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Smile Superheroes. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Ghandi. The Brand New Kid. Ellie saw someone in need of a friend, and she took action . She became a Smile Superhero . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Smile Superheroes

Smile Superheroes

Smile SuperheroesBe the change you wish to see in the world. - Mahatma GhandiThe Brand New KidEllie saw someone in need of a friend, and she took action.

She became a Smile Superhero.

She used friendly words and took friendly actions to make Lazlo feel a little less lonely and a little less sad at school.

Our Castlewood community is full of Smile Superheroes, just like Ellie in The Brand New Kid.

Smile Superhero SystemLunch and RecessMonth of OctoberLunch/Recess staff looking to spot Smile Superheroes in actionReceive a Smile Superhero Sticker

Ways to be a Smile SuperheroSitting with someone new at lunchOffering to sit at the Peanut Free TableInviting someone to sit with youIntroducing someone to one of your friendsAsking someone to play or chat Trying a new game to keep someone else companyIncluding everyone who wants to playBuddy Bench

The Buddy BenchChristian BucksWanted to help his classmates to not feel lonelyStudents feeling lonely at recess have someplace to goWhen other kids see someone on the buddy bench, they can go and ask them to play or talk

If you are feeling lonely and/or without anything to do, you can come sit on the Buddy Bench and another student will come up to you to ask if you want to play or talk!

Rules of the Buddy BenchIf you are sitting on the Buddy Bench, and someone asks you to chat or play, you must say yes. If two people are sitting on the Buddy Bench, they can ask each other if they want to chat or play.

Bravery BenchThe person on the bench

The person who befriends the person on the bench

Smile SnatcherAsking for a Smile Sticker

Bragging about how many stickers you have gotten

Making fun of someone for using the Buddy Bench

Turning Smile Stickers into a competition

Dont Forget!You can decide to be a Smile Superhero anytime

Smile Superheroes have to take risks

We all have powers to give someone a smile

By giving a smile to someone else, you will likely be smiling, too!