murphy Hoye, Head Of R & D, Intel 41. We have a strategic plan. Its called doing things.Herb Kelleher Founder Southwest Airlines 42. The secret of getting ahead is getting startedAgatha Christi 43. Nothing is more dangerous in war than theoreticians.Marshall Petain 44. Innovation Index: How many of your Top 5 StrategicInitiatives score 8 [out of 10] or higher on a :WeirdProfoundWowGame-changer 45. The one thing you need to know about individual success:Discover what you dont like doing and STOP doing it."Marcus Buckingham 46. People can be divided into 3 groupsthose who make things happenthose who watch things happenthose who ask what happened? 47. InnovateorDie!! 48. Get Better!VsGet Different! 49. A typical day at the office for me begins by askingWhat is impossible that I amgoing to do today?!Daniel Lamarre, president, Cirque du Soleil 50. The best swordsman in the world doesnt need to fear thesecond best swordsman inthe world;!no, the person for him to be afraid of is some ignorant antagonist who has never had asword in his hand before; he doesnt do the thing he ought to do, and so the expertisnt prepared for him; he does the thing he ought not to do and often it catches theexpert out and ends him on the spot.!Mark Twain 51. How do dominant companies lose their position?!Two-thirds of the time, they pick the wrong competitor toworry about.Don Listwin (commenting on Nokia) 52. !Are there enough weirdpeople in the lab thesedays?!V. Chmn., pharmaceutical house, to a lab director 53. The surplus society has a surplus of SIMILAR companies,employing SIMILAR people, with SIMILAR educationalbackgrounds, coming up with SIMILAR ideas, producingSIMILAR things, with SIMILAR prices and SIMILAR quality.!Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrle, Funky Business 54. Why Do I love FREAKs?!(1) Because when Anything Interesting happens ... it was a FREAK whodid it. (Period.)!(2) FREAKs are fun. (FREAKs are also a pain.) (FREAKs are never boring.)!(3) We need FREAKs. Especially in freaky times.!(4) FREAKs are the only (ONLY) ones who succeedas in, make it intothe history books. 55. ARE YOU BEING REASONABLE?!Most people are reasonable; thats whythey only do reasonably well.Paul Arden 56. The Great value innovator Jesus took risks and was crucified. Alfred Nobel took risks and passed away in solitude. Van Gogh took risks, was ridiculed and committed suicide.! For every Bill Gates and Michael Dell, or any other well known, risk-prone, explorer,there are thousands of others who tried and failed. They lost everything!!The innermost mechanism of human progress is called failure. If it were not for allthe fools trying to do the impossible over and over again we would still be livingin caves. 57. If people never did silly things, nothingintelligent would everhappen.Ludwig Wittgenstein 58. You miss 100% of the shots you nevertake.Wayne Gretzky 59. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? 60. A year from now you may wish you hadstarted today.Karen Lamb