SNGCE MBA: Innovador Case study 3

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Transcript of SNGCE MBA: Innovador Case study 3

  • Innovador#3 [email protected] CASE STUDY # 3
  • TEAM SNGCE-INNOVADOR Introduction Bull Machines Pvt Ltd BULL Machines Pvt. Ltd is part of the 50-year old Sandfits Engineering Group. Established in 1993, BULL Machines is a Coimbatore-based group. They started manufacturing of tractor attachment after that they converted tractor into earth moving machine. They got technical idea from Europe. They took 6 months to sell their 1st product. BULL holds the credit of being Asias No.1 tractor attachment manufacturer and leader in business with 9,000 + machines sold in the country. They are also the pioneers in converting tractors into earthmoving machinery.
  • TEAM SNGCE-INNOVADOR Introduction Bull Machines Pvt Ltd BULL is recognised as an In-House R&D company by Ministry of Science and technology since 2004. BULL has extensive sales & service network with more than 100 resident service engineers across the world. BULL has two world class manufacturing plants. As with many reputed tractor companies, BULL also has a tie-up with John Deere, New Holland, M&M, Escorts and Sonalika etc. Its inhouse R&D unit was also recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2005.
  • TEAM SNGCE-INNOVADOR Where bull Stands Today? BULL holds the credit of being Asias No.1 tractor attachment manufacturer BULL started to roll out in-house manufactured backhoe loader called BULLSMART in September 2011 from its Greenfield state-of-the-art facility at Sulur in Coimbatore. It has a capacity to produce 5,000 backhoe loaders per annum which is the second largest in the country. At BULL we always treat "CUSTOMER FIRST". There customer care service team comprises 135 people always ready to support the customers across the globe.
  • Innovation In house designed backhoe loader, that are used to convert tractors into earth movers. Earth moving machine with sliding base for far grabbing. Higher dump rollers for specific Indian use. Specifically designed 39 combinations of loaders.
  • Products
  • FRONT END LOADER Low cost. Suitable for Heavy duty applications. Mounted at customer's site. Tipper lorry loading within five minutes. 39 types of optional application specific interchangeable buckets are easily detachable even without using spanner. Bucket is easily detachable even without using spanner. Number of other implements like Forklift, Grabbing fork, Bale grabber, Log fork and Stone bucket can be User friendly Single Lever Joy Stick Operation and parallel linkage as standard for better control. Bucket level indicator provided for easy operation and loader detachable from Tractor within five minutes without using spanner.
  • BACK HOE LOADER AND HOSER Low cost, easy installation even on second hand tractors. Nationwide sales and service network. Can be operated even on hard and tough soils. Low diesel consumption. Machines can be mounted at customer site. The only proven and time tested Tractor Back- Hoe in India. Easy spares availability at very low cost compared to other earth moving machinery. 39 types of optional application specific interchangeable buckets are easily detachable even without using spanner
  • RADIAL DOZER Max lifting height 20ft. Detachable and mounted at site Practical output ~8 - 12 tons* / hr360 Grabber rotation + 360 arm rotation Can be mounted on any 45HP + category tractor Max weight that can be handled per grab ~ 400 Kg Diesel consumption of tractor in said application ~ 3.5 litres/hr Ideal for handling loose materials viz. logs, sticks, sugarcane etc..
  • V2 DOZER Dozer Standard cutting blade can be used reversibly Dozer blade adjustable in forward & backward direction Scientifically designed, reinforced, Heavy duty blade. Option of single / double cylinder Option of ripper teeth attachment with dozer blade. Option of top extension - Bush / Stick Guard Patented Design - avoids tractor damages. Reversible cutting edge, with 3 optional cutting blades.
  • BULL SMART Edge over other similar assets w.r.t. commercial (including pricing) and technical aspects. Cycle time is faster on account of innovative hydraulic circuit, leading to better productivity. High on savings, low on running costs: BULL SMART can save approximately 30 per cent directly only on fuel cost and the right solution to counter the rising cost of fuel. Multi-utility with 39 types of optional application-specific buckets. Optimized for Indian requirements with bottom-of-pyramid approach for highest affordability and maximum usage in additional segments. The only backhoe which can easily load full body/high body dump trucks (Hywa) through booster bucket (dump height of 13 ft) on its loader. Booster bucket eliminates the need of making ramp (must for other backhoe loaders) while loading onto hoppers of batching plants etc.
  • SWOT analysis OPPORTUNITIES Large scale SME presence in the sector Entry barrier is low Major capital goods are manufactured locally with a wide range of products STRENGTH Growth in the key user-industries Governments thrust on power and construction Global companies preferring India as an outsourcing hub owing to the labour arbitrage advantage and better design capabilities THREATS Huge capital investments High incidence of indirect taxation Low technological competitiveness. WEAKNESS High level of lobour competition Output capacity is low
  • TEAM SNGCE-INNOVADOR Stage 1- Table Analysis Rating the innovation on a scale of 0 to 5 (5 Being the highest score) on each of the parameters outlined in the sandbox , the self assessment scores are : 0 Capacity to Scale up Ensuring Social Equity Creating new Price-performance levels Fair & transparent transactions & relationships Environmental sustainability Respecting rule of law & Individual Rights 1 2 3 4 5
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