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  • PAF Operations Standard Floor Coverings Specification

    Revision 1.2 14.01.10 Document Status DRAFT Page 1 of 2

    Standard Floor Coverings Specification

    Element Requirement Room Configuration

    General To be defined in the project brief.

    Preparation Asbestos Prior to removal of any existing floor coverings, the contractor must review the CUL asbestos register.

    Removal of Existing Surfaces

    Where existing floor coverings are to be removed, the contractor must include for disposal off site. Where existing quarry tiles, where possible these should be removed. However, where this is not possible, surface should be cleaned and latex applied to ensure that existing finish does not show through new finish. If tiles are being left

    Making Good Making good of existing substrate must take place where necessary and prior to levelling screed.

    Minimum of 3mm levelling screed to be laid (unless approved otherwise), type dependent on substrate.

    Carpets General Interface floor carpet tiles to be used. Colours and patterns project dependent.

    Where carpets are to be cut around existing pipework, pipe collars to give a clean finish should be utilised.

    Tackifier must be F Ball. Please use attached sheet for different adhesives for different floor coverings.

    Corridors Tiles to be laid in a broadloom fashion. Exposed cut finishes should be approved by

    CUL with a proposal for an appropriate edging.

    Stairs Tiles be laid in a broadloom fashion and must be laid wall to wall (not as a runner).

    Install should include the rise. Nosings must be installed using gripfill,

    countersunk and screws with matching pellets.

    Nosing must be Gradus G12 92mm on the tread, 32mm on the face. Contrasting colours must be used for DDA compliance.

    All other carpeted areas

    Carpets should be laid as per manufacturers specification.

  • PAF Operations Standard Floor Coverings Specification

    Revision 1.2 14.01.10 Document Status DRAFT Page 2 of 2

    Alternative Floor Coverings

    Vinyl To be Forbo Surestep or approved equal (Polyfloor 2000 PUR). Colour to be project dependent. For shower rooms Forbo Safestep to be used or approved equivalent.

    Adhesive should be F-Ball. Please use attached sheet for different adhesives for different floor coverings.

    Adhesive must be allowed to cure as per manufacturers recommendation (24-36 hours) to prevent de-bonding.

    Edges must be coved, no skirtings. Where coving cannot be installed an appropriate solution needs to be discussed and approved with CUL prior to installation.

    Joints must be welded using appropriate welding rod for vinyl finishes.

    All fixtures or furniture units must have silicon finish in appropriate/approved colour.

    Marmoleum Colour to be project dependant and installed as per manufacturers instructions.

    Paint Refer to separate paint specification. Tiles Natural stone tiles that require maintenance over and

    above general cleaning should not be used, and should therefore be ceramic. Tiled finishes are project specific.

    Grout colour is project specific. Grout should be hard wearing swimming pool

    grout grade. Wooden Floors Should be installed in accordance with

    Manufacturers recommendations, number of resin top coat applications should be appropriate for final use.

    Resin Floors Should be in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and must be approved by CUL.

    Finishing General Following installation and prior to handover a full builders clean is required.

    Important note: This standard sets out the basic functional requirements for a typical new or refurbished teaching room. The actual work required for a particular project will be determined in a separate SCOPE OF WORKS DOCUMENT - some elements may not be present or require replacement.

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  • Recommended Adhesives GuideThe complete guide to flooring adhesive selection






    WelcomeRecommendations to rely onTechnical Support ContactsRecommended Adhesives by ManufacturerGuide to Adhesive SelectionTesting and DevelopmentSubfloor Preparation GuideMoisture Measurement & ControlWood AdhesivesHealth & Safety/Guarantee

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  • RAG 2011Welcome

    Welcome to the F. Ball and Co. Ltd. Recommended Adhesives Guide 2011

    Following an exciting twelve months at F. Ball, which saw the official opening of the new F. Ball Training Centre and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility by His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent KG, we are proud to be celebrating the companys 125 year anniversary throughout 2011.

    Established in 1886, F. Ball and Co. Ltd. is the UKs market leading manufacturer of flooring adhesives and floor preparation products. Technical support has proved crucial to the companys success and the F. Ball Recommended Adhesives Guide (RAG) plays an important part in this by ensuring that specifiers, distributors and flooring installers can be confident in their product selection each and every time. Furthermore, the performance of F. Ball adhesives is guaranteed*.

    Over many years F. Ball has established close working relationships with all of the leading international floorcovering manufacturers. This enables us to produce the most reliable and comprehensive guide to adhesive selection available within the flooring industry.

    Each of the 5,500 adhesive recommendations listed is the result of stringent testing carried out by experienced chemists in F. Balls dedicated technical service laboratories and is endorsed by the relevant floorcovering manufacturer.

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    During the most challenging economic times of recent years, taking chances with unproven products is not an option. Specifiers and flooring installers require the knowledge and confidence to select the right product, first time. Consequently, the RAG offers more value than ever:




    Ensuring instant access to the most up to date information, a live and interactive version of the RAG is available on the F. Ball website:, which is continually updated throughout the year as new floorcoverings are introduced.

    For further details on any of the recommendations listed in this guide, please contact our Technical Service Department or your local F. Ball Technical Representative on the numbers listed on page 4.

    Graham Wildgoose

    Liaison Manager

    *See Conditions of Guarantee which can be found at the back of this guide.

    His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent KG with Mr Geoffrey Ball

  • RAG 2011Recommendations to rely on

    The production of the Recommended Adhesives Guide is the result of a continual and close relationship between F. Ball and all the major floorcovering manufacturers. The ongoing process behind the Guide is managed by the companys dedicated Liaison Manager.

    Each year all floorcovering manufacturers verify the existing adhesive recommendations for their products and are invited to submit new product samples for testing with F. Balls range of specialist adhesives.

    Where required, an adhesive may be specifically developed for a new floorcovering. All samples are tested at the companys technical and development laboratories for adhesive compatibility, a process which can take around 12 - 14 weeks.

    Once approvals are received all floorcoverings and their adhesive recommendations - of which there are over 5,500 - are added to the guide listings.

    The RAG is also published as a live and interactive version on the F. Ball website where it is continually updated throughout the year, ensuring that the latest recommendations are available at the touch of a button!

    This process is a continuous cycle where all recommendations are then reviewed and updated. As a consequence, the RAG is widely renowned as the most comprehensive reference tool in the industry and with every listing annually approved by floorcovering manufacturers, it is the most trusted source available.

    Recommendations to rely on

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    3 To confirm that this publication is up to date contact technical services

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    RAG 2011Technical Support Contacts

    For telephone and written advice contactF. Ball Technical Service 01538 361633

















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