Specialty Welding, Fabrication / Installation and Mechanical … · 2018-02-10 · & Productivity...

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Transcript of Specialty Welding, Fabrication / Installation and Mechanical … · 2018-02-10 · & Productivity...

  • Specialty Welding,Fabrication / Installation

    and Mechanical Services

    526 Kentucky St.South Houston, TX 77587

    Office: 713.946.1361Fax: 713.946.1471

    [email protected]


    Tar Scope Development and site logistical planning

    Tar Planning, Estimating, Eng. Support and Scheduling

    Tar Logistics, support, lifts, density integration

    Capital Project Planning, Estimating and support crafts

    Capital Project Integration and Schedule

    Shop Fabrication, Pipe, Structure and Mechanical

    Project Management Structure

    Scope Development and Estimating

    Field Verification and Walk down

    Man Power staffing schedule ( duration, tools, support )

    Site Logistic and Site Location, ( identify simops )

    Site Working Plan ( Plot Plan )

    Duration Planning and Man Power ( Extended support )

    Support Planning and Schedule ( Define Scope )

    Overall Craft and Project Integrated Schedule

    Balance Man Power to Estimate

    Balance Schedule to Manpower

    Balance Estimate, Schedule, Manpower

    Management Expertise & Capabilities

    UNMATCHED Safety, Quality& Productivity

    Founded in 2011, JEGON Industrial Services LLC. has been key

    producers in the Petro chemical industry in all aspects specialty

    welding in the USA and international. Experts in pipe and

    equipment fabrication, field construction services, Turnaround

    and capital project planning and execution. JEGON is an

    industry leader in safety and performance and we maintain

    a tremendous track record completing projects. JEGON hosts

    200 years combined Industrial experience.


    Who We Are

    “Exceeding Customer Expectations with Expertise, Trust, and Quality”


    Our Capabilities

    Full Turnaround capabilities

    General Mechanical

    Maintenance Staff Augmentation for full project support

    Mobile high experience Staff for emergency reparation

    and construction in the field

    Specialty Welding


    What We Perform

    Overlays & Vessel Repairs

    Furnace/ Heaters/ Boilers

    Tubes and Convection Box

    Stack and Flare

    Towers/ Drums

    Cyclones/ Dipleg/ Trickle-V

    Heat Exchangers/ Re-Boilers

    Air Coolers/ Fin-Fan/ Fan Motor

    Service and Process Piping

    Reactors/ Trays/ Downcomers

    Compressors and Pumps

    And More!


    Fabrication and Alteration

    Pipe Repair and Installation

    Installation and Removal of Blinds

    Vessel, Drum and Tower Repairs/Upgrades

    Valve Removal and Reinstallation

    Field Fabrication




    Commission and De-commission

    General Welding

    JEGON insures all welding, including tack welding, will be performed using qualified welders in accordance with ASME Section (AWS) Standard Welding Procedures (SWPSs) listed in the NBIC may also be used. Welding Procedures Specifications (WPS) shall be prepared and qualified by the QCM. The QCM shall insure that all WPS’s are in compliance with ASME Section IX and the applicable code of construction.

    JEGON insures all mechanical work will be performed as

    specified by API and ASME standards for Manufacturers

    Installation Specifications. The same process will be adhere

    and used in the absence of a client or Engineering, furnished

    procedure. All piping and equipment material will be verified

    proper material grade, class of material, type of material,

    and proper component installation.

    When all work is completed and primary inspections has

    been performed the craftsmen and field supervisors will

    perform a final inspection and notify the QC inspector. The

    QC sign off sheet shall be signed off by the QC inspector

    and the client.

    Production Welding, Welding Materials, Welding Records, Welding Inspections

    Qualification of Welders , Welding Operations , building, repair and fabrication for API code compliance.

    PRE/RE- Qualification of Welders, Maintenance of Welder Qualifications.

    General Mechanical


    JEGON has a strong safety culture. Everybody at JEGON is

    responsible for safety and pursues it on a daily basis, employees

    go beyond “the call of duty” to identify unsafe conditions and

    behaviors, and to intervene to correct them. Jegon

    employees feel comfortable walking up to construction

    managers or CEO’s and reminding him/her to wear their PPE.

    The Goal is for all employees to take safety personal, own their

    behavior, be true leaders for safety, with your “Personal Obligation”.

    Likewise, we encourage and ask co-workers to be “your

    brothers keeper”, routinely look out for one another and point

    out all unsafe acts.