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  • 1. Lets DIVE right in to the21st Century!Instructional Technology: EDU309 Dr. Jennifer C. Walts DREAM~BELEVE~GIVE~EXPECT 100% May 16, 2012

2. Agenda: Week 1 Welcome Introductions Weekly assignments Each Monday/Tuesday: READ Each Wednesday: REACT (post your reaction paper) We will meet in Elluminate EVERY Wednesday Each Friday: RESPOND (post your responses to yourclassmates) Each Saturday: Post your technology project(s) Each Sunday: REFLECT (email your reflection) 3. This week: Make certain you have your syllabus, calendar,weekly assignments printed out. Who Am I? paper posted by midnight tonight. Reply to 3 classmates stories by Friday. Read Chapter 1 - be prepared to discuss nextweek in class. Watch videos (links in your assignment sheet). Send me your 1-2 page reflection by midnightSunday 4. Looking Ahead to Next Week Monday: Watch the amazing videos and readChapter 2 of the text Wednesday: We will meet in Elluminate; beprepared to discuss the videos & text We will select presentation topics Be prepared to add to our LIVELYdiscussiondont make me do all the talking! 5. Join the EDU309 blog.Visit http://bpcedu309.blogspot.comSign up for email notification.When you get the confirmation email,accept. You will get notificationseach time I update. 6. Who Am I? and why is the sunflower my signature in life? 7. QUESTIONS? Contact me: jwalts@bpc.edu 912-876-7545 (home) 912-977-6447 (cell) 912-369-3527 (work) Emergencies only