Southwest Power Pool ssc meeting... Southwest Power Pool SEAMS STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING August 8,...

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Transcript of Southwest Power Pool ssc meeting... Southwest Power Pool SEAMS STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING August 8,...

  • Southwest Power Pool


    Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport - Dallas, TX

    • M I N U T E S •

    SSC Agenda Item 1 – Administrative Items Seams Steering Committee (SSC) Chair Jim Jacoby, AEP, called the meeting to order at approximately 8:30 am CPT. The following SSC members were in attendance:

    Jim Jacoby, AEP; Bary Warren, SouthCentral MCN/GridLiance; Ray Bergmeier, Sunflower; (Phone) Dustin Betz, NPPD; Ollie Burke, Entergy; Tina Gaines; EDE/Liberty Utilities Jeff Knottek, City Utilities Springfield, MO; (Phone) Katy Onnen, KCPL (Phone) Steve Sanders, WAPA-UGPR; Jordan Schmick, Xcel; (Phone) Bob Tallman, OG&E;

    The following proxies were recognized: Jim Jacoby (AEP) for Jason Atwood (NTEC) and David Mindham (ITC) for Marguerite Wagner (ITC). The agenda was reviewed and was revised after Bary Warren (SouthCentral MCN) requested the addition of an item for a discussion on SSC Review of Physical Interconnections on the Seam. (Attachment 1 – 01b SSC Agenda 08-08-18_REVISED) Background materials for this meeting can be found on the SPP website at:

    SSC Agenda Item 2 – Review Minutes of 07/13/2018 Meeting MOTION: Bary Warren (SouthCentral MCN/GridLiance) made a motion to approve the minutes from the July 13, 2018, SSC meeting. The motion received a second from Bob Tallman (OKGE). The motion was unanimously approved. (Attachment 2 - SSC Meeting Minutes July 13 2018).

    SSC Agenda Item 3 – Review of Past Action Items Clint Savoy (SPP) reviewed the past action items with the group.

    SSC Agenda Item 4 – RR 308 Clint Savoy (SPP) introduced Richard Dahl (MRES) to the group. Mr. Dahl proceeded through a presentation that was submitted along with the MRES comments on RR 308. The group continued to discuss the issues related to the exemption from transmission service charges and unreserved use penalties for the first 4 hours of an unplanned event, which was the purpose of RR 308. SPP staff voiced

  • concerns about sufficient justifications that could be used in a filing to revise the Tariff for unreserved use and transmission service charge exemptions. The group proposed that SPP staff should ask for help with justifications from stakeholders. Chair Jim Jacoby (AEP) asked for a straw poll to reaffirm the SSC policy that customers should be exempt from both transmission service charges and unreserved use charges for the first 4 hours of an unplanned transmission outage as originally approved by the SSC at its meeting on May 2, 2018. The results of the straw poll reaffirmed the original policy as previously approved. The group will propose and continue to discuss potential justifications for the Tariff revision at the next scheduled SSC meeting.

    SSC Agenda Item 5 – Market Impacts of the Big Chill Event (January 17, 2018) Clint Savoy (SPP) led the group in a discussion of the market impacts of the events that occurred on January 17, 2018.

    SSC Agenda Item 6 – SSC Review of Physical Interconnections on the Seam Bary Warren (SouthCentral MCN) requested that the group be provided information about existing and new physical interconnections along SPP’s seams. This would give SSC members information to consider when discussing about impacts on SPP planning and operations processes, JOAs, M2M, MISO Regional Transfers, seams cost allocation, etc. ACTION ITEM: SPP staff to present information about physical seams interconnections.

    SSC Agenda Item 7 – Enhancements to the SPP-MISO CSP Adam Bell (SPP) provided an update on the effort to implement enhancements to the SPP-MISO CSP. Mr. Bell reported that the next SPP-MISO IPSAC will be a net conference scheduled for August 27. During the IPSAC meeting SPP and MISO will be providing specific examples of how the interregional cost allocation would work if the joint model were removed regional models were used for calculating benefits instead.

    SSC Agenda Item 8 – Review of 2018 SPP-AECI JCSP Final Report Clint Savoy (SPP) reported that a draft of the final report for the 2018 SPP-AECI JCSP was posted for review and feedback.

    SSC Agenda Item 9 – SSC Charter Review Due to time constraints, this item will be discussed at the next SSC meeting.

    SSC Agenda Item 10 – Report on Provisions for NRG in SPP-MISO Settlement Agreement Clint Savoy (SPP) provided a report on the provisions for NRG in the SPP-MISO Settlement Agreement, including payments received from NRG to date.

    SSC Agenda Item 11 – Monthly Market-to-Market Update Due to time constraints, this item will be discussed at the next SSC meeting.

    SSC Agenda Item 12 – Regional Transfers Update Due to time constraints, this item will be discussed at the next SSC meeting.

  • SSC Agenda Item 13 – Summary of Action Items New action items were recorded during the meeting were (Attachment 3 – Action Item List 08-08- 2018_UPDATED): 076 SPP staff to present information about physical seams interconnections

    SSC Agenda Item 14 – Discussion of Future Meetings Clint Savoy (SPP) informed the group of the upcoming SSC meetings scheduled. The next scheduled meetings will occur on:

     September 5, 2018 SSC Teleconference (Register)  October 3, 2018 SSC Meeting (Dallas, TX) (Register)  November 7, 2018 SSC Teleconference (Register)

    SSC Agenda Item 15 – Adjournment The meeting was adjourned by Chairman Jim Jacoby (AEP) at approximately 11:33 am CPT. Respectfully Submitted, Clint Savoy SPP Staff Secretary – Seams Steering Committee

  • Seams Steering Committee Attendance Date: August 8, 2018

    Attend Status First Name Last Name Position Company

    X M Jim  Jacoby Chairman AEP 

    X M Bary Warren Vice‐Chair South Central MCN/GridLiance

    M Jason Atwood Member Northeast Texas Electric Cooperative

    X M Ray Bergmeier Member Sunflower Electric Power Corporation

    X M Dustin Betz Member NPPD

    X M Oliver  Burke Member Entergy Services, Inc.

    X M Tina Gaines Member EDE

    X M Jeff  Knottek Member City Utilities Springfield MO

    X M Katy Onnen Member Kansas City Power & Light

    X M Steve Sanders Member Western Area Power Administration ‐  UGPR

    X M Jordan Schmick Member Xcel Energy

    X M Bob Tallman Member OG&E

    M Marguerite Wagner Member ITC

    X P David Mindham Proxy (Marguerite  Wagner)


    X S Clint Savoy SPP Staff Secretary Southwest Power Pool

    X S Adam  Bell Southwest Power Pool

    Status: M ‐ Member   P ‐ Proxy   S‐ SPP Staff    G ‐ Guest Page 1

  • Seams Steering Committee Attendance Date: August 8, 2018

    X S Casey Cathey Southwest Power Pool

    X S Richard Dillon Southwest Power Pool

    X S David Kelley Southwest Power Pool

    X S Sam Loudenslager Southwest Power Pool

    X S Chris Nolen Southwest Power Pool

    S Divakar Arora Southwest Power Pool

    S Jay Caspary Southwest Power Pool

    S Chris Cranford Southwest Power Pool

    S Kathryn Dial Southwest Power Pool

    S Lee Elliott Southwest Power Pool

    S Brad Johnston Southwest Power Pool

    S William Ragsdale Southwest Power Pool

    S Gerardo Ugalde Southwest Power Pool

    X G John Allen SPRM

    X G Kevin Bates SPP MMU

    X G John Boshears

    X G MaryDoris Casey

    Status: M ‐ Member   P ‐ Proxy   S‐ SPP Staff    G ‐ Guest Page 2

  • Seams Steering Committee Attendance Date: August 8, 2018

    X G Shawnee Claiborn‐Pinto PUCT

    X G Richard Dahl MRES

    X G Carrie Dixon Xcel

    X G Blaine Erhardt BEPC

    X G Kevin Foflygen SPRM

    X G Clifford Franklin Westar

    X G Don Frerking (KCP&L)

    X G Steve Gaw

    X G Pat Hayes

    X G Stacie Hebert

    X G Brian Johnson

    X G Kevin Kingsley MDU

    X G Tom Kleckner RTO Insider

    X G L Larson

    X G Bernie Liu Xcel Energy

    X G Chris Lyons Customized Energy Solutions

    X G J.P. Maddock Basin Electric Power Cooperative

    Status: M ‐ Member   P ‐ Proxy   S‐ SPP Staff    G ‐ Guest Page 3

  • Seams Steering Committee Attendance Date: August 8, 2018

    X G Christy Marske

    X G Adam McKinnie MO PSC

    X G Robert Pick NPPD

    X G Dennis Reed

    X G Lane Sisung

    X G Heather Starnes MJMEUC/KMEA

    X G John Stephens SPRM

    X G Dwayne Stradford

    X G John Tennyson SPRM

    X G Ron Thompson NPPD

    X G Michael Wegner ITC

    X G Korey Wells OPPD

    X G Ryan Yokley Sunflower

    Status: M ‐ Member   P ‐ Proxy   S‐ SPP Staff    G ‐ Guest Page 4

  • Antitrust: SPP strictly prohibits use of participation in SPP activities as a forum for engaging in practices or communications that violate the antitrust laws. Please avoid discussion of topics or behavior that would result in anti-competitive behavior, including but not limited to, agreements between or among competitors regarding prices, bid and offer practices, availability of service, product design, terms of sale, division of markets, allocation of customers or any other activity that might unreasonably restrain competition.


    August 8, 2018 DFW Hyatt Regency – Dallas, TX