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Space Cowboys Diogo Carvalho Nº412, Miguel Pimenta Nº 495, Pedro Amado Nº521, Danilo Fernandes Nº870, Tiago Monteiro Nº 890 10º A Inglês CAIC, 2011/2012



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Space Cowboys

Diogo Carvalho Nº412, Miguel Pimenta Nº 495, Pedro Amado Nº521, Danilo Fernandes Nº870, Tiago Monteiro Nº 89010º AInglês

CAIC, 2011/2012

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Index: Factual facts

Plot summary (storyline)

The film’s weaknesses

What we enjoyed best

Points of view towards science

Media criticism on the film

The movie messages and quotes

Space Exploration: Advantages and Disadvantages

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• Name: Space Cowboys

• Year: 2000

• Actors: Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and James Garner

• Director: Clint Eastwood

• Category: Action, adventure, thriller

Factual Facts:

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Plot summary:•The film starts in 1958 when Team Dedalus were working in experiences for NASA and preparing to go to space.

•Years later, in 2000, a problem in a machine that Frank created appears, and he is the only who can solve it so, when NASA asks for his help, he requests team Dedalus to join him.

•Then, they go to space and, when something goes wrong, one of them offers to save the Earth by going to the moon with dangerous material.

•The other three return to Earth while he dies, with his dream of steping the moon coming true.

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Movie ends with an open set.

The film’s weaknesses:

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•The special effects

•Their friendship

What we enjoyed best

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Technology is connected with NASA and space exploration

Points of view towards science

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•“The good news about Space Cowboys is that Clint Eastwood proves to be a skilled comedic director. The bad news is that only the first half of the movie is a comedy - the second half is a sloppy attempt at a heart-pounding. And there's even more that could've been done about respect of an older generation, and the fact that mistakes and lessons can be learned at any age. Instead, it's all generally ignored as Space Cowboys opts for an easier, less demanding path.” Norm Schrager

•“Mr. Eastwood is ordinarily a rather earthbound director, more interested in the efficient (and sometimes graceless) conveyance of story and character than in visual. His films explore the possibility that the best parts of the old code of manly virtue (loyalty, good humor, etc) might be retained even as its less attractive features are abandoned. This time, without succumbing to bitterness, nostalgia or overstating the case for one generation's virtues, he and his coworkers mount a vigorous and funny defense of maturity. That’s the last thing you might expect from a summer action picture, and it’s one of the reasons Space Cowboys is one of the best entertainments this season has yet offered.”

Media criticism:

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•Machines and technology will never be as good as humans;

•Even if we are old, we are never useless;

•Technology is good, but at the same time is bad too.

The movie messages:

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“Have you noticed how everybody seems to be dead lately?”


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• Know other worlds;

• Knowledge about our planet’s future;

• Discover the mysteries of Universe (other kinds of life);

• Discover planets similar to Earth, in case we need a new place to call “home”

Space Exploration: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Very expensive;

Sometimes space exploration has no good results;

The money should be invested in humanitarian actions;

It’s dangerous.

Space Exploration: Advantages and Disadvantages

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