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Sneakers’ Evolution . By: Aaron Arenas. NIKE. Nike Tens. Nike Galaxy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sneakers Evolution By: Aaron Arenas


Nike sneakers have improved throughout the years. The Nike shoe has improved by adding more cushion, colors, texture and more. So they raised the price of Nike sneakers, but to sneaker heads it is all worth it. In the survey I took in class 5-503, a 5th grade class at the Manhattan New School in New York City, 13/27 kid preferred Nike over Converse or another shoe brand. Almost half of the class preferred Nike than other shoe brands.

Nike TensNike GalaxyRunning Sneakers

The Nike Airs are one of the most popular styles. They have been so famous because of their improvements in how they look and feel over the years. So obviously Nike had to raise the price because it added cool new features like the air bubble. The air bubble gives you more comfort so since they became a popular sneaker, Nike raised the price to make more money.

Nike AirAsics also have thicker cushioningand different colorsConverse

Converse is not as popular asNike but they are selling. They come out with new designs every once and a while. The newest design is the DC Comics superhero shoes like the Batman ones. Converse shoes have their own style. People dont only wear them for fashion, but also for sports like skateboarding.Vans

Like Converse, Vans are another brand of shoe that has its own style, but it is mainly for people who skateboard because the bottom has holes so it can secure onto the grip tape on the skateboard. That is why this shoe is different than other shoes. It is a very unique shoe because it is designed for a specific reason-skateboarding. Kids Shoes

Kids shoes are improving by changing they way they look. Just like they did with the adult shoes, Nike also changed the design of kids shoes by putting more support and better air bubbles. Because of their small size kids Nikes dont cost as much. The sneaker pictured on the left costs only $75.00 and that is much less than the adult sizes which cost $260.00. Not only did the basic shoe change, but so did its stock value. Right now the stock quote is $62.75 but it opened at $62.48. This means the value of Nike sneakers increased.Sneakers have changed over time so you dont have to wear old shoes that you dont feel comfortable with. New sneakers that come out have new features so people who wear them are more comfortable. You can always find a sneaker for your lifestyle no matter your gender. You can find the right fit for you from Nike to Vans. If you like basketball you might want a pair of Nikes. If you like to skateboard you might want a pair of Vans. There is always a pair for everyone.