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  • 1. Las Adventuras de Espaa: Week 1 The Alcabaza

2. This chick ended up being a cultural auxilliare in Almera (the city 1 hours from me). We had dinner the first night LOOK: NO CHICKEN S! El autobs from Madrid to Almera 3. (Left): The view of the port from my hotel room the first night (Below): First thing I saw out my hotel window was a lit up kingdom in the distance. Depart: Madrid @ 3:00 PM Arrival: Almera @ 9:45 PM First night in Almera, Spain 4. My habitacon in Gran Hotel Almera 5. View from my bedGood morning to me! 6. This is a zoom in on the last picture to show the Alcazaba in the background. Its a famous Muslim fort in Almera 7. Still the Alcazabaits HUGE! 8. The roughest part about Spain has probably been the food so far Both pictures are of cooked chicken nuggets, they never established any color, and it was more like fried chicken flavored gravy (the consistency). Awful. They love bread here though. Dont worry, Ive eaten enough carbs to feed Africa. 9. So far, Spain has been lovely. Ive made quite a few friends in my pueblo, especially a lot of middle aged British peoplethey flock to my town. Ive only had one day of work, and the kids are adorable, however Spain doesnt really feed into punishment or discipline, so the kids are OUT OF CONTROL. The last couple pictures are from the roof of my building, my new favorite place. Also, sorry about the weird blue glare in the corner of the pictures, the only camera I have is my iPad and the case hates it when I take pictures and likes to get in the way. Also, it doesnt have flash, so the quality of all of my pictures will probably suck while Im here, haha. I miss you and love you very much!!!! 10. My new dirrecon: Calle General Fontella 18, 1A Hurcal-Overa, 04600 Spain Send me shit. (They have oreos and chips ahoy cookies here)