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Superheroes Events

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  • Our services:

    Corporate events:

    + Corporate holiday

    + Entertainments

    + Business Reception

  • :

    Private orders:

    + Anniversary / Birthday

    + Wedding

    + Exclusive event

    + Graduation Party

    + Children's party

  • :

    Business events:

    + Conference;

    + Seminars;

    + Business training, etc.


    + Presentations

    + Promotional campaign

    + The opening shops, entertainment centers, etc.

  • :

    Additional services:

    + Design and print of invitations

    + Photo and video shooting

  • Development of events is carried out in accordance with on individual style and

    specific features of a client.

  • Features of our work:

    + wide specialization of our company

    + European standards of work

    + Professional trained staff;

    + Reliable partners;

    + Ability to work in unusual situations.

  • Recipe for our success:

    + teamwork well organized;

    + Careful and detailed working on scenario;

    + Step-by-step control over the execution of the order;

    + Training of force-majeure.

  • Our resources:

    + The largest database of the artists original genre;

    + Vendor database for all types of professional events


    + A team of professionals who constantly improve their

    skills in the event sphere.

  • Cost of services:

    Transparency is the keynote of financial relationships of "SuperHeroes". Our task is not only to hold an event at high level, but also to leverage estimated budget of your event.

    Such principal allows to the customer:

    + To manage budget and account evaluation of event


    + To get exclusive rates on services of our partners.

    We are able to offer you the best solution within Your


  • Event Marketing

    Event-marketing is one of directions of external or internal marketing

    communications, the object of which is the special event. Usually, purposes

    of event marketing lie in the emotional plane of influence on audience.

    Organization of bright, thematic, rememberable events becomes

    inalienable part of communication management of organization, it is

    considered that it is the best method for co-operating with target group.

  • Examples of implemented projects (events).

  • + We opened the summer terrace of restaurant Egoist,

    organized the grandiose opening of such restaurants as IKRA,

    Nobel and presented the elite jewelry decorations of

    Ztenzhorn at the Ukrainian.

  • + Only for successful and beautiful ones we organize the

    closed evening-parties in the lounge-bar B-Hush and

    restaurants IKRA, Nobel, Place (it is possible to watch photo-

    video materials on

  • Aims:

    + To organize a classic event in Italian style, underlining a scale and meaningfulness of brand of Zegna.

    Date: 16.09.10, 23.09.10 and 30.09.10

    Place of realization: boutiques in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and


    Celebration of centenary Ermenegildo


  • Tasks:

    + To create a classic event, reflecting essence and value of


    + To present the new line of clothes of Centennial and book of

    Centry Zegna;

    + To create rememberable event for all participants of event

    after 3th to the cities;

    + Bringing in of new clients;

    + To cause interest at the press.

  • Celebration of centenary Ermenegildo Zegna

  • Mechanics of realization:

    + Guests were treated by the masterpieces of the Italian

    kitchen. Accompaniment of live piano. Picture of Zegna

    drawn in honour of a 100 year. Memorable gift to all guests

    from Zegna.


    + Resonant post PR: 18 materials in national MASS-MEDIA and 2

    video on the Ukrainian channels.

  • Presentation of Brand of Kyiv


    + Present a project to public and MASS_MEDIA;+ Receive positive PR.


    + Organization and realization of presentation.

    Date: 25.11.10

    Place of realization: Kyiv club Heaven

  • Mechanics of realization:

    + On-line translation of presentation for such countries as

    France, Germany, USA. Fashion show of branded by Brand of

    Kyiv, which did some well the known Ukrainian designers; as

    models were Ukranian celebrities. Anchorwoman of evening

    were Marysya Gorobets. Performance of Dima Kadnay and

    Dj Lutique.


    + Unforgettable event, which came into the notice of not only

    the press but also potential partners.

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