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All for one and one for all. Consistent experiences help to unify people, systems and organisations. Visions are given that name for many reasons; they’re a goal, a direction for organisations to head towards; a means of bringing together people to support a common cause or purpose. In the technology world, visionaries are everywhere – they’re the people and organisations constantly driving change, challenging the status quo and trying – often desperately – to evolve or disrupt what’s happened in the past in order to arrive at a better future.

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  • 1. Visions are given that name for many reasons;theyre a goal, a direction for organisations tohead towards; a means of bringing togetherpeople to support a common cause orpurpose. In the technology world, visionariesare everywhere theyre the people andorganisations constantly driving change,challenging the status quo and trying oftendesperately to evolve or disrupt whatshappened in the past in order to arrive at abetter future.Microsoft has long espoused a vision of unity where a single provider, Microsoft, provides asingle platform and set of solutions that utilisesthat platform. And one could say Microsofthas largely achieved that vision by creating acommon platform and user experience thathelps to drive consistency across its operatingsystems and, by extension, its applications.Proven by the success of its Windows and Officefranchises, this is a philosophy that has drivenMicrosoft for decades, and its more recentdevelopments are the latest iteration of thisunited approach.With the modern user interface of Windows 8and Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is creating aconsistency of experience for end users, utilisinga common method of accessing and usingapplications one which is a dramatic changefrom the more familiar Windows user interface,but one which can now scale to both small,large and very large displays.This isnt anything new: Microsoft has deliveredon its Microsoft stack for many years,providing a consistent back-end (WindowsServer and SQL Server) and programmingframework (Microsoft .NET) to provide consistentdevelopment and management experiences.This unity of experience is continuing with theevolution of the social enterprise. On its own,Yammer facilitates more open and transparentcommunication across (and, potentially,between) organisations; more broadly, Yammerdelivers an integrated communications layerthat will, in the not-too-distant future, createlinkages across many of Microsofts solutions,particularly in the enterprise wherecollaboration needs to be immediate andcontextual. Over time, the Yammer client which is available on multiple platforms willbecome increasingly important, and a way ofunifying messages and updates that flow froma range of systems.Such consistency and immediacy create a senseof unity across an organisation a unity createdby the social interactions between people,and the interactions they have with theirconnected applications.Consistent with the so-called appificationof everything, the drive for consistentuser experiences will manifest itself in theapplications we use to perform our roles.Common workloads in an organisation will beaccessible through specialised apps: put simply,workloads such as filing expense claims orcompleting timesheets will be performed usingtargeted applications, improving productivityand user satisfaction.Over the next few years look for thissimplification to increase, with the underlyingtechnical complexity of processing certainfunctions being completely hidden frommainstream users, who will be empoweredby streamlined solutions that are exposedthrough tailored applications that mirrorhow the organisation and the individualswithin it works. As has been demonstratedin the consumer space, such consistent userexperiences all for one and one for all will change how, where and when we work,for the better.Dont confuse homogeneity with being boring;rather, think of it as a way of breaking downbarriers and creating long-desired consistencythat makes communications and informationsharing quicker, simpler and more effective.THE INTELLIGENT BUSINESS MAGAZINE | ISSUE 31 | 2013All for one and one for allConsistent experiences help to unify people, systems and organisations.IN THIS ISSUE...INTERGENITES AT WORK AND PLAY 2INTRODUCTION3KEY THEMES FROM CONVERGENCE 4INTRODUCING X4 CONSULTING 6THE MICROSOFT BI ACADEMY 7ERP IN THE CLOUD 8CASE STUDY: AUSTRALIAN RUGBY UNION 9SOCIAL ENTERPRISE ROADMAP 10CASE STUDY: SENSES FOUNDATION 12
  • 2. 2 Copyright 2013 Intergen Business Solutions Pty Limited. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the permission of Intergen Limited.Australianrecruitment drive.On the hunt for newIntergenites, Nastassjaand Basil sell theyellow dream.Intergen Sydney movesto bigger and yellower premises. Clients, staffand New Zealand Trade andEnterprise representativescelebrate Intergen Sydneysnew CBD office.The Intergen brand makesit to the end of the earth.Being a truly multinationalcompany, were used tospreading yellow aroundthe globe. But having ourmerchandise photographed atthe South Pole was a first!Proudly yellow. Gemmaand Josephine at theSydney Colour Run.Sydney MasterChefs.Not just masters oftechnology
  • 3. SMARTS THE INTELLIGENT BUSINESS MAGAZINE ISSUE 31 3Welcome to the first edition of Smartsfor 2013, and our second ever dedicatedAustralian issue were sure youll noticea distinctly Australian flavour in the pagesahead. A lot has happened on IntergensAustralian turf since the last issue of Smartslate last year. We have more than doubled insize in the last nine months and were on trackto double in size again over the coming year.This growth is a direct result of the work wehave been doing with some truly market-leadingAustralian companies. We feel immenselyprivileged to have formed such strongpartnerships and were really excited aboutthe solutions we are delivering to help thesehousehold names continue to stand out in theirfield. Speaking of standing out in the field, inthis issue we talk to Todd Day, Chief FinancialOfficer of the Australian Rugby Union, aboutthe ARUs recent Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012implementation and Darren Munday of SensesFoundation about how Microsoft DynamicsNAV provides greater insight and enables betterdecision making as a result. Both are greatexamples of technology that brings people andprocesses together for more connected business.Championing technologiesthat bring people andprocesses togetherINTERGENIn brief Intergen sponsors ANZChampionship umpiresIntergen is proud to continueits sponsorship of the ANZChampionship umpires in thisyears highly contested event,for the second year in a three-year partnership. Introducing X4 ConsultingAnnouncing the launch of anew management consultancy,X4 Consulting, Intergensmanagement consulting arm.See page 4 for interview withX4 Consulting CEO, Mick Belland X4 Principal Consultant,Boris Guskee. Australian expansionMajor growth across IntergensAustralian operation hasnecessitated a move to newreal estate in both IntergensPerth and Sydney offices, andthe opening of an office inMelbourne. Having doubled insize over the past nine months,Intergen Australia is set todouble in size again over thecoming year, with the newpremises now equipped toaccommodate this growth.Youll see from the photos below that, as wellas growing, the Australian team has been busymoving and opening offices in order toaccommodate this growth. Already this year weopened our new Martin Place office in Sydneyand officially announced the opening of aMelbourne office; and at time of writing, ourPerth teams move to the CBD from Leedervilleis imminent.We hope you enjoy reading the articles thatfollow, and, as always, we welcome anyfeedback and opportunities to talk aboutanything covered here in greater detail.Well be back later in the year with ournext instalment of technology and businessinsights. Until then, we hope your technologyaspirations for 2013 are coming to fruition,and that your technology is helping you toconnect your people and processes.Michael Morgan is Managing DirectorAustralia. Contact Michael
  • 4. 4The world ahead for MicrosoftDynamics AX: key themes fromMicrosofts ConvergenceMicrosofts key message at Convergencewas clear: Microsoft software, especiallyDynamics, has to be the unifying fabricbetween business users, consumers andIT. It painted a picture of a connectedworld atop the Microsoft stack thatconnects consumers, users andbusinesses. But how is Dynamics AXevolving to enable this reality?Immersive, connected, nativedevice experiencesDynamics AX has expense management. I talkabout this all the time, and there is always theinevitable discussion that ensues when Im inthe presence of a member of the new mobileelite. I can see the question emerging from thatLumia, iPhone or Galaxy on the table: So I useExpensify at the moment. I assume you have anapp like it for this solution?These are the guys and gals for whom asmartphone has almost become an extension oftheir conscience. Theres an app for everything,and they have it. For the last couple of years,as mobile has become ever-present, enterprisesoftware folk have rarely had great answersfor the mobile elite. So it was not surprising tosee the excitement with which Kees Hertogh,Director of Product Marketing, showed off arange of new AX apps coming this year to yourfavourite device.What do we know so far?There will be at least four applications deliveredin the next year: Expense, Timesheets, Approvalsand Point of Sale. iOS and Android users mightnot be running Microsofts platform of choice,but you wont miss out. The team at Microsoftwill be publishing a range of native apps fortablet and mobile devices running on Windows8, Windows Mobile, iOS and Android.The Azure platform, along with a new cloud-enabled Retail Server, will be leveraged toprovide scalable, easily deployable, connectedexperiences for applications interacting with theAX platform.We saw a keen and evident focus on userexperience t