SPINAL FUSION: Current Concepts 2008

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SPINAL FUSION: Current Concepts 2008. Spinal Fusion 2008. Posterior fusion TLIF PLIF Intertransverse Process Anterior fusion 360 fusion XLIF AxiaLIF. Spinal Fusion 2008. Fixation devices: Pedicle Screws Facet screws Transfacetpedicle screws - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of SPINAL FUSION: Current Concepts 2008

  • SPINAL FUSION: Current Concepts 2008

  • Spinal Fusion 2008Posterior fusionTLIFPLIFIntertransverse ProcessAnterior fusion360 fusionXLIFAxiaLIF

  • Spinal Fusion 2008Fixation devices:Pedicle ScrewsFacet screwsTransfacetpedicle screwsBiomechanically equivalent to pedicle screws

  • Spinal fusion 2008Interbody devices:Titanium cagesPeek cagesAllograftSTALIFSynfix

  • SPINAL FUSION 2008Bone graft substitutes:InfuseActifuseCortossOsteocelStem cells

  • SPINAL FUSION 2008Disadvantages:Adjacent segment degeneration (ASD)NonunionCollateral damage

  • SPINAL FUSION 2008Dynamic stabilization:DynesisDTO implantStabilmax NZPeek rodsAgile rodsIsobar rodsHybrid rodsDDS

  • SPINAL FUSION 2008Dynamic stabilization:DIAMWALLIS CoflexX-Stop

  • SPINAL FUSION 2008Artificial disc replacementCharite`Pro-DiscMaverick

  • SPINAL FUSION 2008Minimally invasive surgery:XLIFAxiaLIFSextantViperLuxor

  • SPINAL FUSION 2008Facet replacement systemsImpliant, TOPSArchus, TFASFacet solutions, AFRS

  • SPINAL FUSION 2008Facet replacement systemsAFRS

  • SPINAL FUSION 2008Dynamic stabilizationStabilimax NZDecreases the neutral zone in destabilized spines while maintaining max possible ROMDual spring design

  • SPINAL FUSION 2008Facet replacement systemsArchus, TFAS

  • SPINAL FUSION 2008Dynamic stabilizationDynesis

  • SPINAL FUSION 2008DIAMSpine stabilization systemSpinal stenosisDDD