Snowmen from POland

of 12/12
HOW TO MAKE A PAPER SNOWMAN Water in our Lives Comenius Project 2012-2014 Szkoła Podstawowa im.M.C.Skłodowskej Tarnogród Water in our Lives Comenius Project 2012-2014 Szkoła Podstawowa im. M.C.Skłodowskej Tarnogród Poland
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Transcript of Snowmen from POland

  • HOW TO MAKE A PAPER SNOWMANWater in our Lives Comenius Project 2012-2014 Szkoa Podstawowa im.M.C.Skodowskej Tarnogrd

    Water in our LivesComenius Project 2012-2014 Szkoa Podstawowa im. M.C.Skodowskej Tarnogrd Poland


    5 stripes of white wavy cardboard 1 30cm x 4cm for the stomach1 23cm x 3cm for the head3 50cm x 2cm for hands and the neck4 white cardboard circles2 9cm diameter for the head2 12cm diameter for the stomach2 pink circles 2,5cm diameter for the cheeks2 black circles 1,5cm diameter for the eyes3 or 4 black buttonssomething red for the nose2 red circles 5cm and 9cm and a stripe 16cm x 3cm for the hat1 stick and a piece of rope for the broom

  • First, we glue together the stripes for the head, the stomach and the hat

  • Next we glue the circles to both sides of glued stripes

  • This way we create hands and the neck.Then we roll the white stripes on the pencil .

  • We glue a rolled stripe of paper (the neck) to the body

  • After that, we glue the head and the hands

  • Next step is to prepare the broom and stick it to the hand.

  • Our snowman needs eyes, nose,cheeks and buttons.

  • The last element is the hat. We glue it to the head.

  • Our snowman is ready.

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