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Some of the most exciting cities in Spain to consider for travel or property buying! See more here: and

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  • 1. Spain Exciting DestinationsSome of the most exciting destinations forproperty buying in Spain

2. BUYING REAL ESTATE IN SPAINWhy is it worth knowing more about thecountrys most thrilling cities?Even if you have visited Spain as a tourist, it isalways a good idea to read a third-personsperspective on the different cities and regionsthat it has to offer. 3. Barcelona willimmediatelymesmerize youwith its fascinatingmixture of old andnew. Radiatingculture, creativityand colour, thecity boasts withGaudisarchitecture, theRamblas streettheater and theatmospheric mazeBarcelona of the medievalBarrGotic. 4. Barcelona is thecountrys secondlargest city andanother importantfactor to considerfor your realestate purchasingdecisions in Spainis that Barcelonais located veryclose to theFrench border. Itis also the capitalof the autonomousregion ofCatalunya,welcoming a greatBarcelona diversity of peoplefrom variousnationalities andbackgrounds. 5. Granada isanother of Spainsjewels that is likelyto causeoverwhelmingfeelings andemotions, but in awhole differentway. On top ofbringing togetherChristianity andIslam, Granadapresents a nicemix of Jewish andGypsy traditions,too. The Ahlabmrafortress-palace isone of the citysGranada most intriguingplaces of interest,sending aseductive invitationfor visitors to diveinto a world ofpassion, love, and 6. Granadas richhistory and traditionsare still reflected inits peoples daily lifeand mentality. It isalso known to be acity of celebrations a bouquet offestivities take placethroughout thewhole year.Therefore, the city isa perfect location forSpain real estatepurchases bypeople, who wouldGranada love to immersethemselves intolocal customs andmake a serious shiftin their lifestyle. 7. Madrid is situated in the center of Spain, within the Community of Madrid, and is the economic hub of Spain. However, Madrid is so much more than just the administrative centre of the country! It is Spains heart and spirit Oozing exuberance, Madrid is also known by most tourists as an amazing place forMadrid partying and shopping - it boasts one of the largest number of bars per person, compared to other European cities. 8. There are twenty theatres, contributing to the cultural vibe of the city, all of which are worth visiting, such as Lara, Figaro, Cmico, Bellas Artes, Ariequn and Goya. We also have to mention that Spains capital city proudly presents to its visitors andMadrid citizens certain contemporary collections of Dali, Picasso and Miro. 9. Valencia has become another spot that has drawn many to invest in property in Spain. Wonderfully mixing art, culture and science, Valencia has undergone major renovations, turning its magnificent architecture into a network of museums, apartment buildings, aquariums, shopping centers, and ImaxValencia cinemas. 10. The richness ofculture in Valenciaand the monumentsof the past (such asThe Palace of theMarquee of DosAguas) go hand inhand with theOceanographicPark, which is astunning exhibit ofthe various stagesof marine life; aswell as theHemisphericPlanetarium, wherethrough the use ofthe most up-to-dateequipment with Valencia Imax cinemas andlaser shows, one isbrought to outerspace with the helpof powerful picturesRead more on