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Transcript of Southwest Power Pool 10 11 12 10  · Southwest Power Pool ... R6 – Brent Carr R7 – Heidt Melson

Southwest Power Pool System Protection and Control Working Group

UFLS Standard Drafting Team October 11-12, 2010

Location: Crowne Plaza Arlington, TX

-Summary of Action Items-

1. SPP staff will follow-up with PowerTech on the details of the follow-up UFLS

analysis. 2. The assignments for the Measures and the VSLs will be submitted by November


Agenda Item 1: Administrative

Shawn Jacobs, Chairman called the System Protection and Control Working Group (SPCWG) and the Standard Drafting Team (SDT) meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. on October 11, 2010.

Attending the meeting in person were 15 people consisting of nine SPCWG members, three non-SPCWG members, two SPP staff members, and one SPP RE staff member. There were two SPCWG members and two non-SPCWG members that attended via net conference. (Attachment 1 Attendance List) There were no proxies present. The meeting agenda was reviewed. (Attachment 2 Agenda) The minutes from the June 16-17 meeting and the July 8 net conference were reviewed and approved.

Agenda Item 2: PowerTech UFLS Report

The Standard Drafting Team discussed the PowerTech UFLS report. (Attachment 3 PowerTech UFLS Report) The team discussed that some of the graphs need more time clarity, specifically Table 5-9. It was also mentioned that the report needed to include a statement that this report is non-applicable for NERC compliance. Ali Daneshpooy (PowerTech) joined the call to answer some of the SDTs questions. The SDT decided that an additional analysis would need to be performed to answer some of the teams questions. The new analysis would capture and tabulate UVLS simulation results presented on page 31 of the report in a format similar to the results and tables provided for generation deficiency

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study as presented in Tables 5-4, 5-7, and 5-10. The simulation results will also be provided for volt/Hz for generators throughout the systems for this study. The second part of the analysis is to implement 30, 36, and 40 cycles delay study for UFLS loads. For this task the tripping times for all UFLS relays and circuit trips (excluding generators) are adjusted to a predetermined delay of 30, 36, or 40 cycles. The simulation results will be captured and tabulated similar to Tables 5-4, 5-7, and 5-10 of the report. The report will include results and tables to address 85% under-voltage and the simulation results for volt/Hz for generators throughout the systems for these studies.

Agenda Item 3: NERC UFLS Standard Update

Steve Wadas gave us an update on the status of NERCs PRC-006-1 Standard. The latest ballot of PRC-006-1 reached a quorum of 85.71% and approval of 81.72%. A recirculation ballot will begin on October 28 to confirm the ballot results achieved in the prior ballot.

Agenda Item 4: PRC-023-2

Steve Wadas spoke about some concerns he had regarding NERC PRC-023-2, Attachment A, R1.6 Protective functions that supervise operation of other protection functions in 1.1 through 1.5. Steves concern was that this standard would make the system less reliable.

Agenda Item 5: SPP Generator Analysis

Steve Wadas gave an update on a SPP generator analysis that he had put together. He compared all of the generator under frequency and over frequency set points to the NERC PRC-024 curve. In summary, 555 SPP generator set points do not meet the NERC curve and 129 set points do meet the curve.

Agenda Item 6: NERC SPCS

Lynn Schroeder gave an update on the NERC System Protection and Control Subcommittee (SPCS) meeting that occurred from September 21-23, 2010. The SPCS discussed several topics, including: generation coordination, remote backup protection, Beyond Zone 3 relays, response of protective relays to power swings, and PRC standards under development. One item was mentioned that the SPP SPCWG decided would need to be discussed at a future meeting. It dealt with misoperations and whether the Failure to Automatically Reclose is considered a misoperation. The group will look at NERCs definition and will discuss this at a future meeting.

Agenda Item 7: SPP UFLS Standard

The Standard Drafting Team continued working on the 4th draft of SPPs UFLS Regional Standard. (Attachment 4 SPP UFLS Standard) Several portions of the

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standard were removed from the 4th draft due to the fact that they were already included in NERCs Standard. Assignments were handed out to work on updating the Measures and the Violation Severity Levels. The assignments are listed below. R1 Shawn Jacobs R2 Shawn Jacobs R3 Louis Guidry R4 Bud Averill R5 Lynn Schroeder R6 Brent Carr R7 Heidt Melson Compliance Shawn Jacobs

Agenda Item 8: Xcel Energy Amarillo South DFR Waiver

Heidt Melson requested a Digital Fault Recorder waiver for SPS Amarillo South and Mustang substations. Section 7.1.2 of the SPP Criteria states, In addition, any new substation placed in service after January 1, 2002 containing six (6) or more lines operating at 100kV and above will be required to have DFR and SER capabilities. However, when additional lines placed in service after January 1, 2002 are added to an existing substation that results in six (6) or more total lines, then DFRs and SERs shall be required for monitoring all elements within the substation as defined in and These requirements may be waived at SPPs discretion, if a DFR is already located at an adjacent substation Amarillo South has a 230kV line to Nichols substation where a DFR is already located. Mustang has two 115kV lines to Denver City and a 230kV line to Seminole where DFRs are already located. Bud Averill made a motion to grant a 5-year temporary DFR waiver to the Amarillo South and Mustang substations. Louis Guidry seconded the motion which was passed unanimously.

Agenda Item 9: Closing Administrative Duties

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm on October 12, 2010. The next conference call is scheduled for November 12, 2010 from 9-11am. The goal of this call is to go over the assignments handed out from this meeting.

Respectfully Submitted, Jason Speer SPCWG Staff Secretary

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Crowne Plaza Arlington, TX

October 11 (1pm 5pm) October 12 (8am 12pm)


Item 1 Administrative

Call to order Proxies Approve agenda Approve minutes

o June 16-17, 2010 o July 8, 2010

Item 2 PowerTech UFLS Report (Ali Daneshpooy) Item 3 NERC UFLS Standard Update (Steve) Item 4 PRC-023-2 (Steve) Item 5 SPP Generator Analysis (Steve) Item ? NERC SPCS (Lynn) Item 6 SPP UFLS Standard (All)

Responses to comments received for 3rd Draft 4th Draft

Item 7 Xcel Energy Amarillo South DFR Waiver (Heidt) Item 8 Closing Administrative Duties

Next meeting place & date Upcoming meeting topics Adjourn meeting

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Powertech Labs Inc. 12388 88th Avenue Tel: (604) 590-7500 Surrey, British Columbia Fax: (604) 590-6656 Canada V3W 7R7

This document contains proprietary information and shall not be disclosed to any third party without the prior written permission of Powertech, Southwest Power Pool (SPP), or any SPP member. Page 1 of 55

Prepared by:

Powertech Labs Inc. (PLI)


Southwest Power Pool (SPP)

October 1, 2010

Prepared by: ________________________ Approved by: ________________________ Ali Daneshpooy, PhD, PE Ali Moshref, PhD Senior Engineer, Power System Studies Manager, Power System Studies

(604) 590-6684 (604) 590-7435

2010 Evaluation and Assessment Of Southwest Power Pool (SPP)

Under-Frequency Load Shedding Scheme

Powertech Project: 19993-21-00 Report No.: 19993-21-00-001

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Powertech Labs Inc. 12388 88th Avenue Tel: (604) 590-7500 Surrey, British Columbia Fax: (604) 590-6656 Canada V3W 7R7

This document contains proprietary information and shall not be disclosed to any third party without the prior written permission of Powertech, Southwest Power Pool (SPP), or any SPP member. Page 2 of 55

1 Executive Summary Southwest Power Pool (SPP) retained Powertech Labs Inc. (PLI) to assess the performance of SPPs Under Frequency Load Shedding (UFLS) scheme as part of compliance requirements for UFLS programs as defined by NERC/SPP standards for under frequency load shedding. PLI conducted studies to assess the effectiveness of the existing UFLS program in the SPP power system. As part of NERC compliance every five years SPP should conduct a study, similar to the one reported herein, in order to provide evidence that SPP UFLS program is effective to cope with system changes. The last of such studies of the SPP system was conducted in the year 2006. In this project, the UFLS relay data submitted by SPP members was reviewed and the SPP power system was studied under a number of scenarios with varying degree of mismatches between load and generation to evaluate performance of the UFLS scheme. The main findings of this study are summarized below: SPP has maintained and updated its UFLS relay data every five years (the last update was

reported in 2006). This data includes sufficient information to model the UFLS program in dynamic simulations of the interconnected transmis