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  • 1.The New Rules of Marketing Featuring: You the members of the SEBC Moderator: Kirsten Knipp, Director Product Evangelism, HubSpot

2. Tell me about you How many of you are experts in your space?How many of you are expert marketers? What resources do you have a lot of? What resources are most scarce? 3. "If you have more Money than brains, youshould focus on Outbound Marketing. If you have more Brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing."@guykawasaki 4. Outbound MarketingAdvertising Direct MarketingCALLER ID: 800-555-1234 Annoying Salesperson Interruptions get ignored 5. Inbound MarketingBlogSEOSocial Media Relevant info is being sought daily 6. Great for SMB & Entrepreneurs 7. Because you have more of this than $$$ 7 8. Inbound Marketing Maps to Funnel GetFoundQUALIFIED TRAFFICAnalyze Convert Content SEOBlogCreationLanding Social PagesMediaMarketingLead Nurturing &Analytics Intelligence CRM(Salesforce.comor other) SALES 9. Does Inbound Marketing Work? 9 10. What basics could you be doing? Get Found Blogging build an audience early Social media listen Optimize each page = chance to rank Convert offer give / get Analyze figure out what worked 10 11. Done with the basics, whats advanced? Get Found Social Media listen & participate Video, Audio, Webinars, eBooks + Convert Cultivate Multiple Offers Automate Follow Up & Nurturing Integrate with CRM Analyze closed loop marketing 11 12. What can you skip? Flash Content & Fancy Websites PR Firms DIY instead Heavy PPC use it to experiment & build organic Trade Shows Traditional Advertising12 13. Lets take a quick look at a site Subdomain No blog Poor metadata / On Page SEO MozRank = 3 Inbound Links = 85 Limited lead capture 13 14. What can you take away? Give away your ideas to generate a followingAlways optimize your contentCapture Leads & Measure what works Bootstrap Basics with Free Tools Other tools exist to make it easier & more effective 14 15. Company Background / Backup 16. About HubSpotInbound Marketing software& advice that helps SMB businesses grow2006 Founded 2,500+ Customers98% Retention 140+ Employees 17. HubSpots Inbound Marketing System QUALIFIED TRAFFIC Simple & Integrated Software SEOBlogContentCreation Support & ExpertiseLanding Social PagesMedia Hosted SolutionMarketingLead Nurturing &Analytics Intelligence CRM No IT Required (Salesforce.comor other) SALES 18. Proven ROIMIT study shows:HubSpot customers get 4.2 times more leadsafter 5 months