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A slideshow on smoking ban. Quotes and songs related to smoking. QUIZ - some interesting facts about history of smoking ban.

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  • 1. SMOKING BAN INBRITAIN and IRELAND Ene Eisenberg-Lindqvist 1

2. Dorian Lynskey, The Guardian The 1st time I heard A Day in the Life, thething that surprised me most wasnt theradical structure of George Martinsorchestration. It was Paul McCartneys lineabout smoking on the bus. It seemed soimprobably distant. Just like old adverts inwhich doctors recommend light cigarettesto mothers-to-be, lyrics sometimes providethat jolt. 3. Songs ABOUT smoking Simon & Garfunkel * America(We smoked the last one an hour ago); Pet Shop Boys * So Hard( Weve both given up smoking so whose matches are those?); David Bowie * RocknRoll Suicide(Time takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth) 4. Got A Light,Mac? Vintage Songs About Smoking 5. Songs AGAINST smoking 6. QUIZ on smoking ban 7. 1. When and by whom was the first publicsmoking ban introduced? Pope Urban VIIs 13-day papalreign included the worlds firstknown public smoking ban in1590 8. 2. Which countries had asmoking ban in the 17-18th century? The earliest citywide smoking banin Bavaria (1600s);* in Austria (late 1600s);* in Berlin (1723);* in Kningsberg (1742). 9. 3. When and by whomwas introduced the firstmodern nationwide tobacco ban? It was imposed in 1941 by theNazi Party in every Germanuniversity, post office, militaryhospital and party office. Under orders from Adolf Hitler 10. 4. Which city was the firstin the world to ban indoor smoking at all public places? San Luis Obispo, California; in 1990. 11. 6. Name the only country in the world where the sale and smoking oftobacco is banned entirely. Bhutan In early 2004 12. 5. Which country was thefirst in the world to implement a ban onsmoking in public places? Ireland 2004 13. ENJOY FRESH AIR!ENJOY FRESH AIR 14. Sources: