Software Licensing & Compliance: Two Strategies, One Goal

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Presentation on software licensing and compliance given at SoftSummit 2008 on Oct 20-22, 2008 in Santa Clara, CA. Note: More presentations available at for download. Keys: Software license compliance Software licensing and compliance Software licensing entitlements Software Asset Management (SAM) Software Asset Optimization Electronic License Management (ELM) Contract Compliance and Risk sales enablement sales support itam it asset management sam software asset management software asset management maturity software licensing license entitlements licensing optimization governance risk management and compliance contract compliance license compliance it audit software audit software compliance ISO19770 asset management white paper software compliance white paper software licensing white paper

Transcript of Software Licensing & Compliance: Two Strategies, One Goal

  • 1. Licensing & Compliance: Two Strategies, One Goal Jeff Gustafson EMC Corporation
  • 2. Roadmap for Discussion
    • 1) What are the challenges facing the Software Industry today?
    • 2) What is the relationship between the business and technology?
    • 3) Why are license management and compliance complimentary?
    • 4) How does the firm begin to frame the issue of compliance?
    • 5) What tools are available in pursuit of the firms strategy?
  • 3. The Business Relationship
    • Producer:
    • Are they entitled to it?
    • Have they deployed it?
    • Are they using it?
    • What version is it?
    • Is it supported?
    • Where is it?
    • Do they want it?
    • Do they need it?
    • Enterprise:
    • What is it?
    • Are we entitled to it?
    • Have we deployed it?
    • Are we using it?
    • Is it supported?
    • Where is it?
    • Do we want it?
    • Do we need it?
    It Relationship Management: Optimizing/Leveraging current/future investments Aligning to value in the relationship Establishing baseline visibility on usage/deployment Clarifying issues of entitlement
  • 4. Software Licensing Framework Monitoring, Tracking & Compliance (Audit, self-reporting / manual, electronic / data, financial) Entitlement Deployment LICENSING METRICS (Named-User, Concurrent User, CPU, Server, Core, Terabyte, Usage, etc.) OTHER LICENSING T&Cs (Express rights and limitations regarding usage, functionality, deployment, etc.) LICENSE GRANT (Perpetual / Non-Perpetual) OTHER T&Cs (Reporting requirements, Audit rights, Derivative works, Sublicensing, Transferability, etc.)
  • 5. Elements of Change Legacy Inertia Internal External Undermines Alignment of the Relationship Time Probability Of Mis-alignment Genesis of a Contract Use- Cases Software Portfolio M & A Activity Technology Trends Institutional Memory Regulatory Trends Industry Trends
  • 6. Perpetual / On-site Model
    • Development: 18+ month cycle
    • License Right: Perpetual
    • Deployment: On-premise
    • Installation: Extensible / Customized
    • License Renewal: Annual Annuity
    • Procurement: Upfront payment
    • Return on Investment: Expected future return
    • Probability: Variable
    Alignment to Value: ????? Exposure to Risk: ????? Business Relationship: ?????
  • 7. Epistemology
    • Overcome:
    • Imperfect Information
    • Information Silos
    • Asymmetric Relationships
    • Lack of Transparency
    • Objective:
    • Fact-based Dialogue
    • Strategic partnership
    Mutual Insight Asymmetric Information Asymmetric Information Mutual Uncertainty Licensor Known Unknown Licensee Known Unknown
  • 8. Yin-Yang of Business and Technology
    • What are the strategic goals of the firm in licensing?
    • How will technology enable those objectives?
    All of the infrastructure and processes necessary for the effective management, control and protection of the software assets within an organization, throughout all stages of their lifecycle. - ITIL Best Practice Guide Software Asset Management Business Technology
  • 9. Ownership and Deployment Communication Reconciliation Disintermediation Corporate Complexity Disintermediation Institutional Memory M&A Activity Organizational Alignment IT Decentralization M&A Activity Technology Trends Knowledge of Ownership Ownership Knowledge of Deployment Deployment People Process Tools
  • 10. Variables to Consider
    • Market Structure:
    • Business Climate:
    • Legal Environment:
    • Business Dynamic:
    • Go-to-Market:
    • Regional Scope:
    • Business Solution:
    • SEULA:
    • Software Portfolio:
    • Software Type:
    • License Metrics:
    • Customization:
    • Sponsorship
    • Objectives
    • Abilities
    Monopoly Competitive Objective Relationship Supportive Non-supportive Trusted Arms Length Standard Negotiated Domestic Global Horizontal Vertical End-user Partner Narrow Broad Desktop Enterprise Concrete Diffuse Stock Extensible ??? ??? ???
  • 11. Strategy and Tactics INTER-Corporate INTRA-Corporate License Management Compliance Monitor Ad-hoc Iterative Structured Batch
  • 12. Two Tales (Software Producer Lifecycle) Compliance Corporate Strategy Technology Strategy Marketing Strategy R & D Licensing Pricing Distribution Go-to- Market
  • 13. Two Tales (Enterprise Lifecycle) Software Asset Mgmt Corporate Strategy Technology Strategy Marketing Strategy Invest Deploy Manage Optimize Leverage
  • 14. Thoughts regarding Tools ISO Standards: 19770 Part 1 19770 Part 2 19770 Part 3 People Process Tools Entitlement Management Fulfillment/Back Office Systems of Record Electronic Software Distribution License Activation License Management Software Discovery Tools Usage Analysis Proprietary and/or 3 rd -Party Point Solutions and/or Suites
  • 15. In Conclusion
    • Prevalence of Complexity, Uncertainty and Risk
    • One size certainly does not fit all in Software Industry
    • Opportunity for common lessons learned
      • Software Producers
      • Enterprise
      • 3 rd -Parties
    • Legitimacy of divergent perspectives
    • Piracy Audit Compliance SAM ?????
  • 16.
  • 17. Appendix 1: Contact Information Jeff Gustafson WW Software Licensing & Compliance EMC Corporation eMail: Direct: (925) 600-5781 Thank you!
  • 18. Appendix 2: Selected Reading
    • Software Asset Management: A Key to Infrastructure Optimization by KPMG, October 2008.
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